Posted on July 31, 2008

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Dr. Steve Parent resigns from revolution broadcasting 21:46:31
Associated Press: Jesse Ventura to Address Paul Convention.... and the media coverage comes rolling in... DIGG IT! 17:22:03
Nystrom in the Boston Herald on Email Addiction 13:53:16
SOLD OUT! - Rally For The Republic 13:53:17
Our would be White House Dictator just got a set back! 11:37:31
Ron Paul followers pose danger for McCain in West 03:46:40
Is Ron Paul simply crazy? No, sadly, it's just the rest of Congress. 01:10:34
S. 3325: You pay for YOUR prosecution - even if you win 00:38:02
Video: Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 7/30/2008 11:37:30
America is on the Brink of Fascism! Jesse Ventura 09:26:19
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A tip from Obama supporters 23:49:08
Why not begin a Paul/Ventura Independent run in MN for a September Surprise? 23:42:46
Gaza Siege Broken! Thousands Greet SS Liberty in Port! 22:30:10
Odd creatures emerging 22:28:23
I would love to recommend this guest speaker at the Rally 22:27:03
Stop the Bill of Rights Blackout! 22:20:02
Newsweek Article 21:47:17
Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy 21:46:52
FUNDIGG! Grade McCain- Bill O'reilly poll 21:45:40
OMG Obama is coming by my work Tomorrow! 20:49:10
Digg! Obama Apoligists Need Not Apply! 20:44:46
Warning: Freedom Movement Co-Opting Being Organized Right NOW. 20:27:59
9/11 and the 1919 Chicago Black Sox World Series Conspiracy 20:24:56
Clarification on Glenn Becks Comments Regarding Anarchists 19:50:39
"Billionaires up, America down." 19:47:19
~Jesus Endorsing Ron Paul For President?~ 19:46:30
Bob Barr Diggs. 19:41:38
Now it is regulating cigarette lighters and Garage door openers.. 19:35:12
"Something big is going on!" 19:20:08
Ron Paul heating up again in the news 19:15:25
Can You feel the energy building? 19:09:44
Apology 19:07:27
Do you Remeber Russert's 'Ron Paulite' son? Check this out: 18:45:06
Wall Street Woes Boost Therapists' Business 18:44:56
Hope anthem Video 18:24:05
Mainstream Media wears a tinfoil hat? 18:21:16
**Judge finds Patriot Act Unconstitutional!!** 18:10:30
Ron Paul/David Walker Documentary in Theatres August 21st 18:04:29
SEND A ROPE!!! 17:50:38
What does this chart mean? 17:46:00
Tribute to Ron Paul 17:43:36
Two more victims of the drug war, A taste of their own medicine.... 17:26:46
Pot decriminalization news on cnn 16:12:41
When did Obama stop taking drugs? 16:11:08
RON PAUL ART! 15:59:07
DIGG it! 15:43:10
Let's ignite the spark that starts the FIre! A challenge to all Patriots! **please bump** 15:40:49
Too Little...Too Late! 15:33:38
Ben "Mikey" Bernanke 15:03:41
Pinheads 14:51:16
C-SPAN Will be Covering Rally for the Republic!!! 14:50:19
The Afghanistan War was Planned months before 9-11 14:44:46
Trust, but verify - Ronald Reagan 14:43:26
Beware Charismatic Young Man Who Promises Change 14:04:32
BillOReilly.Com: "Grade McCain's Campaign" -- Bomb The Poll! 13:09:36
Made in England (scary stuff) 13:04:08
Financial questions 13:00:48
Your chance to hijack a pro-vaccinator's live chat today @ 2:30 eastern 12:58:07
People laugh at the upcoming comedy and biography of George W. Bush, the movie. 12:50:54
Taking I-35 North To St. Paul from OK. Anyone need a ride? 12:50:53
A NEW anti-smoking FEDERAL legislation passed... 12:03:39
I think the people here are a little hard on George Bush! ! ! (Parody) 11:57:33
Majority of countries back Iran's Nuclear Program - YAHOO news 11:52:31
This cartoon says it all! 11:51:25
WILD WILD WEST.....Dream On McAnus DIGG! Promotes Rally Too! 11:46:43
Cramer: Yes, the Market Has Bottomed 11:41:45
Get Dr. Paul a new friend in Congress. 10:59:45
Ron Paul supporters calling in to CSpan this morning 10:51:37
Ron Paul followers pose danger for McCain in West 10:20:03
Time to slam C-SPAN 10:13:18
Judge Orders Michigan Couple To Testify Against Themselves 10:09:02
serious discussion on addictive substances 09:59:48
Scott Ritcher independent running for Kentucky state senate 09:43:45
What Is the Campaign For Liberty? 08:20:11
AIMEE ALLEN Performing Videos 08:00:48
Olmert of Israel not continuing in September, Perhaps a little off topic but... 07:41:40
Not-so Freemarkets! 07:12:55
ron Paul to be on bill press show 7/31 07:09:45
Ron Paul Interview on Bob Grant (Audio) July 30th 2008 Digg IT! 06:42:28
Cynthia McKinney: End the Fed! 06:02:56
More stores are closing 04:50:22
Obama might be ineligible to be President? 03:58:36
CIA and the Mobster Image 02:29:50
Why we should support 3rd parties. 01:42:10
Here is what you all inspired me to do 01:20:58
How safe is your BANK! 01:04:18
Did you hear it? I sure did. 00:45:42
I'm not surprised one bit: RP walks the talk again 00:31:50
Alex Jones show mp3: William Pepper, MLK assassination finally solved? 00:22:27
where is the economy going in the next 6 months? 00:11:51
what is the true Inflation rate? 5 or 6% lol think again! 00:09:21
ATF/FBI raid multiple Outlaw motorcycle gang bars in Midwest 00:00:37