Posted on June 16, 2008

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Michael Badnarik's Introduction to the Constitution - Live at Sturgis 14:49:52
Video: Ron Paul in the Situation Room 17:43:21
Write-In Votes? Ron says No 17:43:20
Rand Paul Responds to Mark Skousen 15:42:05
Buchanan on Colbert, MUST SEE 10:32:52
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cia report on vietnam pow john mccain. alot of info missing 23:59:17
More flooding expected : (Gee ya think) 23:59:14
mccains secret,questionable record 23:51:36
Anti New World Order old gangster rap video 23:46:42
Mike Reagan 2 hour show LIVE June 18 and we will talk about our legal actions and our criminal charges we will file. 23:23:41
today! Ron Paul CNN 23:07:47
no more half truths/propoganda just the facts please 22:11:38
Ron Paul: "No Write in" 21:59:37
Obama, conspiracy or not????? 21:53:57
GREAT SHOW TODAY June 17th WITH Dr. Thomas E. Woods who has 2 books endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul : You don't want to miss this one. 21:47:48 21:40:00
Another Great Article from the Los Angeles Times 21:35:13
LibertyGator - Libertarian version of Digg or Reddit 21:32:57
Ron Paul's Texas City in Danger ?? 21:25:31
TX Mansion arson... 21:21:04
Important Ron Paul Revolution' MTV's Aimee Allen UNCENSORED Video 20:32:08
Letter from RON PAUL Today! 20:25:05
Inspirational Quote 6/16/2008. By FreeManOnLand 19:59:59
Kokomo, IN. resident 19:54:57
lou dobbs is going to talk about the NAU 5:54pm mt. 19:50:59
Drew Carey Tackles DEA Raids on Medical Marijuana Clinics 19:42:06
RP's Weekly Newsletter "Iraq or the Economy?" 18:29:01
**Mark Dice on Mike Reagan show** 18:21:52
Ron Paul: Iraq or the Economy 18:11:23
Considering Voting for Obama? watch this first 17:52:23
SmallGov Times: The North American Union 17:31:44
'Less We Forget 17:27:07
Governments step up blogger arrests 16:42:29
CSU Chico State University does not carry Ron Paul Book in the Book store 16:23:03
Help with Credible References: NAFTA's Failures 16:09:35
House leaders are doing well financially during this economic slump. 16:04:29
Dear Lord, listen to this neo-con. **Warning** 15:33:26
Michael Badnarik: "Lighting the Fires of Liberty" at the Revolution 4 Freedom Festival!! 15:32:19
9/11 Truth, Aliens, Conspiracy Theory, and the Ron Paul Movement 15:28:13
Obama supporter, also supports terror attacks !! 15:17:04
Makes no sense... 14:53:26
What is this "Iraq war" charge on my bill? 14:49:52
Is O'Reilly Bad??? 14:36:45
I have a proposal for a Facebook group I created called International Freedom Group 14:35:34
Airport TSA with POLICE UNIFORMS?????? 14:12:16
New Poll - Will you be writing in Ron Paul? 13:58:51
Keep the flame of liberty alive or we'll see the darkness of tyranny 13:32:55
Anyone else bothered by Ron's vote to go into Afghanistan? 13:31:54
Oh No! Another Bush Presidency?!!! 13:27:11
CNN Front Page: Photos of Check Points in Iowa- Police Officer with gun pointed at a citizen.... this is crazy. 13:24:32
Can We Stop a False Flag--Action needed--evidence building 13:21:35
"Don't Talk to the Police" by Officer George Bruch 13:15:07
Check this out!! Police state??? 13:07:48
so much for global warming! 12:53:18
Silver, Gold and the IRS 12:22:15
Paul supporters ... help needed! 12:03:27
Paul supporters ... help needed! 12:03:16
Letter from Wexler - Support his efforts at Impeachment NOW! 11:47:28
Idaho in the News 11:46:03
Is anyone organizing a Ron Paul write-in? 11:36:58
AP Admits weak dollar is cause of record oil prices. 11:31:31
Iowa Floods vs Katrina - Why NO MSM OutCry? 11:28:52
How the "State" whether backed by a church or republic can enslave people. 10:55:59
Recent floods overlay NAFTA Highway 10:52:24
Ron Paul reaches 50,000 halfway mark! Great article from the UK + DIGG! 10:45:49
Wall Street 24/7 is starting to list companies they predict, not guess, will file bancruptcy 10:36:54
Riddle of the day. 6/16/08. By Rhino. 10:05:09
Veteran Stands Up To Back-Door Draft By Refusing To Report 09:34:02
How we can move the impeachment process along ...yes each and everyone of us can RIGHT NOW!!! 09:26:49
4 Marines die in Afghanistan; 870 inmates escape 07:42:27
Charging by the Byte to Curb Internet Traffic 07:24:04
OBAMA is a THUG 07:20:54
Video: Male Police Officers Stripping Women in Ohio Jail Government says not a strip search & no wrongdoing! *Updated 4/5/09* 07:14:20
Man arrested preaching at the Liberty Bell 06:58:44
McCain: Habeas Corpus a Privilege not a Right 06:34:36
BRAND NEW AD-- ran yesterday in all major Nevada papers!!! SEE THIS NOW!! 06:32:38
**UPDATE** After serious consideration, Ralph Nader should be the concensus candidate for President 2008, of the R3VOLUTION 05:03:29
Yahoo News: When McCain Drops Out 05:00:20
Whatever happened to London's Bush Protest??? 02:18:49
Iraq May Ask U.S. To Leave By End of '08 01:47:24
I want to tell my family about what is about to happen gently, they are older, 01:27:47
Idaho Rep. Bill Sali To Government Agency: 00:10:16