Posted on June 3, 2008

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Sabrin Third in NJ GOP Primary 22:48:17
South Dakota: Ron Paul 17%; New Mexico 14% 19:46:03
151 Congressmen Derive Financial Profit From War 19:38:05
The Second Great Depression Visits Detroit 15:01:16
Sowing More Big Government with the Farm Bill 09:45:37
Check out the Billboard-Bus-Train designs for Operation St. Paul!! 18:12:13
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Montana 12% reporting, Paul at 16.43% 23:47:29
Australia cleaning house. Troops withdraw and Howard may face war crime tribunal! 23:39:52
What happened with the McCain Election Finance Violations Question>>> 23:37:25
BUFFALO COUNTY --SOUTH DAKOTA 42% for Ron Paul!!!!!!! 23:36:51
New World Order - Out of Control - Ron Paul EXPOSES them!! 23:35:30
Master list of Ron Paul videos all of them 23:26:56
Ron Paul supporter threatens NY GOP-News Report 23:19:01
See WA McCain Mutiny here!! 23:14:49
Ron Paul Republican in Run-off in Alabama. 23:05:26
Results from Montana 22:58:58
Call Me When the Shooting Starts... 22:56:03
This has stuck with me for months 22:54:30
After Flagging was banned whats your thoughts? Im Pro Responsible Flagging 22:35:46
What was the final official reason given for the bridge failure in Minn? 22:29:32
Some dude is protesting ( Hunger strike ) in front of Mccains offices 22:28:39
The Rising Tide of Civil Disobedience in the Middle East 22:14:06
Ron Paul interview on Montana Radio Station 5/28/08 22:09:03
Dumping domains & websites? I'll buy it! 21:54:27
Report from Moyle, Exec. Director of NV GOP 21:34:30
Proof that Real ID is a fraud 21:30:37
Could be a long night for McCain in New Mexico Paul at 20% and climbing 21:29:19
Where can we find the Montana Primary results? 21:22:47
Marines conduct martial law training in Indianapolis 21:15:49
The March (July 12) is the target! 21:15:28
Its amazing how few people live in South Dakota RP at 16% 21:03:21
Website to expose Congress and real news 21:01:40
Another McCain Moment Speaking now in LA 20:48:38
NEW MEXICO Primary Results: Ron Paul 12% with 4% Reporting 20:37:04
SABRIN 15% Pinnochio38% Cheney Jr. 46% 20:29:02
Ron Paul /Baldwin guest speakers at JBS 5Oth Anniversary 20:22:56
A Visit To Waco Texas- Fifteen Years Later 19:37:32
A responsive idea 19:24:05
"Apocalypse Now" McCain: An Israeli supporter 19:14:24
New World Order. yahoo news 19:12:29
We can win it all... 19:01:36
Proof Ron Paul's Philosophy is not isolationism 19:01:09
Keep the Revolution going.... 18:59:04
Petition for Redress of Grievances - A Legal/Peaceful Way to continue the R3volution! 18:44:40
Obama, Race, and the Two Party System 18:41:23
Breaking - Unfathomable Pentagon Corruption - Another Whistleblower! 18:33:13
Protest the Federal Reserve Bank Ron Paul style. 17:56:20
ABC News Just Broke 17:55:26
(AP) Associated Press Caught In A Lie 17:46:34
One of the Largest Obstacles We Face Getting Ron Paul the Nomination 17:39:49
Q: why on earth did the Constitution allow for the gov't to borrow money? 17:30:55
It is pretty easy to get rid of your GOP County Chairman.. 17:10:41
For frugalists, Dumpster diving is a lifestyle (and sleeping under the star's is romantic) 17:06:12
Reasons for Food Shortages 17:05:27
why did the CIA give the Iranians blueprints to build a bomb? 16:55:50
South Dakota Primary Results Page 16:48:13
New Mexico Primary Results Page 16:44:00
NV Republican Convention to be reconvened without the Party 16:40:29
Bernanke predicts inflation 16:30:01
"How to deal with HomeLand Security Check point" 16:28:07
Conservative Taki's Magazine article on Ron Paul and the R3VOLUTION 16:26:13
The GOP WA State Convention Story That Isn't Being Told 16:25:18
McCain at AIPAC: Drumbeats of War? 16:21:20
NM Primary 16:15:12
Idaho GOP Shenanigans 15:45:39
Tell Me Why *for your listening pleasure* 15:42:53
Upcoming RP Revolution Events & Projects 15:31:12
New Jersey Primary TODAY- JUNE 3rd 15:17:23
How to FAIL to take over your local Republican party 14:54:26
Best/fairest/complimentary article ever written about Ron Paul & supporters in MSM Newspaper!!! 14:31:45
Montana and South Dakota FTW!!!! 14:27:33
Nevada Reconvene Convention - June 28 14:10:26
Presidential Candidate Bob Barr say NO to permanent military bases in Iraq 14:08:50
Hoosier State Convention, defenitely a wake up call!!! 14:06:24
The Cause That Won't Go Away 13:59:28
Keep the Revolution going.... 13:40:41
Wexler: McClellan to testify before House Judiciary Committee 13:28:07
New Project to Commemorate Dr. Paul – Please keep bumped 13:13:31
2012 the internet Dies, & if it dies, so will the Revolution 13:07:50
excellent alex jones show today 12:52:50
Chuck Baldwin - Ron Paul Clone?? 12:51:25
The Impeachment of Bush is Imminent, Just in Time. 12:48:54
Washington, McCain walk-out video + digg! 12:48:02
Why I'm against "Paulites against truthers" 12:47:46
We will be interviewing Chuck Baldwin Presidential candidate Is rescheduled for the week of the 16th 12:37:40
FLDS elder decries 'terrorist acts' in letter to Bush 12:25:56 (tavistock) - Friend of Dr. Paul or foe? Eerie. *MUST READ* 12:22:45
Maybe Ron Paul Was Right 11:47:25
No 4th Amendment rights? 11:43:06
Congressman Ron Paul Talks About Gold, Oil & the Economy (Great Interview from 2006) 11:42:00
PSSSST! - Wanna be neighbors in Paul County? 11:34:39
MICHAEL NYSTROM, PLEASE READ: Flag deleting can and will kill this site. 11:26:05
Operation Education: Status, Results and Vision 10:54:48
NPR & The Brainwashed Public 10:54:44
Watch C-Span this morning on now (10:39am) Market Speculation/ Manipulating of Oil futures 10:46:44
The Whitehouse is PUZZLED! 10:42:52
Facial Recognition Cameras Coming to Your Hometown 10:32:14
Guess what today is? 10:00:26
The video the main stream media doesn't want you to see 09:26:14
The Missing 13th Amendment 09:20:09
Global Warming Senate Bill 09:01:21
General Ricardo Sanchez's Book Slams Bush, Iraq Handling 07:57:20
Non-resistance is Salvation; Resistance is Ruin. 07:52:55
FLDS parents and children begin reunions 07:44:29
+ Patriots Thank you!!! WOW #1306 sigs. - PETITION BOMB! Sign Petition to Impeach Judge Walther Unlawful TX raid + DIGG TOO! 07:27:56
National Call-In Day (Week,month,year) for Impeachment 07:19:03
Where to now for the R3VOLution? 06:36:14
Where to now for the R3VOLution? 05:30:37
City takes land outside borders 05:29:20
Is George Bush A Psychopath? (Great article) 05:27:05
Howard accused of war crimes over Iraq troop deployment 05:20:21
Rats Abandoning a Sinking Ship? -- OZ Pulling Troops Out of Iraq 04:48:17
Brzezinski: Obama supporter accuses Jewish lobby members of McCarthyism 04:47:44
How Cheney Outfoxed His Foes on Iran and EFPs 04:12:15
Dirt on McCain: Post it Here 03:31:38
Very good article on economy 03:16:39
Sowing More Big Government with the Farm Bill by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, M.D. (R-TX) 03:15:41
McC Official: Pres Has Near-Dictatorial Powers 02:50:41
Impeach the Wicked Witch of West Texas: Judge Barbara Walther needs to be fired before she causes more irreparable harm 02:11:33
2012: The Year The Internet End 01:42:20
Guaranteed smile here 01:40:50
Revolution Broadcasting write up on LEW ROCKWELL.COM 01:29:15
Video: LP 2008 debate from C-Span 01:17:33
Ron Paul Supporters who ran to be National (R) Delegates - CO ‘08 01:01:29
Can a republic be prevented from turning into an unrestrained democracy? 00:53:57
BillyDee 00:39:27
Who Will Try George W.Bush FOR MURDER 00:23:16
Prof Steven Jones says Thermite Used At WTC 9/11 00:00:18