Posted on May 8, 2008

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Weekend Watching - Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers 22:39:51
OUR NEW PROJECT. We are going to hold the very first LIVE internet multi party debate. 2 candidates have agreed. 20:03:02
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Cindy McCain won't release tax returns 23:45:43
Steel coin bill, analysis? 23:34:57
Walmart - high cost of low price 23:31:00
Ron Paul strikes fear into the Trilateral Hearts - Derry Brownfield Show 23:14:56
Three senators walk into a plane... 23:14:50
RLC is next move of Ron Paul movement - Individual Rights 23:02:37
John McCain video. His foreign policy as I see it. 23:00:00
Help! I am looking for Ron Paul Artwork to add to my site 22:02:50
DO WE FULLY APPRECIATE RP'S wisdom, courage, intellect, energy, schedule, persistence, stamina and bravery? 21:58:39
Received an interesting email- REPRINTED from my inbox 21:53:57
Housing Market Crash Predicted By Ron Paul And Alan Greenspan 21:44:21
First they came for the illegal aliens 21:33:36
1 video camera, a few citizens petitioning our government for redress for grieviences= priceless 21:28:46
Khan's Advice to Militia 21:28:20
We need Ron Paul Republicans to run for Sheriff. 21:24:35
Rep. Todd Akin: Too briefly disenfranchised at MO 2nd District convention 21:21:22
I just gave away Dr. Paul's book to a total stranger! 21:12:04
MSNBC host wants tear gas in streets at Democratic Convention 21:08:34
Ron Paul Supporter Announces Congressional Bid 21:08:27
Ron Paul IPFW Fort Wayne Indiana 21:04:30
FRONT PAGE defend this digg 21:04:30
McCain lawyer: FEC flap 'manufactured' 21:02:16
McCain's Rev. Wright... 20:56:36
Digg This! Affordable Gas Price Act (HR 2415) 20:50:51
WeAreCHANGE Ohio confronts Al Gore 20:25:01
chuck baldwin for president splash page now up 19:44:00
Get yer TASERS here! 19:26:31
North American Army created without OK by Congress 19:23:25
The evil government.. 19:06:51
Leashing the Federal Reserve.... 18:15:53
1145 DIGGS - FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution. 18:02:26
Globalization 17:57:40
Putting Terrorism In Perspective 17:44:34
Ron Paul's perfect Vice-Presidential Pick 17:31:36
Get Dr. Paul on The Daily Show 17:27:22
Question about "radical islam" 17:16:33
***Why Civilizations Fall**&**How YOU Can Prevent the Fall of America**** 17:09:55
California Voting 16:25:39
Dice Clay VS CNN... 16:23:21
Ron Paul: the only candidate for CHANGE 15:22:34
Great Game now in progress on Daily Paul 15:10:50
McCain Still not Getting Full Support in Primaries... Great Article... Makes me Laugh 15:08:33
Cindy McCain Refuses to release tax returns 15:02:28
Should Ron Paul Run as a Libertarian Candidate? POLL 14:50:16
If you liked everything that Bush has done during his two terms, you're gonna just love what John McCain has in store for this c 14:47:33
The "Latest Lowdown" in Nevada 14:46:59
Pentagaon Releases Documents on US Media Manipulation 14:32:47
i left my book at work...... 14:09:46
Credit card Defaults 13:50:54
Investigation launched into Petagon-MSM collusion on war news coverage 13:44:42
McCains Latest Cost Cutting Strategies/ Get Rid of Secret Service!!! 13:44:02
Real ID and how it snuck past the Senate - We're winning 13:22:05
Cheapest GOLD & SILVER! Buy from a Ron Paul supporter! 12:49:07
UPDATE: John McCain's Federal Financing Scam 12:47:44
Lodge of Cowards Training - John McCain 12:42:01
Last night I hammered "The Hammer", Tom Delay 12:38:49
Schwarzenegger makes the moves on Ron Paul Supporter 12:38:35
McCain's Spiritual Advisor Rev. Rod Parsley......Spread the Word....the Media Won't... 12:37:48
SPG contact 11:33:20
Anybody seen this? 11:27:31
EPA might not act on rocket fuel in water 10:47:34
Robert's Rules of Order 10:26:42
GOP is falling apart at the seams ! 10:14:53
Nevada convention "highlights" video 10:06:57
Survivalist 09:58:17
Population Control and a World Food Authority 09:39:24
Question for the Forums--Patriot Act = Enabling Act of Nazi Party 1933 09:14:52
Any Book Reviews on The Revolution A Manifesto Yet??? 08:55:21
Democracy Now Headlines : Protest Sean Bell Killing. 08:53:10
Just a thought to share... 08:40:31
New AOL poll with Ron Paul against McCain. Please VOTE. 08:18:59
why israel? 08:07:25
POKER FACE interview podcast link 07:59:03
Ron Paul all the way 06:44:58
(((BREAKING))) SECRET TAPING" of Missouri GOP harrasement of Ron Paul Republicans(We need donations for MO ASAP) 05:56:29
McCain names Ron Paul as preferred opponent! 05:12:31
Hillary hangs 10 04:58:15
See the Live Broadcasts from 9/11 (archived from all the networks) 04:50:12
The Secret Covenant: Banking + Government + Business = Secret Conspiracy 04:37:10
Oregon Consumers and Farmers Association endorses Dr. Paul 04:11:53
Dear Michael Nystrom, DPers, & trolls 03:00:47
Tape Captures Philly Police Brutally Beating Suspects 02:31:27
Bernanke's bind 02:23:29
Don't Worry if Ron Paul Loses...WATCH! 02:03:30
D.C. is loving Ron Paul- Help us win this one...(FUN - DIGG too) 01:27:32
Cindy Sheehan Speech mentioning Ron Paul & Obama 00:18:43
Zionist / Lodge of Cowards Training - John Hagee 00:09:16