Posted on June 26, 2008

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Ron Paul Floor Speech on Iran & Foreign Policy 14:16:00
Moving Foward With the Daily Paul - Assistance & Input Requested 13:18:46
Ron Paul on the Fed and inflation concerns 11:02:19
Ron Paul - HR 5767 Hearing 10:59:46
WSJ: Paulites, Liberals Join to Fight FISA 10:30:18
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Really encouraging! 23:54:33
Replacing Controlled Newspapers...With Real Ones! 23:51:42
Lets help RP Stealth Tactics!!! 23:25:16
Help these guys figure out who they should be endorsing! 23:25:08
Reno TV Coverage of the Delegates Convention June 28 23:21:26
Find out whether members of Congress have any respect for the institution they represent 23:04:29
YEEEEHAAAA! Counter just turned over! 22:58:22
Obama-Paul is a winner in November! 22:47:51
Are Congressional Demograts leading us to war with Iran? 22:25:46
**Huffington Post 6/26: NV Ron Paul Supporters Stage Rogue GOP Convention** 22:05:04
Cure for oil addiction? 21:59:27
Ron Paul National Conference call NOW 9-12 eastern time June 26 21:52:51
Ron Paul supporters, Obama supporters, Kucinich, Left, Right, Independents Join Forces for the Stop The War With Iran Alliance? 21:51:08
June 30, 2008 Will be remembered in history as the day America began to hold Government accountable! 21:41:03
Ron Paul on the Gary Null Show extended interview tomorrow 12 noon 21:08:35
The Revolution is working!!! Check homepage! 21:06:53
Could this be one of the greatest days in Supreme Court history? 20:57:10
My personal hero mentions Michael 20:53:18
US Automakers in TROUBLE... But their workers are even DEEPER 20:13:28
Supreme Court Decision on Gun Ownership 19:59:31
Jdayh when is the Nevada convention 19:35:56
Campaign for Liberty News 19:04:59
Wall Street Journal mentions RP 18:56:25
Anyone here a member of forum? 18:55:01
Aged Tires Being Sold As New 18:50:38
What would everyone think about the Campaign for Liberty reaching out to Mary Ruwart? 18:25:00
Fluoride and which parts of USA will be gone, Agenda 21 18:11:59
****INFLATION scorecard for this year""""" 18:03:46
Supreme Court Throws Out DC Handgun Ban 17:37:50
Utah..another state electing Constitutional is happening.. 17:08:52
Hatch compares FISA critics to those ‘who wear tin foil hats and think 9/11 was an inside job.’ 17:05:32
★★★REMINDER: REVOLUTION March on July 12!!!★★★ 16:58:11
Atlas Shrugged -- Read it? Ready for movie? 16:48:34
Ron Paul has performed a great service for the Republican Party 16:31:47
MARKET SNAPSHOT: Dow -360 U.S. Stocks Sharply Off; Dow Poised For Worst Close Since 2006 16:16:48
Did we just see the stock market perform a dead cat bounce? 16:09:25
The Shrinking Influence of the US Federal Reserve,,,,,When the final report the US financial system is released it will be bad 16:03:57
High Court Rejects Controversial Campaign Finance Provision 15:59:11
Spread the Message: New Tools at CFL 15:33:04
My experience with HHO Gas. 14:26:51
Mexican Military in Arizona?!? 14:24:36
9/11 Family Member Patty Casazza: Government Knew Exact Date and Exact Targets (Video Added) 13:57:44
THE BEST THING - America could do would be a 30 Day Energy Boycott and Conservation Initiative! 12:47:31
Mathematically Perfect Economy (MPE) refuted by Victor Aguilar 11:55:20
Will Write-Ins Be Counted? Please provide research! 11:30:18
Osama Obama 11:26:00
McCain comments on Nevada convention 11:25:59
I Get All My News From the DailyPaul; Nothing Gets Past You 11:13:35
Houston Chronicle: E-Verify gaining a bigger role in hiring 11:12:42
Vital Info to study: Political Ponerology and Psychopaths 10:57:27
Lay blame where it deserves to be 10:57:25
The Investment Bankers Do it Again... 10:56:27
BREAKING>>> Hand Gun Ban UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!! 10:24:27
@ Court rules in favor of Second Amendment gun right 10:24:19
Government claims economy grew at 1% rate this quarter 10:10:40
Petition Ron to Get a New Video Producer, Please! 09:48:44
Ron Paul voted no 09:47:03
Mr Nystrom Question?? Please??? 09:18:34
Gold & Silver & The Fed?? UPDATE #2 08:37:38
For your consideration 07:22:52
San Francisco to vote on George W Bush sewage works! 06:38:57
'Freedom And Liberty' For All...In A Dying Nation 05:07:59
Canadian Parliament: 9/11 official report called fraudulent 03:55:07
The hot Ron Paul Twins interview Dr Chuck Baldwin. Awsome just awsome 03:36:38
On the road with Chuck Baldwin -- now touring California 02:59:41
Sonny Landham, actor, pornstar, former convict running for senator. 02:45:31
Puked in my mouth. 02:17:40
uncertainty begets contingency planning... the thin red,white and blue line 02:16:25
what an interesting two weeks with perot then lawson 01:33:17
Thank you Michael, for sending the troll back under his bridge! 01:30:51
Who wants to steal my thunder 01:18:50
two very important things happening right now 00:57:05
Chuck Baldwin video from 1994 surfaces? you must see to believe 00:50:23
Do you know your constitutions rights with cops ? 00:46:17
33 Senators Voted Against English as America 's Official Language on June 6, 2007. 00:44:16
McCain Fundraiser vs Santa Barbara Meetups 00:23:56
Ron Paul on Fed Decision 6/25 00:22:59
Ron Paul on Fed Decision 6/25 00:22:06
Dear manystrom. Can Ron Paul's mentor get a place on the DP's front page? 00:13:12