Posted on July 14, 2008

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Ron Paul: Getting Out of Iraq 23:19:28
Observation about the level of enthusiasm surrounding McCain 22:25:38
Why are you here? A letter to the DailyPaul members and readers 22:14:57
MUST SEE THIS! Absolutely Amazing Coverage of the Revolution March 2008! 21:20:49
Jesse Ventura speaks out on two-party system, Libertarians, Ron Paul 16:03:09
Media Ignores Ron Paul March For Liberty 16:03:07
RNC Looking for National Platform Ideas 14:04:33
1,000,000 suspected terrorists and counting...ACLU 13:42:14
McCAIN DOES NOT USE THE INTERNET! (Though he claims he is aware of it.) 11:53:35
~Naomi Wolf 10 Signs of Fascism in America~ 11:06:31
* Countdown: War Crimes Prosecutions Possible * 16:03:08
A True American 10:46:07
Feds Trying to Prevent Bank Run After Indy Mac Collapse 01:44:55
2008 Republican National Convention Announces Online Video Contest 01:41:38
Great Speakers from the Revolution March 07/12/2008 01:44:56
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$17.76 for Dean Santoro and for Liberty in South Florida 23:46:25
Here is why our government doesn't work and what to do about it 23:24:12
THE RON PAUL FREEDOM MARCH By Chuck Baldwin 23:15:00
'Revolution March a Photo Essay" 23:09:51
How Many Bullets Does The Fed Have Left? 23:00:41
McCain websites 22:53:05
Jim Cramer: The Flip-Flop that Ought to be Illegal 22:07:26
Citigroup's $1.1 Trillion of Mysterious Assets Shadows Earnings 22:05:30
How Fascists Plan to Win? 21:58:27
We booed the IRS building and almost tore it down. 21:54:02
What a bank run looks like! PICs 21:42:48
Jdayh, Evan in Alaska needs our help. Can we do a meetup thing like last time with 21:36:22
just in case you have lost your way check out this video, it is long but it is great. 21:33:02
March on Washington 26 parts 20:56:32
A Testament to the sad shape our nation is in. 20:55:13
Dean Santoro on comment. 20:52:59
Great Links for Education and Informing at RLC Site 20:26:13
Getting Out of Iraq~ Some more Texas Straight Talk from Ron Paul 17:17:51
Wikipedia's bias 17:10:39
Guests to Dailypaul, feel free to become member! 17:06:01
Revolution Broadcasting = Tyrannical Police State 16:14:02
Rumsfeld call for new 9/11 on Leaked Tapes 16:06:46
Check this out 15:57:09
Big trouble for US Treasury! 15:54:28
U.S. terrorism watch list tops 1 million 15:41:17
McCain and Obama fight over who is the bigger Warmonger... I say, it's a tie, they both win, and we all lose. 15:38:40
Feds Cite Senator Chuck "Chuck You" Shumer in Collapse of IndyMac 15:37:55
Airport Tyranny 15:35:23
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk-7/14/08 15:26:34
McCain Speaks at "LaRaza" 12:30pm PDT 15:16:29
Reminder - OPERATION ST. PAUL fundraiser tomorrow July 15th!! 14:44:12
Pennsylvania Residents PLEASE HELP!!! PennDot Class-Action Lawsuit 14:42:27
*Possible Other Constituency On The Loose: Former Hillary Supporters* 14:40:22
Who Will Be Lucky #10,000? 14:05:15
~Look At Those 15000 Patriots~ 14:01:37
Fractional reserve rate 13:34:12
Saudi Arabia has agreed to defer payment of $5.1 billion in crude oil to Pakistan 13:27:19
This is what kind of leader the gop supports to lead our nation? 13:09:00
Jesse Ventura speaks out on two-party system, Libertarians, Ron Paul 13:07:12
what do others know that you do not???? 12:22:43
CP party gets ballot access in Illinois 12:20:51
Libertarian not-so lunatic fringe the future of politics - TIME MAGAZINE 11:50:45
new coins- No "In God We Trust" is this true? 11:39:39
Could Someone Explain The Difference Between Congressional Declaration of War and What Happened With Iraq? 11:21:02
Baldwin Supporters = The Lunatic Fringe 10:54:55
Who has some server space? 09:50:46
You might be living in a Police State if: 09:44:52
Bill Moyers, a true and outspoken Patriot for media reform 09:30:10
Freedom Fest 08:46:58
A Message From Our Founding Fathers... SHARE THIS ARTICLE!!! 08:09:30
Highly Controversial cover of the New Yorker of Obama 07:37:53
Afghan Warlords, Formerly Backed By the CIA, Now Turn Their Guns On U.S. Troops 06:43:13
Lack of bank note paper threatens Zimbabwe economy 06:28:02
Asia Times Reveals Bush plans for US AIR STRIKE AGAINST IRAN FOR THIS AUGUST 05:45:54
Pro-Globalization vs. Anti-Globalization 05:35:04
Here it is 05:20:29
My thoughts on my first trip to D.C. emotionally, I was torn in two 05:19:23
What if gold gave a party and everyone came? 05:01:48
Did anyone see that they formed a Mediterranean Union today? It was on my aol homepage and now it is gone 04:57:35
For any of you who are here for entertainment, who haven't decided to get active, or for those of you who have lost focus-this 04:20:22
Flashback: Volcker: U.S. Economic Crisis Imminent 04:01:21
This is Fascinating on So Many Levels: Interview with Margaret Sanger 03:33:08
Chuck Baldwin 03:27:37
Read it... 02:59:52
Fed to halt bailouts????? 02:56:18
Wayne Allen Root = Sociopath, Bob Barr = Little Napoleon, My Days at Freedom Fest 02:43:42
The tools of empire 02:40:46
The Get to know the people in here thread :) 02:25:31
FDIC FUND...What People Need To Know... 02:15:19
To whoever gave me two DVD at the march, thank you. 01:41:56
How Did They Know?? 01:40:15
Fannie Mayhem: A History 01:31:25
Adopt a Meetup list 07/10/08 01:21:26
Times Online: President Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran 00:32:24