Posted on August 1, 2008

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Ron Paul's on HR 4137, Higher Ed Opportunity Act 19:41:24
Ron Paul's Statement on HR 6599, Military Construction/ Veterans Affairs 19:37:58
Looking to Leave the USA? This article may interest you. 19:37:59
PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD - Updated! 11:08:19
To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them 06:51:14
Jesse Benton on the Alex Jones Show:"Jesse Ventura at Rally" plus HUGE announcement Monday 8-4-08! 11:08:20
F.P. DIGG! Forced servitude in America? 00:08:37
Paul On Fox News Discussing Marijuana Decriminalization 11:08:29
Music Video by the band Ravelyn-- Ron Paul relevant 21:20:56
Weekend Watching: The Mother of All Crashes 21:20:57
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Offshore banking questions 23:54:37
@ Jordan Page, Revolution March Blacked Out By Media @ DIGG BOMB! 23:42:40
Did you know Sy Hersh revealed that Cheney was considering a false-flag for Iran? 23:23:00
Youtube Channel about Ron Paul and Sound Money 23:01:47
I really dont know how to feel about this. 22:27:11
Got my ballot in the mail today... 21:35:50
Marine Crusaders may have proselytized Muslims in Iraq 19:59:30
Florida bank seizure 19:51:14
Dick Cheney's newest "second cousin" 19:41:38
Someone please set this guy straight. RE: Rally for the Republic 19:38:36
Why would Ron Paul vote against the 19:14:20
Financial Support for a "Ron Paul" Congressional Candidate 19:12:29
Dr. Steve Parent LIVE final radio show Friday August 1st 8pm central 9pm eastern 19:08:07
Watch this 19:02:29
ANTHONY J. HILDER on live on Revolution Broadcasting - 7PM Eastern - RIGHT NOW!!! 18:41:22
~We Will Never Surrender!~ 18:37:26
The Mad scientist behind the Anthrax attacks. Really. Check it out. 18:31:01
Mukasey’s Plan: New Declaration of War; Torture Cover-up 18:26:04
Blackwater now in the private intelligence business 18:24:42
Freedom of speech? don't think so 18:06:44
*UPDATE* McCain's "Bravo Zulu Moneybomb" IS a dud! 18:04:04
High government officials warned of Anthrax BEFORE the attack 17:55:31
Man Decapitated By Seatmate On Bus 17:45:17
Pelosi wants censorship, supports Unfairness Doctrine 17:44:13
NYPD calls on citizens for amateur video evidence 17:42:14
Washington Post: Travelers' Laptops May Be Detained At Border 17:38:46
Bets: What's Monday's big announcement? 17:20:22
The other "Dr. No" 17:16:58
~Concentration Death Camps Here in America~ 17:15:50
The Top 3 unanswered questions about 911 are: Where was Norad? Who shorted the stocks? & Why WTC7 fell without being hit? 17:08:39
Is he for real? Obama proposes $1,000 emergency rebate checks 17:01:51
The Vice Presidential candidates will be selected by the shadow government! 16:57:38
what the rest of the world sees 16:37:46
How many did you convert today? v 2.0 16:24:11
Another Real ID Opponent 15:15:43
~Rally For The Republic! Versus FEMA Concentration Camps!~ 15:11:58
Rooms at Rally 15:07:31
DVDs4Delegates Needs Your Help with Delegate Lists (anyone can help, from any state) 14:40:34
When WAMU and Wacovia go belly up 14:34:32
FBI: 9/18 was inside job, anthrax suspect dead (Ridleo) 14:32:09
The Big Hand Moves Closer To Midnight....By Mike Whitney 14:24:43
~John McSame Ad Parody~ 14:09:05
Naomi Wolf at the D.C. Rally VIDEO 13:12:09
NAFTA 13:07:43
~Dvds4delegates Played Outside GOP Convention?~ 13:03:45
Show your support for 'nerds' speaking at Rally For The Republic 12:44:38
Breaking-Cheney, Neocons Considered Killing Americans in Pretext to Attack Iran 12:18:33
Inflationary HORROR SHOW! 12:10:46
HHO from solar??? 11:51:02
Beer and Revolution - German Anarchists in New York 11:51:01
How many banks will they announce tonight??? Aug 1st 11:48:07
The Perpetual Menacings of Danger 11:20:45
Remember, remember - know what to do in November? 11:14:45
Bruce Ivins commits suicide as Fed moves in to arrest 10:48:08
Forced experimental vaccines killing American soldiers 10:31:29
hho and genarators 10:29:42
ABC's Z. Byron Wolf calls Ron Paul supporters Grover Norquist & Tucker Carlson "Nerds" - Major Backfire! 10:20:01
Get this: McCain doesn't even write his own books 09:39:27
deleted 09:35:51
Energy Supply Solution 08:33:18
2 articles on Bush's new Executive Order unveiled.... will he leave in Jan? 08:26:18
Great article, 2 parts 06:24:18
Lyrics of the first Ron Paul for President video I saw 05:06:27
The Battle in Nevada 02:40:33
Banning a substance 02:38:36
Wal-Mart is panicking, warning managers if the Dems win. 02:16:36
Ron Paul now on DIGG'S FRONT PAGE!!! 01:29:32
I just had this idea.. what do you think ? 00:57:24
Independent Run is IMPOSSIBLE... Several State Ballot Access Deadlines are past : ( 00:38:06
As taxpayers we should JUST SAY NO 00:35:30
This is why I voted for Ron Paul.... 00:16:47
Jesse needs to apologize to Christians before representing liberty... 00:16:13
Are Jesse Ventura & Willie Nelson doing a different rally as well? 00:12:57