Posted on July 10, 2008

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Ron Paul Money Bombs: Not What They Used To Be 21:17:01
Ron Paul talking sense about Iran 23:19:46
Why did I ever take the red pill?? 21:55:24
Add your name to the list: A full-page ad in a major national newspaper announcing a lawsuit and expressing outrage of FISA. 21:17:00
Pelosi says House Judiciary may hold hearings on Kucinich impeachment resolution 16:37:56
Need Help Getting People Interested. 12:30:49
McCain’s ‘Econ Brain’: America Has ‘Become A Nation Of Whiners’; Recession 'Mental' 12:04:08
Bob Barr jumping in the latest Polls - now as high as 10% in some states - check out the Zogby Map 10:05:45
Today Dr. Paul Participates in “Systemic Risk and the Financial Markets” Hearing 09:29:12
The Nation: Impeach Bush Now 09:01:55
Ron Paul on Iran Policy 10:05:46
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Paulson: Financial Institutions Must Be Allowed To Fail 23:08:04
If you would only just realize... 23:07:28
Top News Article!! Expert: Iran 'doctored' photo of missile launches 23:03:36
Ron Paul in House hearing on Iran Policy 22:34:33
Ron Paul in Hearing on Iran Policy 22:33:16
On MSNBC now 9:07 Rove should be thrown in jail for contempt 21:06:29
Rush Limbaugh Is On Welfare!!! 20:48:25
Bohemian Grove starts tomorrow 20:39:22
How to Hijack an Election 20:37:01
Ron Paul Today on IRAN (House Floor) 20:13:11
Non-Barr Supporters WANTED 20:10:42
Today's Perspective 20:02:27
Bush mumbles and stumbles through tough questions 19:40:02
U.S., Israel and Iran: Who is threatening who? 19:33:29
Mortgage problem 19:25:45
The best thing you can do with $186 (NOT spend it) 18:50:25
Anyone have a link to The Systemic Risks Hearing Today? 18:33:41
Video: NH Cop questions RidleyReport for photographing police car 18:31:48
Man sues Bible publisher over a passage related to homosexuals. 18:14:38
Alan Stang to be on the Radio Next week 18:11:23
Economic Melt-down: "Ongoing" 17:48:49
Conyers give Rove 5 days to comply before pursuing 'all available options' 17:44:18
Dr. Paul on CSPAN now 17:28:30
OPEC Warns Against Military Conflict with Iran 17:21:55
what are your states laws on open carry? 17:08:43
The derivatives are starting to unravel. 16:46:53
The Ghost of John Adams is Living in my House!!! 16:42:33
We Got To Get Rid Of Damn Voting Machines! 16:29:29
A waste of time? I think so ... 16:00:01
Would you have signed/ratified the Constitution back in the 1780's? 15:59:06
Checkmate ! 14:58:24
while DailyPauler's were playing 9/11 Truth or Dare, Religion Flame Wars and "RIP" screen names (not Kent Synder)... 14:40:25
Photos of Yesterday's Iranian Missile Launch were Digitally Altered! 14:35:44
Time to bring some Ron Paul truth to Apple fans! 14:33:54
What's Behind the Conflict w/Iran? 14:19:10
Candidate says NO to Government Waste 14:07:36
After DC Rally Party 13:50:38
Pima County, AZ, Transportation Election Was Rigged, According to Affidavit from County Employee 12:59:00
RP Schooling Bernake Live on C-SPAN Radio - Link 12:49:58
Fed chief: Gov't needs more power when firms fail 12:37:10
TSA beats woman - Caught on Tape 12:35:56
This calls for a citizen's arrest! 12:31:10
Remember Nevada! :) 12:13:47
Have you seen that ad for Jim Risch in Idaho? ACT NOW 11:52:50
Another Economic Bearish Analysis 11:50:54
Iran War To Bring NWO ! 11:31:20
Ron Paul on now 11:30 AM EST CNBC 11:31:10
Letter to GOP 10:40:05
Live on CSPAN 3 Now! **** 7/10 10:00 PM Eastern***** 10:28:39
Be carefull not to get hosed at the pump,,,,,,, 10:26:52
you tube video about the all encompassing fed...please watch! 10:04:41
Jesse Jackson takes one for the team, Out Foxes - Fox News!! 09:56:08
Pima County, AZ, Transportation Election Was Rigged, According to Affidavit from County Employee 09:47:28
Senate guts 4th Amendment & pardons lame duck Bush & Co. 09:45:16
Child Protective Services Can Take Your Children Too: New Video on Another Family Abused by CPS in Texas 09:42:37
fort knox 09:33:01
Discussing the Federal Reserve and expanding its powers on C-SPAN 07:54:59
We Are Change Colorado Confronts John McCain / A 61 Year Old Librarian Removed For Trespass *Update* 07:15:51
Buy revolution gear and automatically donate to Campaign for liberty! 03:08:59
GOP senators won't endorse McCain. 02:25:47
Would Competing Currencies be constitutional? 01:18:54
Did Reagan kill the 70's? 01:14:14
Jon Benet Ramsey's family cleared by DNA evidence 01:01:39
Breaking News! What Ben Franklin had to say about FISA 00:44:36
I just unsubscribed 00:39:41
Ron Paul sounds Nuclear Alarm- by Tommy Christopher 00:35:11
A Question About Christian morality 00:18:09
Ron Paul on Iran - YouTube 00:13:34
After Party 3 pm - 8pm Washington Hyatt 00:06:22
Iran propaganda on Glenn Beck 00:01:46
Outrageous and un-American‏ FISA legislation. Add your name to the ACLU complaint letter NOW! 00:01:05