Posted on June 13, 2008

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Dr. Paul on CNN's Situation Room Today 13:36:36
Remembering Ron Paul 2008! 13:07:28
Ron Paul Uncut - 9 Minutes with ABC's Tom Abrahams 13:36:39
I quit... 08:42:22
Ron Paul's New Campaign for Liberty Site Up & Running 13:36:37
THAT WAS A GREAT SPEECH! Thank you, Ron Paul 13:36:38
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ALASKA CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY meetup up and running 23:48:19
good wnd article, mentions the doc 23:30:16
Ron Paul's Power - one of 4 stories highlighted on Yahoo 10:20 p.m. CDT 23:17:52
FreedomTour.TV - Day 8 - Back on the road... 23:00:34
Ok... I am crazy! Japan's WATER CAR! 22:54:00
Ron Paul supporter dies 22:34:38
Breaking: Tim Russert to lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda 21:56:12
** HA! Huckabee Joins Fox News as Political Commentator * * 21:13:03
The Campaign for liberty 21:11:06
In spite of all odds! - Why does the Revolution continue to grow? 20:42:18
ImpeaCh ObAma!!! 20:41:08
Please Support NV RP-Grassroots State Convention 20:23:16
Bush and Paulson asking for foreign investors to invest in Gulf Oil Companies. Hmmm? 19:43:59
Paul, Barr throw each other bouquets 19:43:19
OK state Resolution claiming sovereignty 19:29:20
"Never give up, never give in!" 19:22:40
Hey, What happened to acid rain? 19:11:11
WEATHER CHANNEL FOUNDER: 'I ask Al Gore, where's the global warming?' 19:05:55
national debt clocks! 19:04:52
.com or .org-mixed up for Campaign for Liberty 18:48:17
Juan McCain = Economic Idiot 18:32:43
The revolution continues..... 18:31:16
Manystrom? Link to CFL on DP? 18:28:48
Anyone know when Ron Paul might be interviewed??? 17:53:14
Russert: Towering Figure or steaming Pile o' Shit? 17:49:22
Tm Russert and Ron Paul 17:46:58
Campaign For Liberty 17:27:24
McCain at it again 17:22:43
To our Canadian brothers and sisters 17:09:30
New Email Signature - Everybody should use it 16:53:55
Conyers Answered Himself, So I Told Him He Was The Most Guilty 16:50:34
Don´t forget to celebrate the freedom victory in Ireland today 16:43:04
Bush asked: "How big is it?" A Vatican aide responded: "Not quite as big as Texas." Bush then said: "Yes but more important ... 16:33:34
Fox News Admits McCain Stacked Townhall 16:16:41
Ron Paul's message for you 16:09:54
NBC’s Tim Russert dead at 58,,,(The Man that made McCain look foolish in McCains you tube nightmare) 16:09:42
Ventura already at 24% in Senate Race 16:05:17
WEATHER CHANNEL FOUNDER: 'I ask Al Gore, where's the global warming?' 16:01:45
BREAKING NEWS: NBC's Tim Russert Dies of Apparent Heart Attack 15:51:49
Send a condolence to his NBC family regarding Russert 15:45:23
Tim Russert has died 15:43:17
FYI: Tim Russert passed away today. By Rhino 15:40:26
Does anyone have a copy of the Reagan Diaries to verify this 15:35:32
Ron Paul: Gold market rigged for decades 15:35:04
What is a better title? Campaign for Liberty or The Re-Revolution? 15:31:42
CNN Poll says Republican support and enthusiasm is down. 15:27:37
A little humor... 15:26:44
BIG NEWS!!! ★★★Ron Paul Conservative WINS SC Primary for US Senate! Digg NOW Pls★★★ 15:15:28
The irony of a republican Ron Paul. By Rhino. 15:09:36
For Those Who Won't Quit 15:01:39
July 12 14:56:50
UH-OH!! Look what the Huckster's up to now!!! 14:55:32
Nystrom's on the Official Ron Paul Campaign 14:35:00
The river hits a rock 14:33:28
Think Practically without comprimising your Principles. 14:31:55
Michael Reagan says shoot 9/11 activists?!? **UPDATED** 13:38:01
Question!!?? Should our Meetups still be called Ron Paul Meetups... 13:26:58
Riddle from Minarchist 6/13/08 13:17:32
Now's the time for... MONEY BOMB! 13:16:15
90% say Bush is Worse Than Nixon [POLL] 13:08:36
File FCC Complaint on Michael Reagan (links provided) 12:52:48
Ron Paul Is God Living On Earth! 12:45:01
Question about Lisbon Treaty 12:32:44
Offline Campaigners for Liberty 12:32:06
Striking statistic: Most Ron Paul supporters are WRITING HIM IN 12:13:11
This Could Be A Big LERT day! 12:11:50
Ron Paul's NEW Future 12:11:20
ENOUGH !! 12:05:29
Why aren't Lysander Spooner's views on the Constitution debated more on this site? 12:03:25
Amazing MSN Poll~If the election was held today 11:43:17
Any Patent Lawyers out there? New idea for personal agency!! 11:25:21
McCain gets OWNED again. 11:08:36
Impeachment it works 11:01:21
Step Back, Take a deep Breath 10:58:38
"Never doubt... 10:49:21
Now I am open for discussion. 10:36:56
Update - Project to Commerate Dr. Paul - From ALL of us 10:14:42
Adopt a Meetup 06/12/08 list 10:03:21
NevadaGOPconvention Update....Fight on! 09:53:37
Remembering Ron Paul 2008 digg added 09:40:47
Habeas Corpus Restored! 09:36:55
How do we vote now? 09:20:21
Anti-Write-In-League urging people not to vote Ron Paul [UPDATED] 09:19:23
My new favorite Ron Paul video 09:12:26
Countrywide "Friends of Angelo" Got Good Loans 09:04:39
june 12 video from houston... 08:47:10
Iraqi Prime Minister, says "U.S. is demanding Iraq's sovereignty." Talks stall! 08:43:32
Interesting WSJ blog: The Ron Paul Vote: A Headache for John McCain? 08:39:39
Hold on! Ron Paul did not quit- By Andrew Malcolm 08:38:18
Ron Paul needed in the UK 08:37:05
Riddle of the day. 6/13/08. By Rhino 08:11:57
This is Just the Beginning... 07:04:34
"Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God. 06:59:48
Ireland is Official Champion of Liberty! [updated] 06:38:21
Freedom tour 06:06:21
It's all about YOU! 05:54:53
House Votes 251-166 to IMPEACH 05:23:03
this is great! I'm stoked again! 05:07:08
The Saint of St. Paul 04:46:35
L.A. Times Article "Ron Paul doesn't concede, but intends to lead" 04:40:21
Could this be the reason? 04:39:47
Tragedy hits the Freedom Tour - Must See Episode - Day 7 04:37:30
USA Today Article - Spread the Message 04:05:44
Vote for Ron Paul here! 03:43:19
Jesse Ventura Money Drive 03:39:48
Ron Paul: " I Have Decided To End My Campaign For The Presidency.." 03:29:03
Could someone clarify? 03:25:37
This is NOT the end. 03:09:29
Thank God, we don't need to pay taxes any more! I was worried we did! 03:08:57
Another crybaby here. 02:45:51
EVERYONE, Please read and bump NEWEST UPDATE FROM NEVADA as it will clear up many issues!!! 02:26:34
This is our flank move 02:26:31
Let’s Get It Started! 02:12:21
Yes! We are all members of the CFL! 02:11:04
Stop the nonsense and get to work! 02:03:51
Lets not make the same mistakes! 01:54:13
I have been blessed with the most informed, well read, and enthusiastic supporters of any presidential campaign. 01:53:59
What is it with you people! The fight goes on! 01:28:27
All this speculation and spin is stupid when the truth 01:25:23
Habeas Corpus Restored in 5-4 vote FOR the Constitution!! 01:21:52
Canadian MP Libby Davies reads 9/11 petition in Parliament 01:18:23
My local news station just mentioned Ron Paul... What the ???? 01:17:12
Website admits that Ron Paul quit 01:10:03 a delegate conversion kit sent directly to their house. 01:02:17
CNN’ Ron Paul: John McCain doesn't represent Republican values 01:01:22
Ron Paul Poems 00:45:17
Ron Paul still asks delegates to show up at the convention on his new site 00:44:04
Ron Paul for President 2008 grassroots campaign continues 00:40:09
What does this mean for the March on DC?? 00:31:22
Next MONEYBOMB Date, Decide Now 00:27:11
GOP says fraud may have cost groups $750,000 00:27:05
It didn't sound like he was ending anything! 00:20:09
Thank You Ron Paul! 00:20:06
Take the Freedom poll for Ron Paul 00:17:43
After Party at Liberty 00:13:48
The Revolution stage II - Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty. 00:11:54
Ron Paul Suspended His Bid for the White House?? 00:11:18
If We Could Get 100,000 People 00:06:13
NEWEST UPDATE FROM NEVADA!!!! and a response in where we stand due to todays announcement--JUNE 28 IS STILL ON--Read this.. 00:03:40
This email has worked really well for me. Feel free to copy. 00:00:29