Posted on July 25, 2008

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2 more bank failures tonight 23:21:29
How many people from the Daily Paul are going to Rally for the Republic? 22:57:48
Bruce Fein at Today's Impeachment Hearing 19:32:03
Rep Baldwin "Impeachment Hearings Now Necessary!" 17:35:01
Vincent Bugliosi at Impeachment Hearings 7/25/08 14:58:59
Ron Paul needs U 11:28:03
Rally for the Republic Ticket Bomb - Friday 10AM CST! 13:02:46
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Bush Cabal Stopped States From Preventing Subprime Crisis 23:50:19
Liberty, Barr, Baldwin, etc... 23:50:09
Excellent South Park Episode for 9/11 truthers.... haha 23:19:10
Kucinich makes Grand entry with loud cheers into impeachment hearing 23:13:50
Ron Paul's ally Rep. Walter Jones blasts Bush in impeachment hearing 23:08:17
Looking for Ron Paul comments on impeachment hearing today 22:54:15
VIDEO of Bob Barr on Countdown with Keith Olbermann 7-25-08 - Excellent Points By Barr 22:49:57
A soldier serving in Afghanistan's view on Obama 22:38:32
Ready for $50 barrel oil... The Energy Non-Crisis by Lindsey Williams 22:04:02
"NO SAFE PLACES": Had He Carried His Handgun 21:45:46
Kucinich,Hinchey,Wexler and Cohen testifiy before the House Judiciary Commitee 20:59:39
Second (Citizens) Arrest Attempt On Karl Rove In Iowa Leads To 4 Arrests 20:47:02
Ron Paul will vote for Bob Barr for President on the Texas ballot and here is why 20:29:30
Middle-East vs. Vietnam 20:05:14
PETER SCHIFF Nov 2006 Mtg. Bankers Conference 20:04:39
UPDATE!! Bob Barr on video the day before the Patriot Act 10-02-2001 4pm Questions resolved 20:03:19
Glenn Beck Says “I’d Vote For Ron Paul” [Audio] 19:33:49
Media hails Obama’s Speech As Call For “New World Order” 18:59:14
~Obama/Marx 08 vs McCain/Bush 08 or Campaign for Liberty!~ 18:59:13
Who is the guy wearing the Ron Paul t-shirt? He's HOT! 18:26:10
If Paul endorses Bob Barr: A conundrum. 18:13:59
Quotes for the week 18:13:09
Video of Lawmakers Breaking the Law on Daily Basis - Voting Fraud at Texas Legislature 17:53:52
Press Release from Wayne Terhune - NV Court UPdate 17:46:37
FRONT PAGE on DIGG WOO HOO!! Update 17:27:29
I've Come to a Conclusion about Today's Hearing. 17:23:55
Walk for Freedom Itinerary and Town Hall Meetings 17:17:00
Walk for Freedom Itinerary and Town Hall Meetings 17:15:26
Sweet New Ron Paul Video... 16:59:06
Impeachment of Bush/Cheney 16:56:36
"Ron Paul wants to bomb every country on Earth" 16:51:42
National Australian Bank to write of 90% off US conduit loans! 16:51:29
this will make you mad! 16:48:29
My take on Bob Barr supporters 16:42:18
MSNBC FRONT PAGE! 'Impeachment light' hearing on Capitol Hill' 16:34:23
I.O.U.S.A. News and Partial Summary 16:34:23
No laughing matter "Don't you dare" 16:09:11
Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, Included in New Bob Barr Video 16:08:31
Looks like Chrysler is in a lot of trouble. By Rhino 15:35:12
Hitting the elderly where it hurts 15:20:29
Digg this Letter Requesting Bush Veto the Housing Bailout! 15:09:56
Bad news from Nevada 15:09:07
~Operation Expose Obama~ 14:16:37
M. Nystrom, can we get a DIGG Section on the DP? 14:14:50
Republicans on judiciary committee 14:02:00
Glenn Beck finally wakes up...sort of 13:58:45
Use babes to wake people up 13:58:01
DIGG - Ron Paul Convention sells 5,000 tickets in first half hour - BUMP 13:31:45
Gathering of the Vibes anyone? 13:26:31
TEXAS... 13:18:49
Gold Ambush, Stocks and Potpourri 13:11:40
Rendering public opinion irrelevant 13:05:09
Ron Paul on Myspace seems a little quiet 12:38:19
Rally for the Republic Official Travel meetup and how to help others make it to the Rally 12:23:33
4227 Tix Sold in 45 minutes 11:44:31
Bush: Wall St. got drunk... 11:34:01
World History Text With a Classical Liberal Viewpoint? 10:58:28
live on cspan-impeachment! 07.25 @10am watch.. 10:38:26
Ron Paul's Liberty PAC: officially endorsed candidates list 10:29:45
Pre Impeachment Hearings Today 10:09:46
Bob Barr to be on Countdown w/ Keith Olberman tonight! 09:59:51
The Republic is in trouble 09:59:10
Humor: Weird Science 09:41:50
Angry Bloggers On Left And Right Unite Over FISA. Nice mention of RP and money bombs 08:26:55
Emo and goth to be made illegal in Russia 08:08:14
Panic of 1907/2008? 07:43:26
Are feds stockpiling survival food? 07:26:15
Are feds stockpiling survival food? 07:06:42
Why isn't POKER FACE playing at the Rally for the Republic? 06:48:09
Conyers Tries To Kill Impeachment Hearings Before They Start 06:31:44
Second Ron Paul Drawing - now on ebay to benefit my trip to st. paul 03:34:57
I WANT THE TRUTH!! Answer this?? 03:10:23
Missouri isn't that far away right, I mean $300.00 to further the cause of liberty isn't so bad 01:50:17
Is a scam? 01:34:32
Chicago Tribune reports RP plane makes emergency landing. 00:56:54
please support Ron Paul delegates 00:53:00
Illinois Bus Trip to Minnesota for Campaign For Liberty 00:39:49
If you are chosen at the Republican National Convention as a volunteer will you... 00:38:39
Both Ways Barack Gotta see this 00:34:35
Did anyone else get a letter from Ron Paul today for his liberty pac fund? 00:24:22
Can someone do this? 00:12:25
Iraq BANNED from the Olympics... 00:00:11