Posted on July 9, 2008

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MTV will be covering the Revolution March, July 12! 23:51:35
Jim Rogers: The Dollar is Doomed and the Fed's Days are Numbered 15:48:46
Fizzling on FISA 07:59:54
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Iran is testing it's long range missiles , the ones that can reach Israel ! 23:50:55
A little piece of madness I found on google ads 23:41:22
ACLU Lawsuit against FISA passage 23:31:11
IMPORTANT note about Liberty minded Candidates and Ron Paul's endorsement. 23:29:30
A Worst-Case Scenario for Obama (and us)-Gary North 23:04:45
Necrophilia illegal in Wisconsin now 23:01:09
Where is Ross Perot now? 22:44:11
Ventura: ABC Senate Run Report A “Lie,” “Flat Out Misrepresentation 22:13:21
The Dollar is Doomed and the Fed's Days are Numbered 21:56:44
What do you guys think of this new project? 21:51:37
When will you be ready to close ranks? 20:30:38
Support Bob Barr 2008 20:24:46
Peter Schiff is on live Now 8pm EST Wed 20:13:55
What If Putin Did 9/11? 20:01:10
GE Sugar Beets to Hit Stores in 2008 20:00:16
"Fourth Amendment sold for $95 billion." 19:22:27
Obama's Complete Betrayal of the Fourth Amendment 19:09:09
Barney Frank Changes his mind; contact your reps, say no to Iran Blockade 18:53:27
Jesse Ventura~ABC Senate Run Story a Lie! 18:40:42
Why won't Ron Paul support impeachment? 18:34:57
That Darn San Francisco Snow... 18:18:00
AWSOME LIBERTY PROJECT!!! - check it out. 18:16:25
Federal judge's decision renders Bush a felon 18:15:51
Senate Passes Surveillance Bill, says Telecom companies can't be prosecuted 18:08:53
Find out how your Representatives voted on FISA here!! 18:06:29
John McCain speaks Ebonics 17:59:56
What an Ass Clown - Pelosi Statement on Iranian Missile Tests 17:30:20
Filming public servants engaged in what I believed was illegal and innapropriate behavior on a public street? 17:27:24
Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle will have a weekly radio show LIVE taking your calls. 17:05:34
Government retaliation? 16:37:58
Google Campaign For Liberty! 16:15:29
Dance! Dance! Dance! 16:11:17
Kucinich To Bring Single Article of Impeachment Tomorrow DIGG IT! 15:50:29
Senate just passed FISA 15:12:34
Corporate Whore Media Preparing Population For War With Iran ! 14:58:29
Riot in Arkansas 14:41:17
Head to Head Matchup! Which CFL rally design do you preffer? 14:27:49
Public Record 14:20:24
Amish community example. 13:23:23
Ventura already at 24% in Senate Race 13:21:30
Iranian Shelling hits Northern Iraq???? What?? 13:19:16
Just Heard from Granny- Aamco won't cover warranty on Tranny!! 12:53:30
dollars DOOMSDAY! 12:29:41
Revolution March Book Signing Event ! 12:22:48
Online Movement Aims to Punish Democrats Who Support Bush Wiretap Bill 12:09:11
****Broken Arrow!!**** 11:58:17
Here is a good Ron Paul Convention Video 11:56:14
Sturgis "UPDATE" 11:55:37
Great exchange with McCain and audience member 11:23:27
Iran test fires missles.... U.S. warmongering tension rises as the Propaganda comes rolling in. 11:19:00
Get Stoked!!! 07-12-08 11:06:25
Are Americans too stupid for self governance? 10:58:23
bonefide SILVER shortage!!! 10:49:57
McCain Silences Librarians 10:46:21
Offended Legislators Walk Out During Controversial Kansas Senate Opening Prayer 10:35:40
Can we convince local prosecutors 10:26:43
10 min video: TOP SECRET leaked on July 4th, 2008 10:21:28
Bank run on INDY MAC 10:12:38
McCain Jokes About Killing Iranians 09:37:22
Basic Emergency Firearm Preparedness 09:14:27
Russia threatens military response to US missile defence deal 09:03:45
Kent Snyder and 911 truth 08:51:31
Today's Daily Reckoning Mentions RON PAUL 08:26:12
Urgent: Support Real Investigation (non-political) Into Sept. 11 Today! Keep Bumped! 08:04:24
Britain Close To Recession say Chambers of Commerce 07:52:01
Results of The Latest Hague Trial 06:50:50
New vaccine sneaks into body, then self-destructs 05:59:08
The Tao of Chuck 05:56:00
Drugs suspected in treats given to Texas police 05:45:15
Fake Money - Gas prices & housing crash 05:44:16
Senate Moves to Cover-Up Bush Criminal Activity 05:40:06
U.S. dollar weakens on news Iran fires missile 05:12:09
I love you 04:10:45
I want to know who plans on being a doer, that is all who is willing to work or donate? 04:04:36
Daughter4Liberty it seems that Bob Barr has infiltrated Cedar Rapids 04:00:18
H.R. 4987 The Secure Fence Act ... Grassfire urges all to phone thier congressman 03:48:26
Libertarians are "leftists" and my county GOP is the "Silent Majority"!!! 03:08:42
The Founding Father of Constitutional Subversion 01:54:40
The Energy Non Crisis-Gotta SEE This Very Important! 00:56:02
Bush protesters discuss $80K government settlement 00:53:57
Constitution Doesn't Protect Foreign Terrorist 00:33:28
Finally, some progress against illegal wars 00:23:35