Posted on June 1, 2008

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3 Recent Ron Paul Articles 22:32:52
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Bob Barr A Poor Representative Of Liberty 23:45:18
Dr Murray Sabrin ABC debate for US Senate race today.(link inside) 23:35:13
The Constitutional Oath, Greg Evenson 23:05:01
NOTA can split the Dems vote! 22:53:41
Washington State Convention - Day 2 - Now With Pictures! 22:45:08
Gold, Oil , the dollar and and why the game is fixed 22:39:17
RP In Branson, Video Pt 1 22:35:53
Alex Jones Sets "Dr." Steve Parent Straight 22:24:21
Anyone else have a credit card charge from the NY Meetup group? 21:51:22
footage you never saw 21:45:07
I was a delegate at the WA state convention 21:44:05
NWCN teletype states "McCain supporters dominate WA state convention" 21:28:05
We don't got time to bleed... 20:57:36
Hey stevep how can we unite when you keep insulting us??? 20:56:56
A McCain Town Hall Meeting 20:36:40
Moles ? Infiltrators ? Traitors ? 20:32:17
Murray Sabrin Debate Video 20:18:30
Internet Is Going Down By 2012? 20:13:30
Hope anthem Video 20:04:36
Banking: Are there loop holes in regulations to beat the system? 20:04:01
Can we start our own Republican Party? 19:08:08
WHoops... USAF fails Nuclear Security Inspection... AGAIN!!! 18:39:42
Bob Barr A Poor Representative Of Liberty 18:10:06
Lew Rockwell: Barr's Running Mate Wayne Root "Hates France" 17:52:01
I'm a little new here... who's Steve Parent? What's all the hubbub? 17:39:46
Ron Paul Has Won 17:30:02
Has public education degenerated into free training camps for professional sports? 17:26:58
A Daily sermon from Rev.Lancealotlink. 17:20:53
Vote in this O'Reilly Poll on Gas Prices 16:59:33
Does Anyone know WHEN Dr. Pauls Rally is going to be......... 16:34:21
Hillary Clinton Volunteered for Barry Goldwater!!! 16:19:09
I have no choice but to use the NUCLEAR OPTION ,THIS MEANS WAR!(philisophical war) 15:59:40
Beyond plan B, NOTA a plan D 15:57:32
Belgium for Ron Paul 15:41:52
Post copies of the BIll of Rights around Capital, the White House, and Supreme Court 14:58:43
Alex Jones - “It’s up to You America” 14:37:44
Why Democrats Won’t Stop the War 14:20:14
I have MO Rally speach I need help 13:49:10
Winnng a R3VOLution..Is Understanding a revolution. 13:43:06
*** 6 State Conventions this weekend. Did we get any delegates? *** Here's our next Move 13:30:21
Alert! - Information: Why We Are At War: NeoCons vs. Terror 13:07:28
Greg Palast: McCAIN HAS ALREADY WON 13:07:24
Most efficient way to poison people. 13:06:35
Alert! - Information: Why We Are At War: NeoCons vs. Terror 13:06:20
Alert! - Information: Why We Are At War: NeoCons vs. Terror 13:05:30
Still Looking for RP Speech / Branson - Any Links? 13:04:18
Alert! - Information: Why We Are At War: NeoCons vs. Terror 13:04:04
Alert! - Information: Why We Are At War: NeoCons vs. Terror 13:02:47
Alert! - Information: Why We Are At War: NeoCons vs. Terror 13:01:24
Article: RP Campaign "Touched A Nerve" 12:22:01
A time to reflect on our achievements 12:12:40
Exactly What will it take for Americans to wake-up and realize what is happening! 12:08:04
Which modern day politician is smarter than the Founding Fathers? 12:04:06
Delegate Wars...UPDATED 12:00:40
Talk of a tectonic shift in the stock market and the dollar? What do you think? GOLD & SILVER 11:55:56
What five states do we have to nominate Ron Paul from the floor of the GOP National Convention? 11:27:07
The Ron Paul Presence 10:52:20
Australia is quitting Iraq 09:58:00
Our First War Was A Secession, Not A Revolution 09:44:21
oil speculation - how does it work? 08:26:16
GOP Party Rules 08:10:50
A short clip from the republican convention held in Branson. 07:04:27
Judge Barbara Walther's Church is Requesting Prayer Concerns 06:16:51
"Ashamed of being a Texan".....UPDATED 06:04:58
Colorado Convention interim report 06:00:02
Congresswoman Kaptur exposes NAFTA Superhighway live on house floor 05:16:03
Free Speech Banned on the Plaza of the Supreme Court 04:01:13
We will be playing the speech from Branson MO with Dr. Paul Sunday June 1 03:01:20
June 14th, Flag Day Money Bomb 02:34:09
Libertarians: The Tie-Breakers? 01:49:34
IRAQ: Court revives suits against Halliburton in truckers' deaths 01:35:53
most popular second choice at MO State Convention is Bob Barr 01:19:20
Virginia state convention. 01:13:55
Documentary: Ecstacy Rising by Peter Jennings 01:10:16
The UN is very close to owning the rights to the Great Lakes. Ohio and Michigan are the only ones who haven't signed up yet. 01:04:28
alittle reminder from the Nashville Meetup*For your viewing pleasure* 00:32:39
It's Coming 'Round 00:19:00