Posted on July 28, 2008

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Ron Paul: The Dangers of Neo-Conservative Economic Policies 19:33:06
The hard cash that wins the vice-presidency 17:16:50
Breaking: Fox News Not Fair and Balanced! 17:11:29
DailyPaul meeting up in Minnesota 14:19:12
Teaser Video from the first DVD for National Delegates and Alternates 07:37:32
Massive Economic Disaster Seems Possible -- Will Survivalists Get the Last Laugh? 01:42:52
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Ever heard of the "Bonus Army" in WWI? Please take a look! 23:36:30
WHOA ! Professor blames critics for blocking NAU support 23:23:10
Peter Schiff for canadians? 22:39:41
Questions on what guns to buy 21:28:41
Bush's Martial Law Plan Is So Shocking, Even Congress Can't See it 21:09:17
Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck Tonight! 20:53:30
Insurance Company monitoring your car for lower rates -WHAT? 20:46:59
W 20:43:37
I.O.U.S.A Film 20:35:39
City of Seattle just passed law- fines citizens who don't bring their own bags to the grocery store, bans styrofoam 20:22:43
Bob Barr’s Campaign to Supporters: Send Cash—Quick! 20:21:15
Sign Petition - Tell Them You Won't Vote For Anyone But Dr. Paul! 20:17:48
59% of voters say Constitution is Just Fine, while 39% Say it Doesn’t Restrict Government Enough 19:52:34
Letter from my California Senator regarding Bush's "torture". 19:29:30
Cutting the balls off the Feds: How too from Don Harold 19:23:25
U.S. Headed for 'Heightened Alert' Stage / ABC prepares Americans. 19:07:20
The Silver Shortage Myth: Ted Butler Debunked 18:28:02
Free Speech Liaison Officers in Minneapolis & St. Paul for RNC 18:26:32
Just some love to all ron paul supporters 18:07:21
Great new 5-star youtube: "The Time for Liberty" (Ron Paul, Rand, Carlin, etc.) 17:54:40
Send this to your pro war friends 17:35:20
2012 and Planet X 17:22:15
The RNC is make or break time for John McCain - 11 million Republicans that did not vote for John McCain 17:07:29
~Operation Ron Paul Will Be Our President~ 16:59:29
***DIGG***Homeschoolers Officially Declared Criminals (And Isn’t It About Time?) 16:28:18
A movement begins: Vote 'no' on Election Day 15:51:51
The War is a total disaster - Donald Trump 15:46:20
McCain has a new spot removed from his face today!!! 15:24:37
Stand up to your representatives 15:22:31
Investing with Euro Pacific 15:16:00
Is all over for the NWO yet ? 15:04:41
McCain has spot removed from his face 15:02:50
How to Perform a Citizen's Arrest of A Bush Admin Official 14:48:39
John McCain's Son Resigns from Henderson Bank Board 14:47:56
Mish Shedlock's Open Letter To Obama 14:38:17
New Search Engine: Cuil 14:31:09
Attn: NV Patriots 14:07:15
Why are americans so crazy ? 13:54:00
Greatest Barnyard on Earth! 13:48:06
New Report Concludes Bush’s Justice Department Engaged In Illegal Hiring Practices 13:42:42
Can Ron Paul Walk the Talk???? 13:33:10
New Books 13:32:55
Record White House deficit projected for 2008 13:26:40
The Dangers of Neo-Conservative Economic Policies-Ron Paul 7/28 13:25:20
~NWO Master Plan:Fascist Globalization & Depopulation~ 13:16:13
Watch hearing on oil prices and monetary policy? 13:13:37
Computor crashed ,,please help me find sites from Daily Paul 13:04:57
Open Letter to Obama 12:48:06
FDIC full failed bank list - 7 so far in 2008 equals total from 2004-2007 12:38:17
Can I bring up a practical aspect of the garden...?? 12:29:21
URGENT: Petition for Redress: Let’s Get it DONE! 11:43:46
Peter Schiff on the bailouts! and new government debt ceiling! 11:40:57
New Search Engine promises to respect privacy. Let's make Ron Paul "Cuil" 11:40:53
glen beck tomorrow 11:32:39
Florida has a Winner! 11:14:51
Why the NeoCons don't fear us 09:44:46
My toast... to The Campain-4-Liberty! 09:44:08
Digg this Ron Paul Washington Rally Video Archive!!! 09:35:26
MO chipping childern 09:26:38
Go public with Globalization-Draw a "line in the sand" 08:52:47
US Warns Israel –There Will Be No ‘USS Liberty Pt II’ 07:06:52
New London Connecticut Wages 3 Year Legal Battle At Taxpayer Expense To Hire Only Stupid Cops 06:03:03
My student loan. Will it be easier to repay when the depression comes? 05:26:52
Ron Paul on The Fannie-Freddie Fraud 05:20:32
Obama gives Fed's Bernanke vote of confidence 04:54:03
Why vote with such doom and gloom on the horizon? 03:36:31
Anyone familiar with getting around St. Paul?? 03:14:47
the delegates that vote for McCain: what's in it for them? 02:23:10
Bernanke's, Paulson's, Bair's, and Cox's Banking Crisis Next Step 02:14:45
All Votes for a Real Leader Count 02:06:04
All Votes for Real Leader Count 02:02:43
Peter Schiff in 2006 02:02:16
Is a "government of laws and not of men" a myth? 01:23:26
Plan to Restore Constitutional Order : Will Rep. Ron Paul Provide Redress? 00:23:58