Posted on July 18, 2008

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Analogy to understanding how the globalist agenda presses on 19:26:05
Ron Paul's Ally in the Senate: Jim Bunning, R-KY 19:26:02
Shocking pictures have come to light revealing the extent.War Crimes- New York Times - Bush Administration Guilty of War Crimes 19:26:06
did i just get censored on the daily paul!!!!!!!! 11:24:49
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Recession or Depression 23:48:40
It's for Your Saftey ! 23:38:12
We The People Petition news 22:46:49
Direct Quote from Karl Rove 22:31:34
We Are A Nation of Whiners-NOT 22:27:22
Is the lump getting larger? 22:10:31
Larry Kind Live UFO truths tonight 21:14:49
Nevada Delegate invited to teach NVGOP about the NAU, NAFTA, and the SPP. 20:30:24
MLK and Ghandi did not have the internet yet they won!~ 19:54:04
Any news on We the people congress' 19:47:31
Endless Wars -- Here is the solution 19:43:45
Update on The Petitions of Grievance and a Lawsuit in MO against Skelton 19:31:26
Ron Paul= Honesty= Consistency (This video is from 1988) 19:19:49
4 Cleared in Madrid Train Bombing 18:54:06
Americans die in Iraq from 'electrocution,' shocks reported by troops 'almost daily' 18:53:40
The seven graphs that dispel alarmist claims about climate change 18:39:38
Imprisonment By Executive Order 18:29:18
Massive Facebook fraud scare as website accidentally publishes dates of birth of millions of users 18:26:53
30,000 in 45 days 18:10:31
Jone's Soda campaign in news article - Ron Paul mentioned 17:43:23
I will step into the drama with you for one second 17:42:59
More Diebold fraud suspected 17:08:26
Caught on tape: NH cops question Ridley Report 16:56:14
Big Gov 16:44:06
Ron Paul: “Some Big Events Are About To Occur” 16:39:57
Would Barr accept VP if Paul ran on the L ticket. By Rhino. 16:20:13
PLEASE DIGG!! I hate Rove, Neo-cons, and Diebold! 15:34:28
~Breaking News Ron Paul To Run On A Third Party Ticket~ 15:29:10
Online Browser Based MMO for the Revolution 15:23:54
~McCain is a Dead Horse~ 14:58:21
McCain alerts Iraqis to Obama's trip to Baghdad 14:57:23
Send This To Everyone! Ron Paul: “Some Big Events Are About To Occur” 14:28:54
BREAKING NEWS! GOP Whistleblower Naming Names: 14:28:27
I AM AN AMERICAN! 14:13:38
GOP Needs Platform Help 14:08:48
Some People do not comprehend what they read? 13:35:45
Granny Warriors Forum is Up!! 13:25:56
Question to Those Who Say the GOP is Done... 13:25:25
Why Ron Paul does not want morality legislated 13:16:20
freddie and fannie bailout yet another reason we need RON PAUL 13:15:04
Help for Delegates -- What Should We Do? 13:14:26
Voters not registered/Voters who didn't vote locally 13:05:56
Commodity backed currency 12:59:56
McDumb As Bush 12:50:45
Not Above the Law! Send Karl Rove to Jail 12:39:49
~McDumb As Bush~ 12:21:28
The reason America needs to be the freedom beacon! 12:17:46
More homeschooling and Internet-based education can help solve energy problems 11:54:15
Propaganda: Obama vs Mccain on taxes, see my answer: was it appropriate? 11:48:34
Maryland 11:27:50
GOP cancels state convention; panel to pick Nevada national delegates 11:20:40
The Federal Deserve 10:52:38
Article V effort! 10:27:14
Yousef al Otaiba, has reassured American officials that its purchase of Citibank will not be used to exert political pressure on 10:18:19
Ron Paul: "Some Big Events Are About To Occur" 10:15:56
On Yahoo Frontpage McCains supporters only 9% enthusiatic 09:20:14
ron paul speaks the truth 08:42:53
Introduction to a Free and Ethical Society 07:55:05
i saw my first mccain sticker today.. 07:49:13
Proof: USA Global Police Force 07:19:07
I changed my mind about Ron Paul. Dont hang me. read first 05:50:16
emailing congressmen/senators 05:18:37
New Batman Movie Promotes FISA 05:05:36
Should we do a "Buy a six pack of RP Jones Cola Bomb" 04:50:18
Obama Calls For National Civilian Stasi 03:45:43
Where Does Your Allegiance Lie: With the Constitution, or the Bible? 03:29:17
Senator Feinstein on why she voted for FISA 02:29:43
YouTube - Ron Paul interview on KET 7/16/08 01:35:22
YouTube - Ron Paul interview on KET 7/16 01:34:37
Nevada GOP won’t reconvene convention 01:03:29
UPDATE: Merrill Lynch Posts $4.7 Billion Loss As Write-Downs Climb 01:02:54
Cynthia McKinney has a few questions 00:24:51
Fed's Raid WACHOVIA? hahahahaaa 00:15:58
Stop the Insanity: Time to boycott the DVD website in response to spamming, sleazy tactics 00:11:28
A video about the truth of iraq 00:10:07