Posted on July 27, 2008

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Flashback: RP Rap Song by Roy Shivers Featuring King Solomon 00:49:08
It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn......Of A Depression ( Ron Paul Quoted At Length Througout Article) 19:18:18
Gary North: Ben Bernanke’s Hush Money 00:49:07
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Letter to the National GOP 22:33:00
WOW great Video.... 22:01:22
Explanation of a Tax Cut 21:38:25
A fun Clock for you kids 21:16:12
Candidate vs. Movement 21:12:12
Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae bailout added to U.S. debt 21:04:15
Florida -- Are you Going? 20:40:37
Ben Bernanke’s Hush Money 19:52:11
****Bruce Springstein is one of US!**** April Fooled! 19:52:07
The Press Campaign Contributions 19:48:57
The Carbon Credit Scam and the Democratic Convention 19:40:42
The White House is busted! 19:36:23
Ken and Barbie 19:31:43
Interesting read lindsey williams oil gold and the collapse of the US 19:19:21
Letter From Soldier in the Afghanistan Front 19:17:02
UK Treasury Plan to Rescue Mortgage Lenders 18:46:24
A Cop pulled me over for having teenagers in my truck 18:24:43
911 prophecy found on the twenty dollar bill ? 18:24:17
Bin Laden's chief bodyguard inexplicably set free from Guantanamo -Miami Herald 7/25/08 17:58:45
Revolutionary Business available on podcast 17:43:42
The Revolution Grows--St. Paul 2008 17:42:36
Confirmation of FLDS kids being vaccinated( 17:40:48
Who is the Real Obama???????? 17:39:44
Rampant Voter Fraud by Illegal Aliens Ignored by Gov't & Media 17:31:48
Telescreens? 16:54:22
Home sweet home... 16:16:30
Neoconned!! 15:57:32
About WRITING-IN Dr. Paul... 15:51:18
~Traitor Within CFL???~ 15:35:17
An exerpt from mybarackobama's neocon psy-ops 15:30:01
August 9th - UFC event in Minneapolis/Target Center 15:21:45
Sue Lowden, NV State Chairwoman on Nevada Newsmakers program 14:38:09
IF You are a TRUE Ron Paul Supporter.... 14:31:19
Fun Times at Revolution Broadcasting 14:29:13
The Ron Paul Solution to Debt Delusion 14:29:00
The Ron Paul Solution to America's Debt Delusion 14:26:55
Should we have a nationwide 55 mph speed limit? 14:16:07
Ron Paul Revolution Music Videos 13:48:47
I am supporting our delegates, seems like some of you are not, good job 13:39:03
Great New video of Revolution March 13:23:57
McCain does a triple-backflip on social security 13:17:49
Adopt-A-Reporter 13:09:42
WATCH IDAHO! 13:00:12
Off Topic- Just discovered Im a Libertarian 12:49:53
AHHH! Refreshing Ron Paul VIDEO 12:49:33
Delusions of Debt - The Ron Paul Solution 12:00:33
Jess Benton please contact me! 11:44:32
Granny News 10:53:56
Ron Paul staffer on Bob Barr. 10:37:39
Stealing America - Vote by Vote, the movie 09:59:42
Look-A-Likes 09:36:38
Bob Barr Press release on visit with Gore- Doesn't look like he is backing Gore's plan to me 09:27:42
Karl Rove and Dick Cheney's Son Found 09:11:59
From a Marine in Bagram Afghanistan 08:59:22
Any Capitalists here? 07:08:34
Looking for short simple video explaining inflation 06:05:42
Another conspiracy theory proven to be true 06:00:49
ARE THERE ANY National Delegates, having a problem getting to the National Convention???? 05:23:22
Barack Obama’s brother pushes Chinese imports on US 05:04:44
Does Anyone Think Karl Rove is Capable of Doing Something Like This...Again? 04:52:24
~~~Words are just words. by Frank Zappa~~~ 04:48:31
Alleged Libertarian Bob Barr Endorses Goracle's Call for Totalitarian Measures 04:11:00
Surveillance Requests In UK Top 500,000 04:01:36
GOP whistleblower names Karl Rove in Ohio's 04 election theft 03:36:58
Goodnight all. 03:10:02
Why You should NEVER talk to the police. 02:45:16
A MUST SEE!!!! 02:06:23
Barack had the American Flag removed from his plane ? 01:58:45
A FUN DIGG!!!! 00:19:39
Ronstock Updates?? 00:13:30