Posted on July 17, 2008

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The Latest from Jib Jab 21:57:12
New Movie: I.O.U.S.A. (featuring Ron Paul) to hit theaters --Trailer [Video] 21:07:43
Obama to establish "National Civilian Security Force" 21:01:17
I received a gift from John McCain today 20:24:14
Ron Paul on Bernanke's testimony and the Federal Reserve 14:34:22
Ron Paul Interview on Kentucky Education TV (KET) 13:01:35
Kucinich: "In a free nation, nothing is more important than the truth." 11:52:22
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 10:53:05
MP3 | Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 08:32:31
Suddenly Everyone Agrees With Ron Paul! 01:16:54
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"How You Ended The War"-(video) 23:58:17
Alan Stang - "Restore Medical Freedom" 23:47:30
Is this the division Ron was talking about? 23:39:22
Dictators thrive by creating false controversy 23:35:32
Obomb'a Iraq Documentary, on CNN today 23:31:23
Downsizer-Dispatch for Thursday, July 17th. 22:57:50
Your Vote In November Does Not Count! 22:49:14
Are you kidding me??!! Only 70,000 people on the FREE Campaign for Liberty!! 22:30:11
Denver homeless to disappear during Democrat Convention 22:21:02
The Obama Iraq Documentary 22:19:31
Atta Girl! (LOL- Priceless) 21:33:28
War Resister Robin Long deported from Canada 21:27:15
McCain Gets Social Security Benefits 21:24:18
Impeach Nancy Pelosi! Please Sign Petition 21:15:04
Dr. Paul: Cleanse the system! Part 1 of 2 21:07:06
So Much For Gun Rights: Registration Denied; Taking Possession of Arms 20:17:43
Britt Combs: Of fools and their money 20:06:03
Fascism: Socialism with Shareholders 19:57:15
Hard to believe: 47 days to the Convention 19:26:40
Pelosi calls Bush "a total failure"!!! 19:23:22
State Police & Guard - Coming to Your Neighborhood? 19:06:33
Bankers BullShi* and Bullion....Fleecing of America 19:01:41
NotOverYet pleast stop the personal insults! 18:56:06
Ernie Hancock speech at the March: "We Know the Truth" 18:37:13
Trump says: 18:30:20
What about Iran and the Neo-Con agenda 18:26:37
Ron Paul defends the Dollar vs. Ben Bernanke 18:22:15
Pro Barr website ranks Chuck Baldwin Neck to Neck with Barr on Liberty issues 18:22:00
GM to end Health Insurance for retirees... Look Out Below! 18:18:58
Bush Continues to Avoid Justice 18:18:22
Peter Schiff 18:17:48
ShagyWasHere. Why do you make disgusting lies about Chuck Baldwin? like lies on drugs and women 18:15:34
Chuck Baldwin talks about medical marijuana to the Pensacola Ron Paul meetup 18:11:22
Illusion of Reality 17:58:34
Ron Paul defends the Dollar vs. Ben Bernanke 17:58:32
The LIES are flying in Nevada! 17:57:39
~Democrats Say Ron Paul VP~ 17:49:29
Illinois Governor considering National Guard to handle Chicago south side violence 17:47:56
Remember this man..Lee Iacocca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17:38:41
NV GOP Convention Update 17:34:43
Something BIG is happening! 17:33:45
Baldwin anti-gambling, anti-military women, pro-drug war? 17:24:28
THE FINANCIAL TSUNAMI - The next big wave is breaking 17:22:36
~Napalm John McCain Mr.Mass Murder~ 17:14:35
Video of The March 17:09:37
Birth Certificate questions 16:58:21
Gore Serenades Obama, McCain and.... Barr? 16:49:57
Do you have the RNC rules? 16:45:40
Heroes of the Week... It's up to you! Please participate! 16:05:10
RON PAUL...Great President or Greatest President? 15:58:07
John McCain is Too Old and Brain-dead 15:48:20
Warm Fuzzies vs. Furthuring our cause: Why you should NOT write in Paul. 15:24:26
Harry Browne supported so-called "illegal" immigration 14:57:29
Obama Calls For National Civilian Stasi 14:52:46
Baldwin On WHO Radio: Mike Deace Show? 14:43:21
The Wall Street Journal Senses That Something Is Wrong 14:31:22
New Forum for serious Patriots 14:28:25
Does your yahoo email also censor any Ron Paul related email? 14:19:45
HEADS UP! PSA, please pass along far & wide 14:17:12
Ok Ok You may hate him..but WATCH THIS!! 14:15:50
Copy of Letter by Tom Mullen- Read at the March in DC! 14:11:28
Bet: How much will Chris Peden Spend in 2010 to unseat Ron Paul? 14:04:09
“Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.” – Thomas Jefferson 13:57:59
~Breaking News McCain Drops Out!!!~ 13:50:06
Adam Kokesh Assaulted by Undercover FBI Agent & MPD Officers 13:49:09
Ron Paul National Grassroots Conference Call Tonight!! 13:29:32
60% of Conservatives Polled Won't Vote McCain 13:05:58
your vote in november does not matter 12:45:36
Operation Daily Paul... looking for a new host or two 12:39:07
Want to laugh today? Adult language..... 12:37:11
AIPAC - The Israel Lobby 12:16:03
Running for Office is Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll, but with an Eventual Winner 12:14:41
Barack Hussein Obama Cult song. totally awsome 12:10:06
Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over' (The Onion, Jan 2001) 12:02:01
Web of Debt Website and Book--great source on banking system 11:48:55
Web of Debt Website and Book--great source on banking system 11:48:33
Front Page of Wired - Paul Supporters Flood GOP Site With Libertarian Advice 11:46:17
We can look at other candidates after the National Election, let's support our delegates to the end 11:32:42
ABC News Article: Paul vs. Bernanke on Value of the Dollar 11:20:08
Gold is fiat money too 11:17:27
Baldwin on campaign trail 11:13:39
Birds eye view of beginning of march! 10:50:02
US loses about $100 billion annually in offshore tax evasion; 19,000 Americans have undeclared UBS offshore accounts 10:39:26
GOP asks net for advice..RP supporters respond 10:32:52
Sovereign funds cut exposure to weak dollar - Here Comes the Free Fall 09:08:41
Impeachment: On the Table But Not for Consumption 09:06:40
My Barack Hussein Obama ad 08:05:20
B. Hussein Obama & McLame Campaigns have deep ties to mortgage giants Fannie & Freddie 07:59:56
Disturbing interview with a soldier on the street 07:34:42
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 7/16/08 07:28:07
Ron Paul article gets 1500 Diggs but never makes it to front page of Digg 07:18:20
Ron Paul supporters mourn death of gay campaign chair With no health insurance, Snyder leaves $400K in hospital bills 06:34:52
Jdayh, I need your help!!!! 05:12:59
"How Does Liberty Cease to Exist?" Watch and Digg 05:05:25
Is any-body there??? 04:57:41
Revolution Broadcasting and Break the matrix. Can they make a difference? Help me write ideas 04:39:35
Americans are idiots? Should we give up? 04:25:52
If we could get... 03:30:29
Good Night - Listen to Something Beautiful 03:06:43
An American Pastime: Smoking Pot 03:01:11
Filling the void... 02:50:29
Conservatives Deeply Depressed Over McCain Campaign 02:49:42
The Unstoppable Cynthia McKinney Is Back As Green Party Presidential Nominee 02:47:29
History of Oil in the Middle East from WWI to the Present: Iran Eliminates the U.S. Petrodollar 02:46:14
OUR God-given Rights!!! Ron Paul is the Only True Man for the JOB!! 02:34:36
Town hall meeting vs. March on Washington 00:43:19
BUY GOLD by THE GRAM 00:18:47
Ron Paul was also on Glen Beck Tonight.... did anyone else see it? 00:17:59
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Video 00:06:45