Posted on June 22, 2008

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DIGG NOW @ 1028!!!--Bill introduced by Republicans to outlaw semiauto weapons----TIME TO FIGHT THIS TOOTH AND NAIL!!! 23:53:17
Ron Paul dosent accept 9/11 investigation (video proof) 23:41:38
Co-Intelligence and the Holistic Politics of Community Self-Organization 23:35:48
U.S. Govt funds Middle east TV 23:03:24
Citizens Deliberative Council - taking back our towns and cities!!! 23:01:54
1% of the people is all we need and we have it 22:01:18
Received this factual email-you probably did also. 21:51:39
We want your land so we are gonna take it 20:53:58
Bush Gives Dems STDs 20:45:28
Ron Paul Lego Mosaic for Sale on Ebay! Ends June 29th! Item Number :120275858081 20:19:11 Evan Cutler LIVE Monday June 23 at 8pm eastern taking your questions 19:56:22 dvd is not finished yet, you can still sign up to help with content selection, etc. 19:47:57
Remember June 29th 19:42:43
Yahoo! Front Page: "Can McCain claim the Ron Paul votes?" 19:20:24
Neuro Linguistic Programming 19:16:40
On this Day: Galileo Sentenced for Believing Sun Is Center of Universe 18:48:28
Operation St. Paul - MONEYBOMB JULY 15 - PLEDGE NOW & Mark your calendars 18:38:40
What are our Goals and Objectives? What's in our platform? Help! 18:08:31
Hows this for an idea? 18:03:59
Front Page Yahoo News 6/22 - Will McCain Take Votes From RP Supporters? 17:47:36
Beware of the Aliens... the ones in UFOs 17:11:16
Travis Maddox for US Congress Money BOMB 17:04:23
ALERT - Message for Nye County, NV Delegates 17:02:20
JUSTCANTGETITUP is a mole: Truthers for Bob Bar 17:00:23
And you think I am crazy 16:31:33
Obama - Compromise [Off Topic] 16:31:23
South American Union 16:18:29
Robo Cop On Rails: It’s Not About Illegals, It’s About Keeping You on the Reservation 16:08:33
George Will, Thank You. 16:02:25
Ron Paul for the Long Haul! 15:47:47
Paul statement lends some weight to the suspicion that he's going to ENDORSE BARR. 15:24:57
Montana zero, IDAHO Won 15:21:33
Take this poll : What are you going to do after this election cycle 15:06:49
Robert Holloway to Place Advertisements On Nevada Talk Show Host's Radio Station 14:43:05
Help Ron Paul/ Support both Barr and Baldwin! 13:51:34
Politio: Can McCain claim the Ron Paul votes? 13:22:31
***POLITICALLY CORRECT** A VERY REAL BATTLE by Moonslippers 12:46:02
ONE Ecumenical Religion for All -- Pope endorses NWO 12:43:19
14 Words 11:29:22
Bob Conley is a big deal 11:13:18
Lets hear from our foreigners. 10:49:04
Stopping Google 10:30:53
On Now...Robert Holloway, Brian Kaminsky & a few others 10:23:15
Kelo's emminent domain fundraiser 10:18:50
Want to convince people that free markets work? Get them to watch this. ("Is America Number One?") 10:07:05
Don't Talk To Cops -- Ever : The Basic Education You Missed In School 09:44:12
Ron Paul on front page of 09:06:42
Texas State Republican Convention 08:33:55
What YOU can do right at this moment to ensure and help Nevada get a Reconvened Convention!!!!! 05:28:22
The coup you didn't learn about in school 04:20:21
BJ Lawson will represent all of us!!!!!!!June 29 money bomb 03:27:59
The Daily Dose 03:10:10
**Breaking News***Brand New Live Radio interview with Dr. Ron Paul and Carol Paul June 21st!! link>>> 02:54:48
Chemtrails vs. Fluoride -- going to do something about it? 02:26:11
Radio interview with Ron Paul democrat & US Senate nominee "Flat Top Bob" totally AWSOME!! *Pls Digg if you dont mind* 02:17:05
CNN: Ron Paul's supporters refuse to give up! 02:16:27 NOT get your newborns Social Security Numbers 01:44:53
Paul unfolds new campaign " -real hard for me to say I’m for Bob Barr.” 01:23:38
Nevada Radio Talk Show Host Threatens To Break Arms of Ron Paul Supporters 01:18:41
I'm a Libertarian 00:41:46
BJ Lawson for Congress 4th district NC 00:35:21
Lou Dobbs reports on the NAFTA super highway 00:13:13