Posted on June 18, 2008

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Ron Paul on Morning Joe 14:22:20
Grannys on the Move Again!! -Revolution 4 Freedom Festival 13:40:18
Please join the Campaign for Liberty today! 13:24:52
Turn the TV Off... 12:04:37
A Soldier's Story You Will NEVER Hear on CNN 10:27:05
RBS issues global stock and credit crash alert 09:03:55
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RP endorsed candidate for congress BJ Lawson June 29 money bomb 23:58:50
BJ Lawson for congress June 29 money bomb 23:50:49
Don’t give up! Fight harder! This is our chance!!! 23:45:32
VIdeo: Talking to the Police 23:44:22
November to be Ron Paul's revenge 23:21:58
no more half truths/propoganda just the facts please 23:06:11
PELOSI removes ban for war on Iran without Congressional approval from bill 22:53:50
Dozens of police caught on tape laughing about shooting an innocent woman 22:41:43
To the Faint of Heart -- You're in the Army Now 22:36:16
Don't believe in Chemtrails? 22:09:19
Is something wrong with those acres? Stupid Oil Companies 22:08:01
the real face of zionism 22:04:46
DNC suing for mccains spending again 22:02:18
Oklahoma Declares Sovereignty 21:39:11
The Bandit Strikes Again 21:27:46
USAF Tanker Deal With Northrup Grumman Might Fall Apart 21:15:20
The Time is almost here! Read this letter for Liberty and Justice 20:12:03
Want some excitement? 20:05:39
Thug Cop Slams Teenager’s Head Against Wall 19:56:38
Inform Other Libertarians About the Revolution March on Washington DC 19:30:46
NOW 9PM June 18 LIVE on RevolutionBroadcasting Michael Scheuer 22-year veteran of the CIA and Head of the Osama Bin Laden unit. 19:23:44
Sheriff highest law enforcement authority 19:17:32
Breaking News! The Nevada Republican Assembly (NVRA) has endorsed the June 28 19:05:19
Storms/Floods (US & China), Earthquakes, HAARP & Chemtrails: US vs China "Silent War"?! 19:02:08
FBI & Homeland Security behind martial law exercises in Indianapolis 18:57:16
BIG PRIZE: Western oil companies plan return to Iraq 18:56:52
The Real Reason We Don't Drill in America 18:45:00
You decide, refer to the past. Barrys riddle for the day 18:30:46
Digg this Coalition of Strangebedfellows (Effort to halt FISA) 18:13:35
RP endorsed candidate for congress BJ Lawson June 29 money bomb 18:05:14
Are all police officers criminals? 16:40:35
Someone who Will never get one donated dollar from me 16:33:50
BJ Lawson money bomb June 29 16:13:10
Constitution beats Bush 16:11:47
Morgan Stanley warns of 'catastrophic event' 16:06:20
Government “Strike Teams” Invade Homes, Harass Flood Victims 15:45:08
I have a questions for home-schoolers... 15:37:12
Bob Barr on Cavuto at 4:20 Today 15:36:01
Iraq or the economy? by Ron Paul, SmallGovTimes 15:35:38
The Ron Paul/libertarian racism tolerance problem 15:31:43
I WARNED YOU!!!! Got Gold? 15:24:45
the real patriot act july 4th 2008 15:07:14
Help me bring 'A Manifesto' to all NJ public lib. 14:43:59
My wife is a terrorist 14:31:46
NAFTA not so bad after all - Obama 14:29:14
RING OF POWER 14:14:33
The zionist thread continued. By Rhino. 14:06:54
Everyone needs to start buying guns. 13:50:06
My Own Votes, Four of Them, Were Flipped Yesterday Before My Very Eyes-- Brad Friedman, The BRAD BLOG 13:47:24
Globalist says: "a new 9/11 crisis could be the catalyst to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada" 13:38:53
Would you be interested in attending a one day Paulitical school? 13:21:14
Would you be interested in attending a one day Paulitical school? 13:20:21
Devaluing the coins again. 13:17:33
Ron Paul on Morning Joe 13:09:08
ahhhh more derivatives DIRT! 12:55:39
all silver bugs,must read 12:36:39
Republican Party of Texas Asks for Help 12:26:16
Free Water Car Plans 12:21:15
zionist thread is a great idea 12:13:02
Bear case for gold and why it is incorrect! 12:11:14
Orthodox Jews Against Zionism 12:08:19
Newt Gingrich (neutered green-grinch?) threatens to nuke a city 12:06:13
Muslim Women Barred from Obama Picture 12:01:08
Obama and McCain are THE SAME: Destroyed by Ron Paul Logic 11:41:12
Join The Campaign For Liberty ! 11:24:00
To Our "Guests" in the Armed Forces 11:06:16
Ron Paul and Dwight Eisenhower--True Patriots 10:39:46
Ron on MSNBC today! 10:21:43
HOMELAND SECURITY,,,,,Dealing With The Truth 09:47:32
Let's get a zionist thread started. By Rhino 09:30:45
why have these books been banned ? 09:19:56
Black Hawk helicopters rattle downtown 09:16:26
Aren't Huckabee and Romney also 'lurking' in the wings? 09:11:08
RP is brilliant... 08:54:34
Wikileaks Gets Hold of Counterinsurgency Manual 08:28:23 08:24:38
Official "Campaign For Liberty" Banners 08:18:56
Froggy - Male or Female? 08:06:29
Talk to Iran full Ron Paul speech 04:51:31
Unrelated but odd as **** 04:36:34
Thank you and Congrats to SSgT_AF !!! 03:10:36
Colbert just said "where does the Constitution get off telling the government what it can or cannot do?" 02:45:53
Air Force Purge Confirms Brzezinski/Obama Faction in Control 02:44:56
YouTube video / song - The Truth - the end of the US constitution song 02:37:56
Coast to Coast guest says Ron Paul would only run if it was our last chance 02:26:42
The Anti-Bob Barr. Pro McCainiacs are out in force. UPDATED 02:17:28
Pray for The Freedom Tour Bus...Texas RAIN AND WINDS Tears them off the road. 02:05:41
steal delegates from McCain 01:57:11
FYI... disturbing and enlightening~ Dumbing down of America 01:50:28
John Mcain; "I hate war." 01:46:49
Military Choppers Practice 'War on Terror Operations' at DNC Convention Site 01:35:50
MInneapolis VS. Washington D.C March? 01:07:26
McCain invents imaginative never before seen amazing slogan 01:06:00
McCain - wanting to bring our troops home in 1993!!! 00:56:45
John Stossel: "Legalize All Drugs" 00:45:30
ABC News: Veterans Used To Test Suicide-Linked Drugs 00:29:27
THE REVOLUTION CONTINUES... 100,000 by September + Digg 00:21:09
Daddy Warbucks: Forgotten Hero's In Federal Prison 00:20:23
How is Ron Paul losing in this poll? Go Vote in this poll. 00:19:49
Jewish general named new USAF chief 00:14:13
Abramoff had closer ties to Bush and the White House than previously admitted 00:07:44
Denver Stocks Up on Pepper Weapons-Preparing for DNC 00:07:21