Posted on June 24, 2008

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Major run on New York Banks Forces 24 Hr Hold On Wire Transfers 23:52:36
The Amish are under siege! 23:51:49
POLL: Should marijuana be allowed in airport smoking lounges in the United States? 23:45:14
The European Liberty thread 23:42:46
The CFR IS the Enemy ... 23:21:31
Vote Hemp 22:55:42
Need to know if the Campaign for Liberty is growing 22:35:22
Need to know if the Campaign for Liberty is growing 22:34:44
People I Dont Trust on This Site... 22:30:42
Ron Paul Day 22:18:30
9/11 Pentagon Footage Fraud - See the MISSING FOOTAGE! 22:00:30
Ron Paul On Pokerface 21:53:45
DIGG- US Determined to Attack Iran Before New Pres. 21:49:27
Ragnar Danneskold is alive and well today 21:36:39
Dow Chemical to raise prices by as much as 25% in July 21:20:00
4 Chuck Baldwin Posts and 1 Bible Prophecy 21:16:03
Chuck Baldwin leading online poll, McCain close 2nd 20:44:22
Rand Paul's book club. 20:43:45
Chuck Baldwin Radio interview REFEED Saturday June 28 pm eastern and archive is up and ready for download. 20:27:57
9/11 "Official Story" believer challenge: WTC collapse 20:13:51
DOLLAR store CRISIS! 20:01:04
[VIDEO] Liberty Candidate BASHING McCain 19:42:51
9/11 truther challenge: WTC7 collapse 19:36:44
When you contact an elected official 19:21:33
Video message & an open invitation from Dr Chuck Baldwin to all fellow Revolutionaries 19:21:21
WHAT IS Questioning and Liberty WHEN DOES IT GO TO FAR? 18:43:18
Flashback: Ron Paul Our Power Our Responsibility.....A reminder!!! 18:23:01
We Can Win if We Want it in Our Hearts! 18:15:42
Why McCain is the nominee... 17:52:09
Ron Paul obsessed baby sings a 7 minute song about Ron Paul lol 17:49:28
Unpatriotic Sean Hannity by the Southern Avenger 17:42:08
Let's do our part and help filibuster the FISA Bill 17:23:27
McCain's contradicting Energy Policy.... 17:17:35
Senate FISA Filibuster 17:14:20
Whats a barrel shroud? 17:05:52
Charter Freezes Web Eavesdropping Plan - Update (One small step) 16:38:15
TX stops NAFTA highway 16:30:15
Digg: Rep. David Price, Did you actually read the PATRIOT Act? 16:07:57
*UPDATED* Critical Reading for "Truthers" 16:04:09
does this make any sense? 15:43:23
Ron Paul, America´s Best Hope, Not the Last 15:35:27
Stop Waiting For Ron Paul To Endorse Bob Barr Or Chuck Baldwin 15:23:03
New World Order Essay 15:06:21
state Citizen vs. US citizen. 15:02:18
Political Training for 20-something RP Patriots 14:57:00
A run on the NY Banks 14:49:57
33-cent pocket Constitutions 14:22:11
Barr on radio now (2:05) 14:03:15
Dr. Thomas E. Woods' show starts NOW, 2 pm EST on Revolution Broadcasting 13:56:59
Question about Baldwin - 13:39:17
Awesome Article on Huffington about Nevada June 28th Convention 13:08:03
Has anyone come up with new materials for the Campaign for Liberty? Bumper Stickers, Flyers, etc 13:05:50
Body of War Movie -- Its out! Go see it! Spread the Revolution! 12:57:39
My gift to the free world: Introduction to ThinkFree. 12:50:22
The American Dream 12:48:52
mccains captor: he was never tortured 12:43:52
Body of War Movie -- Its out! 12:33:06
quick question 12:30:05
If I ran for office would you guys support me? 12:24:55
Big10 Universities/Minneapolis FED Meet on Midwest Economy 12:20:52
The Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Money Bomb! 12:03:11
Why not to complain when a thread or post gets removed by the opposition 11:43:52
YOU.will. not. be. able. to. get. FOOD. 11:15:21
Stop Sen. Chuck Grassley from Snooping on America! DIGG 11:13:40
The Elephant = The Donkey 11:10:29
9/11 Truthers: Your leader has spoken. 10:27:07
McKinney Joins Forces With Sheehan 09:42:29
Common Purpose-Europe equals Common Destiny-US????????? 08:47:48
Where was Ron Paul on Friday?Not voting on HR6304 07:02:24
HR 6304 - A Bill to Abolish the 4th Amendment -- WAS PASSED!! 05:31:24
C-span & Book tv 05:02:58
This should be in all class rooms for jr high and high school Even college 03:14:51
Remember you're on top of the pecking order!!! 03:02:50
BJ Lawson takes it to David Price 02:49:40
Bush calls NAFTA highway a conspiracy theory just months before it is announced by Canada 02:48:27
Please help this Soldier! 02:34:51
My Secret Weapon Against The Money Masters 02:30:45
Why not double Ron Paul's "official" delegate count? 01:46:56
Wake up 01:23:04
Hanoi Hilton Jailer Endorses McCain 01:10:05
Growth of Ron Paul movement 00:57:50
George Carlin: Religion is BS 00:35:23
Why did Dr. Paul end his Presidential campaign? 00:21:51
Accident-free zone: The German town which scrapped all traffic lights and road signs 00:19:15
Great Anti-McCain video playing in our local market -please watch 00:10:06
Order restored among crowd seeking food vouchers in Milwaukee 00:01:55