Posted on June 25, 2008

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McCain: Only WWIII would justify draft 23:23:58
Go BJ! Lawson Confronts His Opponent at Congressional Meeting! 22:39:35
The Nation: Even "Maverick McCain" Can't Connect with Young Voters 22:19:58
Dr. Paul Cordially Requests Your Presence at the July 12 Revolution March and Rally 21:40:09
OPERATION -URGENT CONTACT-"save the Republic" --Needs 100 Ron Paul Warriors To Contact The Nations RP Meetups!!! 21:38:04
B.J Lawson LIVE interview Friday June 27 6:00 pm eastern : Please keep bumped 14:18:33
Ron Paul Conservative wins Nomination of The Democratic Party for US Senate in SC ★★★DIGG NOW★★★ 21:38:05
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Syria, and Iran are the next false flag victims... 23:55:05
Syria, and Iran are the next false flag victims... 23:52:39
What McCain doesn't want you to know about his first marriage. 23:52:00
We need to do something big!! 23:45:12
bad news from PA 23:31:36
Great News. Vote Recount finally over. Congratulations! We won! wooooooooot 23:02:57
A SC Ron Paul Democrat. Yes, Democrat 22:48:05
Awesome video- BJ Lawson confronts opponent David Price at Congressional Metting: Did you read the Patriot Act before voting? 22:30:33
Ron Paul is a Kook? 22:21:38
Boca Raton to get a city-wide surveillance system? 22:18:38
Dear Nanci Pelosi, Why do you support War with Iran? 22:04:56
Ron Paul's new Official youtube channel 21:55:12
War With Iran Will Start This Friday! 21:48:49
Congressman Frank Introduces Legislation to Decriminalize Marijuana 21:45:24
USA TOMORROW- Not your typical MSM newspaper! 21:38:53
Attention Freedom Freaks: I donated $5 to this sexy marketing idea... 21:30:28
oil 21:16:38
An All Out Attack On Ron Paul & His Supporters by Earl Ofari Hutchinson Of The Huffington Post. 21:00:50
More Iran news...important 20:53:11
People Not Presidents Bring Change 20:50:37
The first Open-Source 20:33:10
Rep Ron Paul Standing Strong! Discussing HR 5767**NEW DIGG! 20:31:32
Utah voters bounce out a neo-con Bush man 20:24:57
write your Senators and ask them to sponsor the reciprocity bill 20:15:37
Q&A Session in Las Vegas with Robert Holloway 20:09:27
Peter Schiffs LIVE Weekly Radio Broadcast ON NOW! 20:03:08
Illuminati Control 19:51:43
WOW-MUST READ: FISA Fight Creates Coalition Of Liberal Blogs, Paul Voters 19:50:58
WATCH FOR THE VP SELECTIONS! Both will be chosen by the powers behind the curtain! 19:41:24
Dr. Steve Parent LIVE tonight June 25 10pm eastern to discuss : Alex Jones - Chuck Baldwin and BJ Lawson 19:33:13
Are you an architect or engineer? 19:26:36
He has endorsed and stumped for McCain, wants to be the star of the Republican National Convention, 19:22:31
Free Electricity found 100 years ago 19:22:21
Cameras Everywhere... Thousands of Additional Survelience Cameras to be added with federal funding across local governments 19:20:10
Leaked NIST documents about World Trade Tower 7 19:15:48
Important 2nd Amendment Information - Ratings for Senators & Congressmen On Gun Control 19:15:20
Rep. Cannon Finally Fails To Hide Amnesty Record 19:01:45
10 Reasons to Attend the June 28th GOP Convention in Reno 18:48:49
Bob BARR, was interviewed on Glenn Beck tonight. 18:48:35
Predator Actor running for Senate 18:43:44
The History of the Nevada April 26th GOP Convention 17:56:58
My, What Big Eyes You Have... 17:55:31
* Understanding lobbiest 17:45:53
Patriots Needed: Hold Government accountable to the Constitution by directly exercising Right of Redress!! 17:45:27
Over 1200 Citizens Serve Notice to the Congress this Coming Monday - Be a part of it! AND Digg it! 17:42:36
The coming Catastrophe..... 17:42:19
Murray Sabrin for Governor of New Jersey? Check this out... 17:29:28
Focus on the positive, freedom, and supporting Ron Paul 16:33:43
Anyone know? 16:28:02
"Dr. Paul Betrayed the Constitution while in office"--JustcantgetEnough 16:21:58
** Ron Paul is a statesman 16:14:58
Great new song! Wow! Says it all! 16:12:20
McCain draws record number protesters- diggin FP 16:01:30
Supreme Court Once Again Usurps the Authority of the States 15:21:54
Sue Lowden, NV State Chair is "worried." Awwwwwwwww 14:28:34
TIME for Socialism 14:00:28
Your Favorite Movies, Please.. 13:59:27
It's time for a Revolution! We Are Revolting - GW Update - 6/25 - Keep Bumped 13:57:05
Live stream of Nevada Delegates Convention 13:52:27
Freedom Tour '08: Salt Lake Today! 13:33:32
Leaked NIST Docs: “Unusual” Event Before Collapse Of WTC 7 13:27:52
"The Revolution: A Manifesto": Book, CD, T-Shirts and more...In Stock Now! 13:22:49
Protecting One Of Our Own 13:15:41
Senate Housing Bill Requires eBay, Amazon, Google, and All Credit Card Companies to Report Transactions to the Government 13:00:49
[VIDEO] Liberty Candidate BASHING McCain 12:44:35
WARNING: 100% pure truth. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. 12:38:56
REAL AMERICAN REPUBLICANS will be at the Grand Sierra Reno on June 28th 12:26:42
Forced to pay for services not being rendered! 12:26:42
Didn't know that he came back... 12:16:34
Latest Downsizer-Dispatch (from 12:01:49
Any Gamers/Programmers Here? An idea... 11:16:06
****As Winter Approaches**** 11:09:08
What will FED do to the dollar today? 10:55:17
History shows the dollar is doomed! 10:47:58
"FISA flippers rake in telco cash: Turncoat Dems average over $8k more in telecom contributions" 10:27:33
Does anyone have a link to a report from a few days back about Army wanting their own air wing 09:45:27
Chuck Baldwin and the great Nancy conspiracy 09:39:21
FISA BILL 09:20:10
Munich Freedom Rally 08:55:21
Oil Price Fallout: Jobs Coming Home? 08:46:55
A Bankrupt, and War hungry nation is killing us 08:30:33
We are winning in South Dakota . . . GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!! 07:25:58
Paul Supporters Go on Offensive>>>>>DIGG THIS NEW ARTICLE!!!! 06:59:23
Bloomberg: Faster Inflation May Unleash `Financial Tsunami': Chart of Day 06:25:23
Financial Times: "96.5 per cent record increase in iron ore cost" 06:08:47
Cool video: Johnny Cash in Typography 04:50:50
National RP delegates & alternates 04:37:54
Other Facebook RPers 03:55:58
Mere Exposure to John McCain Can Be Dangerous 03:11:17
Where, oh where, has my Daily Paul gone? 02:54:58
"Dr. No" is...who??? 02:19:16
I had to do it 01:46:27
To those of you that still believe..... 01:32:10
Manystrom.... 01:23:20
**It's NEVER been so real....** 01:06:58
Going to Reno...Again - A Love song for Sue Lowden made it on to politickernv 01:04:23
Using Logic to Prove 9/11 was a False Flag 00:59:27
from campaign for liberty,best quote of the day 00:58:50
No crisis on the horizon? 00:54:41
Economy is great huu? 00:50:24
Appeals Court Invalidates Detainee's 'Enemy' Status 00:43:44
Tiger by the tail!!!!! 00:42:30
bush/cheney attempted possible coup 6/20/08 by j.corsi, this is crazy 00:34:59