Posted on July 16, 2008

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Ron Paul on Kudlow & Co. 21:27:32
Ron Paul on Fox Business News 19:30:06
Guess what I had for lunch today 14:55:25
Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke 12:07:03
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Kucinich had a LOT to say about secret meeting of the House 23:58:06
Secret Congressional Meeting 23:42:59
Ron Paul gets a mention on Colbert tonight 23:37:22
What Ron Paul saw Saturday! Awesome picture. 23:36:12
Help send PA delegates to Minneapolis! 23:27:47
IOUSA - What's the story? 23:27:25
US plans to station diplomats in Iran for first time since 1979 23:17:24
I really enjoy clips from site....hope you will too 23:15:07
I am gonna hit it early tonight,, if you haven't checked it out please do so 22:49:25
Ron Paul Demands That the Creation/Evolution Arguments Cease--They are Diminishing Our Efforts 22:46:12
Gaddafi calls Obama a "Brother Muslim " but chastises him 22:42:36
Did Anyone Else receive a "propaganda" E-mail from the GOP today? 22:08:39
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: Investors Flee 21:59:59
Gas Lines Coming This Fall 21:50:11
Why are we trying? To save a bunch of ignorant idiots? 21:38:21
US Banking Crisis Goes from Bad to Worse 21:29:58
Greatest Pieces of Creation Evidence 21:25:57
90% say Bush is Worse Than Nixon [POLL} Now.. Can We Impeach?? 21:08:29
Where is that "Best Picture" for March???? 21:01:24
Watch Argentina's Economic Collapse... 20:48:56
Fresh from Europe. All Italian citizens to be fingerprinted starting 2010 !!! 20:21:04
Make your opinion count!!!!!!! 19:41:09
Topic on Lou Dobbs tonight, Voter fraud.... 19:31:10
Chavez, Correa, Ortega kick off ambitious oil project 17:58:33
Media Ignores Ron Paul March For Liberty 17:58:10
McCain aides spar with press before interview 17:57:38
Campaign for Liberty Update 17:18:37
Funny Video from JibJab 17:08:11
Dr. Paul on TV tonight!! 16:56:05
Good article to send to lefties: Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Adviser Picks Tell Us All We Need To Know About Him 16:54:47
Retirement cash put to work! 16:53:17
Bankers Bullsh*t & Bullion 16:48:59
Obama: Teachers More Important Than PARENTS 15:34:24
The Report from Iron Mountain 15:24:37
"Mc.Cain and Obama is campaignin" 15:17:22
What the house of reps "secret meeting" was about 15:15:03
More TV coverage of Ron Paul today 7/16 15:13:12
The Greatest Crime In History 15:12:26
Rep. John Conyers being Spitzerized,,,,wife caught up in alledged bribery scandal 14:40:51
Homeland Security wants License plate readers in Virginia 14:34:42
Saudis offer Moscow billions to break with Tehran 14:29:18
~Saturday/Sunday August 2/3 InfoSpam Weekend Bomb For Liberty~ 14:25:51
70,000 Gulf War Deaths (OURS) They Are Lying To Us As Usual!!! 14:24:50
Hors sujet: The state of the economy 14:24:26
eerie parallel 14:09:10
What A Week it Was - Granny N/L Update - 7/16/08 13:57:46
John McCain - Lost In Space 13:13:37
Awesome new Jib Jab video.... makes fun of pretty much everyone we don't like... 12:52:57
~Intelligent Spam For Liberty~ 12:46:52
So where is my million bucks ? 12:43:31
This Could Be America!!! 12:27:27
Media Bias Article 12:21:28
Financial Collapse Edges Closer 12:00:53
I need a ride to the Revolution National Convention Sept 2. 11:44:35
How about "Educate Bankers" 11:38:52
Why the Hell is Tucker Carlson invited to speak at the Minnesota Rally? 11:15:34
Bus Trip to Minnesota for Campaign For Liberty, NEW INFORMATION 11:01:33
Which congressman could Forex be talking about? 10:28:48
CNBC ignores RP opening statement to Bernanke 10:27:32
New tools 10:20:22
Leave it to the Onion to make me smile 10:18:27
Can anyone help me? 10:10:42
Getting ready to put out a new Ron Paul Campaign sign! 09:46:10
~Have Dinner With Ron Paul~ 09:41:10
Minnesota police planning on determining your "real rights: 09:31:28
Recession Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble to Invest In 09:21:59
Fannie-Freddie lifeline puts taxpayers on the hook 09:07:15
Any news on Redress of Grievances issues? 08:50:10
Using One Tragedy to Create Another 08:41:47
Inflation 5% For June 08:32:11
Notice How little coverage Iraq gets 08:05:46
What is a Wonkette, and why would someone call themselves that? 05:04:30
March in Washington hits DIGG'S FRONT PAGE at 1111!!! 04:42:28
The Dark Side by Jane Mayer 04:30:53
Because it worked so well the first time... 04:09:16
Tell me you have awakened, and then tell me 02:59:48
Campaign for Liberty Flag 02:51:08
I am not what you might call a truther, but I welcome all ideas, I will say while in D.C. I was on a hilltop across from the Pen 02:49:07
When I was in the Marine Corps we used to go on hikes(we called them humps) 02:38:22
Strongest and Weakest Banks and Thrifts 02:29:48
Bob Barr Polling at 5% in South Carolina 02:17:15
Lines of P*SSED OFF people at bank trying to get their money (GREAT video) 01:34:55
Chuck Baldwin tells Alex Jones "It's Time to Take A Stand" 01:04:05
Federal Court: Bush can indefinitely detain civilians 01:01:46
McKinney, Clemente, short Opening speech before Nomination 01:00:34
Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor 00:59:10
Digg BJ Lawson to join Ron Paul in House 00:47:07