Posted on July 30, 2008

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7.29.08: Jesse Ventura on Howard Stern again 21:50:10
CNN Poll: Should marijuana be legalized? 15:10:31
Ron Paul co-sponsors bill to decriminalize Marijuana 15:10:32
Karl Rove in Contempt of the House Judiciary Committee 12:39:41
Man, Hotels are Expensive! How about under $50 for the whole weekend? 09:53:58
An Unlikely Revolution - Chronicle of the Campaign 08:42:11
Discovering Ron Paul: From Nut to Hero 02:55:59
Kucinich Gets His Day 00:51:09
Steve Dore: Campaign for Liberty 00:51:07
MUST HEAR: Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Radio 7-29! 00:51:08
WAHOR! We All Have Our Roles 17:11:13
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When Dr. Doom speaks, We should listen! 23:55:47
Bush approves an order which rewrites the rules governing spying 23:53:05
We NEED to spread the word about the movie coming out 'I.O.U.S.A.'- DIGG IT 23:46:53
Sarah Steelman, running for Governor of Missouri 23:27:34
Anybody got the time$?$?$? 23:22:29
Bush signs new rules for spy agencies 23:05:29
IOUSA Complete Theatre List 23:00:09
Southern U.S. Town Proud of its Mandatory Gun Law 22:48:21
Blast From The Past: Politcians Filmed Bowing To Rev. Moon As He Is Declared Messiah 22:35:19
We are change confronts Nancy Pelosi and then it gets stupid 22:28:02
Ron Paul on Alex Jones - July 31 22:26:01
ATTN: Listen Up! 22:20:48
Chinese to spy on Americans? 21:59:45
Easy mission for Paulites to help Ron Paul get legislation passed. 21:45:05
C-SPAN Slates Convention Coverage 21:28:59
LOOK FOR! A massive infusion of money into the stock market to make things look better - for a while! 21:26:49
Germany: Praising Obama, Joschka Fischer calls for increased militarism 21:15:41
What is happening to America? 21:00:37
VIDEO: Ron Paul on Glen Beck 7/30/2008 20:42:03
"Political Humor"...Crossing the Border 20:41:51
~Dennis Kucinich Speaks About Ron Paul~ 20:14:05
~McCain And Miss Teen SC Speak Economics~ 19:30:38
Paper Money : The Monetary Policy Ron Paul Talks About And The Lesson The U.S. Should Learn From The Republic Of Texas 19:26:43
Ron Paul says Chuck Baldwin is very very close to his views and Chuck worked hard on Ron's Presidential campiagn 19:21:48
~PROOF Ron Paul Will Be President~ 18:55:50
U.S. Intel: Iran Plans Nuclear Strike on U.S 18:52:56
Dean Santoro NOW to tell everyone how Boris in Miami the person that claimed the CFL didn't want any signs in MN 18:43:59
Petition to the U.S. House of Representatives 18:41:33
Obama tied to Iraqi government fraud? 18:39:34
A new idea to direct our energy? 18:36:27
Here is a list of the RP candidates in Nevada 18:20:01
Free Stater barred from own trial 17:40:00
Want Impeachment? You can have it! 17:19:42
Interesting video on the economy 17:13:38
LRC podcast: 15 minuntes to anarchism 16:46:17
I've had enough 15:52:10
So You Think McCain Has Won The Republican Nomination? 15:43:56
Even Obama says Israel will attack Iran 15:39:33
Euro Pacific Capital 15:32:09
Never talk to the cops.. NEVER 15:28:18
Support Impeachment and win $1,000! 15:21:57
Anything to quiet our voices! 15:11:54
Does any of this sound familiar to you! 15:05:23
... because of intervention, we are worse off than we know. 14:37:36
Obama's War by PJB 14:35:57
Porn is destroying our people 14:07:26
Estonians sought to free themselves from decades of Soviet occupation.The Singing Revolution! 13:51:25
Important New Poll at Conservative Site 13:46:19
What do you expect from the Rally? 13:21:37
Kucinich 13:06:48
Dennis Kucinich will be on the Randi Rhodes Show at 4:28 pm EST 13:04:55
Dennis Kucinich will be on the Randi Rhodes Show at 4:28 pm EST 13:03:19
Dennis Kucinich will be on the Randi Rhodes Show at 4:28 pm EST 13:02:17
MSM reveals: "Even the pros may be stuffing the mattresses" 12:33:20
Hey GOP 12:08:07
Hilarious new viral video on McCain, absolutely brilliant 11:57:04
Can we get John Mayer to play Rally for the Republic? 11:18:42
No Not!! I repeat do not!! vaccinate against the AVIAN FLU ! 11:12:55
Impeachment Moves Ahead 10:04:42
Principles of Freedom inspired by our Founding Fathers 08:48:38
Ageless Wit and Observations :-) 08:34:00
Does the RP movement have the staying power to educate enough people - before it's to late? 08:00:43
Great Ron Paul article on Economic Bubbles 07:29:53
A don't blame us letter. 07:11:19
How 'LONG' do we continue to 'try' to wake people up?... 07:01:55
Please does anybody know? If not find out how! 06:39:50
Gravel: Take Bush to The Hague 05:57:08
*Why* are the number of 'YouTube' videos for 'Ron Paul' decreasing by 8 thousands?????? 05:40:47
Will Ron Paul respond to the WTPF Petitions for Redress? 05:22:54
trasluations 05:19:11
Please research Education Begins at Home Act HR 2343 and Pre-K Act HR 3289 05:18:21
Polotics 05:16:06
Aide to U.S. Senator Jim Webb found dead from apparent gunshot wound 04:52:39
Important Message from Alex Jones (Video Content) 04:07:04
Cindy Sheehan Receives Required Signatures to Run in November Elections 03:34:26
Caught on tape: Army recruiters threaten high school students 03:20:25
Discovering Ron Paul: From Nut to Hero 03:10:11
The Crisis Is Upon Us by Ron Paul 03:02:09
Ron Paul FOOTAGE from Boone, NC 07-25-2008 is up!! 02:38:39
Bob Seger - Like A Rock - Please Bump 02:14:45
Foreign Enemies of The Constitution: Is This Possible? 01:48:56
watch for the 'kick' up to the next level in Silver 00:36:08
What is Obama up to, he signs the FISA bill, and now is saying this. Could it be because of his supporters blowback? 00:32:58
The committee to oust Obama. 00:28:33
I love Patriots like this! Please digg! 00:20:38