Posted on July 15, 2008

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How to Pay for the Sept 2nd Rally? 13:28:41
Ron Paul 2008!!! 22:44:27
Bernanke vs. Ron Paul – Live - Wed July 16, 10AM EDT 22:40:17
Yep, That's Ron Paul with a Megaphone in a Bar 14:15:10
Ventura: U.S. Government Out To Destroy Middle Class 13:28:39
Kucinich May Get Hearing On Impeachment Resolution 12:24:21
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McCain supporters UNITE!! LOL DIGG IT!!! (An oldie but goodie!) 23:50:19
People are waking up.... 23:48:02
Undecided voters up to 14 PERCENT!!!!!! 23:41:25
Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle LIVE today July 16th at 8pm central time 9pm eastern 23:35:56
Will someone please make a video (Ventura) 23:30:38
IOUSA coming to a theater near you. Costarring Ron Paul. 23:26:57
Ron Paul scaring the britches off everybody in the House ~ 23:21:02
DR. Housing bubble... 23:10:48
I got into an Obama fist fight :( 23:08:35
They called in my Car Loan! 22:59:32
Chuck Baldwin on the IRS, Federal Reserve, War in Iraq, and New World Order 22:52:21
Dr. Ron Paul on the PATRIOT ACT 22:35:45
Fail to act and this could be you!!!!! 22:35:11
Chuck Baldwin on the PATRIOT ACT 22:31:08
Baldwin Sarcastically Rebukes the GOP for Rejecting Ron Paul 22:21:24
Chuck Baldwin Endorsing Ron Paul to other Christian Pastors 22:14:50
Why are cops such pricks?- Here's one answer 22:09:31
Ghosts From The Past: Fireside Chat Number One 22:06:00
Blowback Theory 22:04:19
The Federal reserve - enemy #1 21:50:39
Jim Rogers Horrifies the Liars by Telling the Truth: WE are in 5 TRILLIONS DEBT IN ONE WEEK 21:47:10
"The War Is Over"... Originally published 04/30/2003... REAL SATIRE [PIC] 21:42:09
Peter Schiff on Fox Business 07/13/08: Bailout Equals Dollar Destruction 21:33:26
**Shelter from the Storm!** 21:25:41
Sen. Jim Bunning Fixated on Fed Messes 21:21:03
Thought-Provoking Piece on Illegal Immigration from Vin Suprynowicz 20:45:28
La here come the Grannys 20:43:46
Power Baby! = FreedomSlate08: Make a Ron Paul Congress! 20:06:54
Mystery Billionaire? 19:59:56
~Liberty for All Living Beings?~ 19:32:48
Go TO CSPAN 2 NOW!!! 19:14:34
US Treasury may have just days to act 19:12:09
How do I get mp3 downloads of march speeches at Revolution Broadcasting ...or ANYWHERE _ please help 18:49:55
The Great American Walk for Freedom: Takin' the Campaign for Liberty to the Street! 18:20:09
Junior Minning Etf's or mutual funds? 18:10:08
Bugliosi On Morning Joe ? Why would they allow that ? 18:03:36
Newcomer Cady Leads the Pack with Small Money Donations 18:01:47
Saudis give the Pakistanis 5.1 billion of free oil...WTF? 18:01:18
Proposed Articles of Impeachment of the President being voted on now in US House 6:30pm on Cspan! 18:00:25
USPS throwing away mass mailings in the Dumpster? 17:43:31
The Darkside of the Looking Glass 17:29:43
Cool and patriotic stirring video. Check it! 17:28:42 Has a New Website!! 17:11:54
Something Happening at WAMU! And More! 16:58:11
Question about the dollar crash and the "new money" 16:43:39
The Final Push For Truth: Make This Happen! 16:40:09
European Union is growing into the Mediterranean Union (and once on the African Continent) 16:32:24
Jim Rogers : Let the Fannie and Freddie go bankrupt 16:28:08
Bush's Banned Interview 16:21:35
Scientist discover "Violence or Hoodlum" gene......Let's take a guess at what is coming next. 16:18:15
Belgian government collapses ? 16:09:11
The Ron Paul Freedom March, by Chuck Baldwin 15:57:22
~Alex Jones Predicted 9/11~ 15:47:41
Logical Fallacy 15:14:26
MUST SEE video! 14:44:50
~Ron Paul VP for Obama~ 14:35:34
Deposits are Insured by the Government up to $100,000, but Where is the Government Going to Get Their Money from? 14:25:20
**MUST SEE VIDEO**: Ron Paul July 11th!! I was there! 14:10:40
American Empire 14:00:55
Great global-warming parody video! Send this to lefties 13:30:36
Jim Rogers on CNBC: embarrasses interviewers re: Fannie + Freddie 13:28:07
Where to buy gold?? 13:17:41
Steven Colbert's Green Screen Challenge! 13:03:40
Don Harold... Abolish the Fed. 13:02:26
UPDATED - Gold & Silver Government SMACKDOWN! Don't worry... 12:55:25
Senator Bunning (R) must agree w/ Paul on Fed 12:50:34
Doomsday weapon being promoted all over news 12:32:22
~Ventura Says Neo-Cons May Stage Terror To Stay In Power~ 12:25:21
Dow in 10,000 territory holy hell! 12:24:36
News From the "It's About Time" Department 12:21:59
This why the USA is in trouble!!!! 12:07:58
Jim Rogers on Freddie and Fannie 11:36:32
Sen. Jim Bunning on CNBC - Bernanke Q&A session 11:17:42
3 ring FINANCIAL CIRCUS! 10:58:07
Bob Barr spreads the message of freedom that Ron Paul began 09:45:36
Dr. Mercola For Prez 09:43:27
Obama's Civilian National Security Force. That's a Huge Change. 09:37:51
Bob Barr Media Yesterday 09:19:44
High Noon in Dodge City 08:50:49
Rights vs. Civil Liberties 07:58:23
FISA bill - Response from my Senator 07:06:38
Jim Rogers covers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 06:52:29
Jdayh, I am in the heart of it all, Ohio. I said I was going to sleep but my beer was still full 05:26:34
Thanks daughter4liberty I saw it. I have to go to sleep now or I will die tomorrow, by the way what is your major in 05:06:12
Very important articles are being posted on Rense 04:47:59
Its gonna take time, a whole lot of precious time 04:20:23
We don't have four more years, it is coming fast, over the next four years the coffin will be nailed shut 04:17:01
Bush Gave Taliban $43M 03:11:22
We Have Financial, not Economic, Problems- a contrarian view 02:34:18
When Human Rights Extend to Nonhumans - Interesting article form the New York Times 01:58:19
The importance of precient captains 01:57:16
Sue the fed eminent domain 01:52:47
SIPC Annual Report Shows Less Than $3.5b To Pay Claims At End Of 2006 01:45:13
Banks Going Down 01:40:49
7.15.08: Video of Ventura on Alex Jones today 01:16:38
Congress Grasping At Straws 01:15:35
What happened to the CFL group over at 01:02:41
Obama's Plan for Iraq: Kill more Afghanis 00:46:05
Shock, Denial, frustration , ANGER 00:35:58
Video from Munich rally!! DIGG for our German friends!!! 00:01:33