Posted on July 24, 2008

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House Judiciary Committee Impeachment News 19:45:14
Ron Paul on Alex Jones 19:45:10
Ron Paul Discusses Housing Bailout on Fox News 07/23/2008 19:04:01
We Have Only Begun To Fight . . . 19:45:15
Oh Canada! Oh Amero! Idea started in 1999 16:56:57
Implications of a Weaker Dollar for Oil Prices and the U.S.Economy: Live Streaming Link 13:56:59
Ron Paul on the "Mother of all Bailouts" 13:14:57
It seems that John Conyers is trying to kill the impeachment hearing of Bush 10:56:14
Commedian Lewis Black: End of the Empire Sale! Everything Must Go! 10:24:29
This town prints it's own money-Ithaca NY 02:34:51
Collins Bailey Receives Ron Paul Endorsement 00:17:44
ATTENTION relovetionaries St. Paul NEEDS Your Ron Paul Signs.. 19:13:14
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Alternative News: The Real News Network 23:58:05
Kucinich to Investigate Police Surveillance of Peace Groups 23:49:59
You better hurry and stock up before the feds beat to you to it ? read this ! 23:31:47
Excellent video with MLK, Ron Paul, Reagan, Goldwater, Kennedy, Barr etc WATCH IT 22:44:11
9/11 was an outside job?? 22:35:42
Impeach today! Let's celebrate :) 22:27:15
What To Do? What To Do? 22:18:59
I got your hope right here.... 22:04:11
JFK & Executive Order 11110 21:52:26
Celebrate! 21:46:47
The American Economy is in Deep Trouble and the American People are being sold out 21:41:11
Bumper Stickers 20:45:46
Bush - "Wall Street Got Drunk" 20:06:33
~John McCain Will Not Be Nominated~ 19:59:39
~Letter From A Ron Paul Supporter Slaps McCain~ 19:48:01
"The Time for Liberty" youtube video 19:34:01
~Re-Elect George Bush The Man?~ 19:27:31
Willie Nelson Benefit for 9/11 Truth 18:57:38
Ticket Bomb for the Rally for the Republic 18:54:18
***###DIGG and SIGN ####- Sign the Declaration of Dependence 18:44:06
DIGG THIS!!!! **Top 10 Things Napoleon Dynamite Has To Say About America & the Constitution!!! 18:23:29
♠ HOT RIGHT NOW DIGG!!!...A Glimmer of Hope 18:08:29
Power of the Chinese Credit card 17:53:19
$%* ALL Credit Card Transactions To Be Reported to IRS! Must DIGG! 17:35:31
Obama promises to 'remake the world' via the NEW WORLD ORDER 17:31:24
~Rally For The Republic Tickets~ 17:24:31
Can You Believe This...? 17:16:55
***Anyone know where to find a Hotel in St. Paul?*** 16:56:26
Age of Consent 16:44:33
Revolution broadcasting now WRBNFM.COM home based in NM 16:42:58
What woke you up? 16:33:06
A Time for Liberty 16:31:11
The Daily Paul hits Freeople - Please Join!!! 16:25:30
~Police Supporting Ron Paul!~ 16:23:08
Podcast: Lew Rockwell and Thomas Woods discuss the Constitution and its flaws 16:20:43
~New Ron Paul meetup for Liberty supporters~travel to St. Paul. 16:09:49
Pat Buchanan Interview - RPR history for all truthers! 15:51:16
UPDATE: NV Delegates vs. State GOP Court Case 15:45:00
Kilowatt Backed Currency :Renewable energy dollar 15:41:29
Pat Buchanan Predicts Ron Paul Crowd Will Rock GOP Convention 15:35:30
Einstein on Isreal when it was newly created 15:28:46
Just received this strange Anti-Obama e-mail..may be worth reading.. 15:28:09
Ron Paul on THE MOTHER OF ALL BAILOUTS! 15:14:35
Dennis Kucinich interview regarding Bush Impeachment 15:14:11
Florida Congressman Gets Ambushed by FOX News 15:10:48
Essential reading for truthers - Cargo Cult Science. 15:06:56
American's Absurd Outlook on Terrorism. 15:06:11
FDIC to "educate" the public 14:57:56
Obama calls for a NWO in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 14:24:20
Schools look to a four day week to save fuel 14:22:09
OBAMA...The actor! 14:21:54
ECLIPPTV VIDEO: Ron Paul - Revolution Rally Washington D.C. 07/12/08 13:56:01
"Our Heritage" video at DVDs4Delegates 13:38:11
Ron Paul in Boone, NC - 7/25/2008 13:29:32
Ron paul talking about Airline event Right now!!!!!! 13:22:26
What happens if some of us start disappearing? 13:21:45
Wachovia Gave Counterfeit Bills, Couple Says 12:58:11
A3 Skywarrior Is Most Likely What Hit the Pentagon on 9/11 12:46:19
McCain's thoughts on [pic] 12:41:53
9-11 Truth Symposium *** First in Country*** Sept 27th 12:19:51
Dr. Ron Paul on Alex Jones show today- On Now! 11:54:52
A bit of Irish wit on the campaign 11:41:17
How I Won in the Election 11:39:02
Russian Bomber Crews Land in Cuba 11:37:27
Relocate to "Ron Paul County" 11:37:20
I have just decided to STOP eating at Piatti restaurants due to Pelosi 11:23:51
Will Representative Conyers be assasinated if he fails to force Impeachment of Bush and Cheney? 11:14:54
2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran 10:57:21
Freedom March with a Personal Twist 10:56:52
Freedom March with a Personal Twist 10:56:25
For those of you who still think that 911 and "truthers" are some fringe element. . . . 10:46:02
Ron Paul on the MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE ACT 10:23:35
Destruction of the Democrat Party 10:17:52
Medical malignancy - reject universal health care 10:15:09
Pat Buchanan is pimping the Rally for the Republic 10:09:22
CAFR: The "other set of books" that you don't know about! The gov't swindling goes even deeper than you thought! 10:00:48
Well, Bhutto's bodyguard was gunned down Tuesday. 09:48:44
Feds Stockpiling Survival Food 09:32:22
Another sign of what we've lost 09:16:25
Barack Obama is a Neo-Conservative wearing a “D” jersey instead of an “R” jersey 09:12:06
TIME magazine finally calls McCain a Neo-Con 08:57:40
Did a Ron Paul support switch to McCain? 08:50:14
Can't make videos? Upload others to wake people up 08:44:37
Who Will Introduce Ron Paul in Minneapolis ? 08:25:45
"Sudden cabin depressurization". 05:09:29
NV UPDATE: Court Hearing Scheduled 05:02:48
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK! STOP THE BAILOUT ********* URGENT ACTION NEEDED NOW! ********** 04:56:36
A GREEN CAR made out of HEMP... a solution to all our problems 03:44:34
A DIGG so HOT my computer LOCKED UP!!!!!!!! 02:54:04
SCARY MCCAIN moneybomb !! 02:34:24
Playboy's May 2008 issue has William Redpath as the LP candidate? 02:16:35
We were just robbed. 02:13:50
Great video on the bailout - digg it! 01:51:38
3rd Ron Paul Digg on digg's front page. But they deleted my account 01:50:07
You must run!!! website concept. 01:48:48
OKAY I confess!! 01:46:39
Subliminal message in my RNC letter ? 01:41:47
2nd Ron Paul Digg on Digg's Front Page tonight bwwaahahahaaa 01:23:02
I am banned 00:54:55
Bills of credit (mortgages) are not legit-void, help me out on this-this is huge!!! 00:32:52
Australian Scientist Says Global Warming a Fraud 00:11:13