Posted on June 15, 2008

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Memories... 23:48:41
Campaigning for Liberty Since 1974 - New T-shirts 19:48:26
WSJ: The Ron Paul Vote: A Headache for John McCain? 13:39:37
The Strategy Works! Idaho Success! (Updated) 12:28:15
Help the Widow of a dead Ron Paul Revolutionary Eric Davenport(1983-2008) 04:08:09
CFL Now at 65,000 Members!! 13:39:38
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A Letter To The National GOP 23:59:12
NEVADA marches on!! A report from "The other side" 23:35:19
Campaign For Liberty Video--- Depeche Mode--- BRAND NEW VIDEO!!! 22:40:40
Did Your elected Democrat Reps do this? 21:32:44
Why Not a Rally in Denver? 21:08:33
I am looking for information on running my car on water 20:33:14
Has Anyone Heard Of "Common Purpose"? 20:32:36
A Letter from Dad to his Son on Father's Day 20:23:59
Debra Medina's Speech for Texas GOP Vice Chair 20:19:38
It Worked Again!!! 20:10:57
Vaccinations are evil and *** **** HAS spoken out against them 19:54:27
Pay as you go Internet Coming soon, What will you do? 19:34:20
Obama: Amendments Give Us Our Rights 17:54:09
Czech President says Lisbon Treaty Project is over 17:25:55
a funny for you all... 17:03:50
Alex Jones Responds to Michael Reagan’s Death Threat Against Mark Dice 16:33:40
Has everyone joined the 16:28:45
The Government Wrecks the Economy 16:26:50
ABC News: Ron Paul talks with Tom Abrahams (6/13/08) 15:25:52
How many members so far in the Campaign for Liberty? 15:23:03
Ross Perot is back... 15:10:58
What can we do to prevent THIS?? it goes way beyond real id with no approval needed 15:08:06
Steve Parent DIDN'T post this - I did! 14:13:58
The only Viable Third Parties 13:40:10
Would Ron Paul Favor "Direct Representation"? 12:40:06
The Chicago Tribune Strikes Again! 12:39:00
Who will I vote for now?? Are you kidding? 12:01:49
French Government decides to censor the Internet 10:46:15
Vote here 10:45:44's illegal fundraiser in England 10:43:24
This sexy man predicted the 1987 American Recession in 1983 10:35:18
Happy Fathers Day To all!! 09:44:36
Citizens win victory against NAFTA Super highway perhaps only temporary… 08:55:02
Lets stick grenades up the butts of their babies and kill their mothers. Michael Reagan 07:24:34
2,002 Died in Police Custody in U.S. in 2003-05 07:15:39
Let Freedom RING-TONE?? 07:15:05
Legal Drugs Kill Far More Than Illegal, Florida Says 06:52:42
Volunteers still needed...WE the People can do it! 06:24:01
State of Oklahoma claims Sovereignty under Constitution 05:56:49
Exxon to cut funding to climate change denial groups 05:54:06
Viral Video: Join Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty ! 05:42:13
IMPORTANT LATEST NEWS: The Irish VOTED NO against the EU superstate! 05:25:26
Pls help me Digg this Ron Paul story and Keep this Bumped. Why are important Diggs ignored over here? 04:10:55
FreedomTour.TV - Day 9 - New Song - If You're Gonna Love Me 02:28:22
*** Digg for Youtube version of ABC's Abrams RP interview *** 02:17:12
Anyone have a link for David Letterman bashing George Bush and Dick Cheney on his show recently 02:12:05
MUST WATCH -- Keith Olbermann BLASTS John McCain 01:56:43
I will be at the march July 12th if I am the only one there carrying a Ron Paul sign so be it 01:50:47
Kucinich is looking for co-sponsors for his H.R.--is Ron going to sign? 01:46:03
Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Christopher Dodd and Senator Kent Conrad - Bribed by Countrywide! 01:42:43
Want to see neocons look like idiots on Digg? 01:29:06
Poster of Constitution 00:37:41
Dr. Steve Parent Thread.....My thoughts?? 00:33:24
Clothes Please 00:00:23