Posted on July 8, 2008

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Dr. Thomas E. Woods new book is now released. 2 books endorsed by Ron Paul and speaker at the March July 12 19:51:20
~Cindy Sheehan Praises Ron Paul~ 11:08:41
The FISA Thread 19:51:21
URGENT URGENT URGENT - read ASAP (July 8th) 05:16:04
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Are we to get behind any other candidate? 23:28:24
BBC Hit Piece Edits Silverstein Comment In Dirty Tricks Scam 23:06:38
61-year-old librarian threatened with arrest at McCain town hall for holding sign 23:05:00
Mccain jokes about killing Iranians 22:48:56
MONEY BOMB -- July 15th -- Operation St. Paul!!! 22:20:22
Extended Deadline for Bus Trip to Campaign For Liberty 21:53:13
Consider Paul, Barr and Kucinich 21:49:22
David Icke wants these two videos circulated to everyone, PASS IT ON 21:41:52
'Science fiction like' weapons on tap for political conventions 21:39:18
Waxman threatens AG with contempt unless he gets FBI's Cheney transcripts 21:27:35
Should I Vaccinate My Child? 21:21:42
T. Boone Pickens Energy Plan - He's buying TV commercials everywhere 21:01:09
Karl Rove thinks he can thumb his nose in your face and you won’t do a darn thing about it. 20:59:47
Is Rob Kall Right About Ron Paul and YOU??? 20:52:52
Look at that FACE! LOL (Ben Bernanke) 20:52:36
Campaign for LIberty - 67,956......What? 20:48:51
HITLER'S 9/11 20:40:12
Congressman Reichert of Washington state supports Iran blockade!! It's not too late to contact your representatives!! 19:58:06
Does anybody have info on whether any MSM will be covering the March? 19:44:36
Oh The Irony,Sewage Treatment Plant To Be Named After Bush 19:10:52
CNN reports Bush guilty of war crimes, torture and even sodomy ? 18:52:01
Operation Northwoods-Proof of False Flag Attacks 18:46:20
A Top 5 Ron Paul Video - Much Watch! 18:41:54
~When You Learn About This You Will Come To 9/11 Truth~ 18:41:16
Can you donate copies of "The Revolution?" 18:27:55
War on Iran: The Perfect Storm From Hell 18:13:55
Shut Down The Military Industrial Complex ! 18:13:48
Bridgewater Associates Gives Apocalyptic Warning on Credit Crisis 17:38:50
Here it is, the BBC Covers WTC 7!!!!!!! 17:13:06
Aguilar defeats the socialist Montagne! 16:54:13
Sarah Steelman Agrees With Most Of What Dr. Paul Believes 16:39:00
To be Ron Paul R3VOLutionary, What MUST you believe? 16:26:05
President Bush Worse Than Nixon? 90% Say Yes! (Over 4250 Votes) 15:51:41
Donation to the "Ron Paul" GOP 15:29:49
Write in Ron Paul yard signs. 15:26:22
Bernanke, Paulson, FDIC Eye Taxpayer Bailouts, More Power 14:53:04
When is Ron Paul going to talk 14:24:34
Bob Barr Stole My Nickname! 14:00:35
What Should I Put On My D.C March SIGN? Need a slogan. 13:55:59
They are Ron Paul'n this guy! 13:40:00
In other news... 13:22:13
Dennis Kucinich's Message:You've spoken. Will Congress listen? 13:16:09
Congressional Approval Ratings Fall to Single Digits... 13:06:59
Students for Ron Paul are Taking Over... 12:54:42
why gold will jump 200.00 in one day! 12:40:08
Check out this picture of Obama 12:37:02
retirement nest eggs show cracks 12:33:49
Lets Convert 30 Million Obama Supporters!!! 12:24:36
Mysterious Ralph Nader surge in presidential poll 12:14:19
will arabian investors do A hunt to SILVER! 11:46:57
the wheels are coming off!!! 11:42:34
One of our own mentioned in Fox News article - on front page of Google News now 11:28:00
Edited: Oil Prices 11:09:32
those who protect themselves 11:04:18
University political education is pathetic 11:00:18
Recommend a Ron Paul t-shirt 10:59:22
A POLL (please answer honestly) 10:49:54
9/11 thread to end all 9/11 threads - UNDEBUNKABLE 10:44:49
Have we slowed the nwo/cfr plans and made a difference by "communicating" here? 10:14:41
Sturgis Rally 10:05:29
CityData Forum NEEDS your vote!!!!! 09:34:54
What time is Ron Paul speaking? 09:07:53
Obama- The Change candidate 08:35:59
Fed eyes extending emergency loans for Wall Street, Seeks more power 08:24:48
EE Savings Bonds Safe? 07:13:49
Dear Lord Rothschild 04:09:43
Believe Me, It's Torture- by Christopher Hitchens 03:50:53
FISA (FAA) Vote Tue. July 8: What Time? 03:04:08
Short and Sweet 02:53:16
Short and Sweet 02:53:16
Who is Peter Thiel? 02:33:04
Cindy Sheehan for Congress? 01:58:34
GOP To Re-Write Party Platform... To Fit McCain... 01:30:50
DOES anyone KNOW the Organizers of the Revolution March? 01:17:43
Oruval - cut to the chase 01:02:22
Gore Vidal "Since Bush" WE NO LONGER HAVE A REPUBLIC ANYMORE 00:42:31
[ACTION ALERT] Senate votes on unconstitutional FISA bill tomorrow. 00:13:03
Republic--ans 00:09:39