Posted on June 10, 2008

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Ron Paul's Twin Convention in the Twin Cities Creates Media FIRESTORM!!! -youtube, List of links/articles/reports 20:58:21
Letter to the National GOP 16:03:36
Video: Ron Paul at the Future of Freedom Foundation Conference 11:16:04
Kucinich Presents 35 Articles of Impeachment Against Bush 23:11:30
Revolution Broadcasting: Tom Woods Interviews Bob Murphy Today 2pm ET 09:52:06
Message from Dr. William "BJ" Lawson, NC 4th District for US Congress 02:48:27
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Lets do this gang! 23:48:10
"Florida at the Precipice of Depression" 23:44:35
creeping to a big central bank of the world? 23:27:09
GHoeberX, Aravoth, eLib3rty, BoratFAN999.. (5,000,000 views !) 23:16:47
Lou Dobbs On Super Highway 22:47:33
NEW WEBSITE!!!!---for the Nevada State Convention---all questions answered there!! 22:46:28
Several Ron Paul Articles 22:45:27
Another Front to End the Federal Tyranny 21:59:48
Hyperinflation Special Report(scary stuff) 21:56:52
YouTube of Ron Paul at FFF Conference 21:55:19
YouTube of Ron Paul at FFF Conference 21:54:41
AOL: Obama should pick Ron Paul as VP or AG 21:36:54
A Riddle from Minarchist - 6/10/08 21:11:31
Ron Paul hits front page of Yahoo News with mini convention 21:03:08
I miss the good ole days 20:59:56
Live Report from Bilderberg on 6/8/2008 20:56:57
Singh in close race 300 votes seperate the two candidates 20:55:26
Poll on Hannity site needs more accuracy 20:50:28
Digg Letter to GOP 20:47:31
SIERRAHPBT - The Emperor has no clothes 20:04:19
Don't Miss this! Over 3,000 diggs! Ron's own Convention 20:01:19
jzneff - The true price of oil is $56 per barrel 19:47:30
What is the hardest question you could ask McCain or Obama at a nationally telecast town hall meeting! 19:41:42
Salmonella saintpaul,??? 19:31:40
Do you love your tinfoil hat? I DO!! 19:23:43
Oops 18:35:53
Texas governor's mansion on fire... 18:11:13
Dr. Steve Parent will be LIVE at Tuesday 8pm eastern time to discuss the Texas conventions and the NV reconvened convention. 18:09:35
Gather up! Off topic, Not only Ron Paul. 17:57:01
*Esoteric Agenda* video that will change your life 17:33:32
Is killing Muslims better than killing Christians? 17:21:05
plans to seal off rough ’hoods in latest effort to stop wave of violence( Palestine DC) 17:06:20
Chairman Conyers,, He is getting blasted from many sources on impeachment, We need to keep up the presure 17:03:10
The Money 16:53:06
Ron Paul on Impeachment of Cheney, Bush, Clinton (+ video) 16:52:00
Kucinich Impeachment old news - Look at the Political Party that called for it back in 2006 and 2002!!!! 16:37:34
RP ON CAVUTO NOW 3:28 PM central ON FOX NEWS 16:13:22
Youtube and GOP Video Contest - Winner gets free trip to Convention 16:06:27
VOTE ON MSNBC: Should Bush be impeached? 15:51:35
Popping the Crude Bubble... 15:48:10
A fallen comrade 15:06:41 14:42:33
HOW FAR? - Will the opposition go to keep RP from stealing the show at the RNC? 14:37:29
Our Country being sold off to foreigners! 14:30:41
Ron Paul: Nancy Pelosi Pulled Iran Bill on Orders of Israel 14:17:00
Thomas E Woods and Bob Murphy TALKING ABOUT PEAK OIL LIVE NOW 2PM EASTERN 14:14:12
Leo Strauss and the Neocon Lust for Terror 13:44:47
weather adds to challenges in combating food shortages! 13:33:54
**MUST SEE** Lindsey Williams "The Non-Energy Crisis" 13:27:53 Poll and Article About Dr. Paul 13:08:03
McClellan to Testify At Impeachment Hearings June 20 13:06:14
* * RON PAUL will be calling -- you could too * * 12:56:26
Please Help Keep the Daily Paul Alive 12:18:11
Well- I did it. 11:38:26
Bob Barr on Bloomberg TV last night with Ron Paul interlude 11:32:28
"WHAT HAPPENED???" 11:26:50
Almost 1000 already pledged to "write-in" Ron Paul 11:24:13
Obama and Hillary attend Bilderberg conference 2008 11:07:31
We will be running on Water going to SD 10:17:57
Mayor of Arlington, TX Didn't Tell Citizens What Drugs Found In Drinking Water for Fear of Terrorism. Attorney General Calls BS 10:15:53
Ron Paul Library 10:14:27
McCain camp gets caught mying about Billy Graham 09:28:03
RP Speech 6-6-2008 ! 09:09:50
Petition to Abolish the Federal Reserve System 08:39:59
"Its Cratering" 08:29:58
URGENT>>>>EMAIL/PHONE BOMB TO Ron Paul campaign HQ to invite him to NEVADA CONVENTION!! 08:26:07
Riddle of the day. 6/10/08. By Rhino 08:22:47
Rep. Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution 06:21:56
A Plea to Dennis Kucinich. Pls March with Ron Paul on July 12th 06:21:05
Contact Dennis Kucinich (1 of Dr. Paul's closest friends)...he brought TEARS if you Listened. 05:52:17
Bilderberg Seeks Bank Centralization Agenda 05:18:31
Obama: Boost Economy With Monopoly Money 05:12:55
Myrtle Beach RP Supporter Terrorized & Threatened (Pls Sticky) 04:58:03
What the F&ck is Going ON re: DailyPaul members!?!? 04:57:37
Mistakes made by Treg. 02:51:42
Help The March! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! 02:29:20
Was Teleconference for Freedom Walk Recorded? Any Links? 02:28:14
Ron Paul not allowed into the MN state convention 02:04:19
MAP: Campaign Insight: See How much MONEY was spent and where!! 01:44:34
Fox Ambushes Bill Moyers,Jounalists Ambush Fox 01:33:59
MSM coverage of Kucinich artciles of impeachment 01:20:07
What is the plan of action? 01:19:01
Is this true about Ron Paul and Barak Obama? 01:12:12
Current NV State Party Chair, Sue Lowden, Cheated Aaron Russo Supporters in 1998 01:10:44
Another potential gun control news piece 00:37:48
Ron Paul for Speaker of the House 00:33:40