Posted on July 22, 2008

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Grassroots Agenda-What should we do for the next month? 23:44:49
Flashback: Ron Paul Educates John McCain 16:18:18
Boston Globe: Paul Announces Counter-Rally 13:18:03
Ron Paul: Faith-Based Currency 10:56:55
The Federal reserve for dummies explained by NY Times best selling author Dr. Thomas E. Woods and Professor Joseph Salerno 10:34:04
Ron Paul Announcement on the Rally for the Republic 09:32:41
Ron Paul Writing a New Book! The Revolution: A Memoir 13:18:04
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Ron Paul : To The Crazy Ones 23:22:25
Did You Hear That Sound?! That Was The GOP Establishment Taking A Giant Collective ... 23:18:59
Huge Blow to Chuck Baldwin and the CP - They Lose California Ballot Access 23:09:20
Just got this email Paul's plane made emergency landing! 23:01:51
Ron Paul Plane Makes Emergency Landing 22:38:30
Just a nice video. 22:25:15
Little Known Information About WTC 22:01:36
Another bet 21:46:51
F.P.!! Ron Paul and John McCain Supporters Unite and Sue NV GOP 21:09:57
Nine Reasons to Investigate War Crimes Now 21:07:11
Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey says, " September, they're not going to be focused on Ron Paul" 20:40:24
Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle LIVE today July 22nd at 8pm central time 9pm eastern 20:39:48
GOP needs volunteers for convention 20:27:31
McCain gaffes keep piling up 20:13:51
The Energy Non-Crisis 20:11:47
Peter Schiff Mortgage Bankers Speech 20:00:39
Thanks to you, impeachment will be heard Friday 19:32:10
RP SHOULD PUBLISH an article about the assination of others who have spoken out! 19:26:29
Question for Ron Paul Supporters On The DP 19:20:58
8500 US banks.... many will soon die! 19:08:21
*sigh of releif* Dr Paul is OKAY...but 19:07:53
Emergency landing of the Jet transporting Dr. Paul 19:07:45
Bob Conley candidtae for Senate in SC on revolutiob brodacasting now. 19:07:27
MUST READ!! Campaign for Liberty just off phone with Ron Paul regarding the Emergency FLIGHT Landing 19:07:15
Letter From Ron 18:54:17
DIGG NOW~ Plane carrying Ron Paul avoids Crash ~DIGG NOW 18:44:25
Federal Reserve controls US policy? 18:24:17
Death 18:22:05
Relieve some stress,,,Christian the Lion, Uplifting video 18:17:45
Is Break the Matrix pushing Bob Barr? 18:06:07
hahah, we all heard about the plane thing, and now there are like 7 threads.... 18:03:26
~Senator Paul Wellstone Like Plot To Murder Ron Paul Today?~ 18:01:58
CNN: Flight carrying members of Congress, including Ron Paul, makes emergency landing. 18:01:47
New Message from RON PAUL!! << 17:58:57
Ron Paul shouldnt take an airplane again or maybe we should get him an airplane and a pilot 17:55:25
Chuck Baldwin money bomb august 17th 2008 : Ron Paul states Chuck Baldwin is veryvery close to mine - worked hard on my campaign 17:45:17
Libertarian Senate Candidate: "Bomb Those Camel-Dung Shovelers" 17:43:32
Plane carrying 3 congressmen (including RP) nosedives 17:42:22
Ron Paul Event Grows Too Large-AOL News 17:37:12
Dr. Paul's Birthday 17:34:10
Obama interviews in Iraq and Afghanistan FAKED ! 17:32:45
Perfect Timing 17:13:19
New Thread. Post all informative youtube/docu/video clips here. 17:12:51
Dr. James Dobson to support McCain? 16:54:51
The Banks Are Broken 16:39:05
Dr. Paul on KFI Los Angeles 16:33:51
~What Do We Want?Liberty!When Do We Want It?Now!~ 16:26:20
Dr. Paul on Bernanke’s Testimony 16:23:36
Going to St. Paul! PLEASE HELP... 16:22:20
Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post Publishes McCain’s Rejected, Error-Filled Op-Ed 16:19:06
Can anyone confirm this? --Mountain House out of food-- 15:56:43
Volunteer tells McCain to get new staff 15:48:34
Letter to national GOP 15:42:50
Free Wi-Fi and the Rally for the Republic 15:33:16
Just 1 reporter greeted McCain, as he limped off the plane last night 15:25:12
Revolution march zero media. September Convention everyone reports it. Who finds this funny 15:01:26
I will not be donating to anything that is not checked out by the CFL 14:57:57
Debate on short selling and the SEC. 14:35:17
Should IQ Tests be MANDATORY for politicians and government service? 14:31:52
My Letter to the Neo-Cons at 14:16:24
Blowback Vid. 14:10:00
Dennis Kucinich on YOUTUBE 14:04:46
Thanks to you, impeachment will be heard Friday 14:03:51
StarTribune: Ron Paul's rebellion to run three days during GOP conclave 13:43:00
Today's Article on the NV Suit from the Reno Gazette Journal 13:38:50
Ron Paul drawing on ebay to help me pay for sept. 2nd trip. 13:38:14
McCain's Campaign Slogan 13:24:48
ABC News: Ron Paul Gets Bigger Soapbox for Shadow Convention 13:21:21
Media already covering Rally for the Republic--unlike DC March 13:14:35
Internal U.S. Checkpoints 13:09:50
DEATH of the Internet....starts with CANADA!! Ouch! 13:05:30
Yet Another Evasive lying politician - look at the arrogance 12:55:18
AWESOME New TV Show - Live with Miss Green! 12:49:12
MSNBC: "Young Republicans feeling blue about prospects ahead" 12:00:42
DIGG!!..RALLY FOR THE REPUBLIC - ticket bomb 11:54:39
Let's step it up! 11:53:18
**Ron Paul Interview in L.A.Talk Radio: Bill Handel Show @ KFIAM640 7/23/08 8AM 11:45:26
Who knows what happened on 9/11? 11:44:02
Letter from Ron Paul 7-22-08 11:06:20
John D. ROCKEFELLER was a great man 11:02:18
First Trial of "Terrorists" 10:57:12
Gov't Rescue of Fannie Mae costs taxpayers $25 Billion 10:49:42
Chuck Baldwin on Freedom of Religion 10:32:14
James Dobson exposed by the Southern Avenger 10:19:16
Who pays the taxes 10:19:16
Should we buy tickets for Delegates??? (Rally) 09:55:31
Welcome back to the Daily Paul BillyDee. I really missed you. Not 09:54:53
Ron Paul "alleges" the Gulf of Tonkin attack was a False Flag incident 09:47:44
Hope We Can Believe In! 09:41:00
Out right disgusting 09:38:21
'Justifying' Torture: Two Big Lies 09:33:18
WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is against Neo-conservativism. 08:57:08
Ron Paul, 07/21/08, Faith based currency 08:55:54
BBC reports building 7 collapse 23 minutes before it happens. wth? 08:44:32
Today, 07/22/08, letter from Ron Paul, BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS 08:40:18
Death of Free Internet is Imminent 08:21:01
Why Are Tens of Thousands of Plastic “Burial Vaults” Stacked in a Field Near Madison, Georgia? 07:45:23
Republican State Delegate Suit Against State Republican Party Moves Forward 07:28:41
Sept. 2 Mini-Convention in Minn too big--moving to Target Center 07:22:00
We know Ron Paul, and Bob Barr is no Ron Paul 07:18:28
Congressman Ron Paul on *A Foreign Policy of Freedom* 06:30:15
Obama campaign claims suspect "birth certificate" as genuine item 06:24:54
Downsizer-Dispatch (July 22, 2008). 04:25:44
Baldwin is not close to Ron Paul or most americans 04:20:43
Homage to Peter Schiff's Dad - Freedom Fighter 03:26:54
Michael there are spots for advertisement in Lew Rockwell's new podcasts 02:24:05
Cindy Sheehan Praises Ron Paul - Calls out O"bomb"a watch video 02:14:47
Horrible News: NeoCon Alan Keyes attempts to Sabotage the California Constitution Party 01:38:46
New: LRC's daily podcasts 01:38:23
Lew Rockwell launches daily podcast. Awsome 01:36:01
more info on 9-11 01:24:56
"How You Ended The War" .... (u-tube video) 00:57:41
FOR PRESS RELEASE:10,000+ Republican Supporters Sign Pledge to Not Vote for McCain 00:34:36
National Ron Paul (Alternate) Delegates from Texas need a helping hand! 00:31:46
Count them (DVD posts and number) 00:22:30
Need ID in order to redeem silver or gold? 00:16:18
My Last thread about "Freedom Fighter" Bob Barr 00:03:37