Posted on August 10, 2008

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Minni Star Tribune: It's Not the Man - It's the Movement 23:22:12
Great Political Spectrum Video 20:12:55
First-time gold buyer, please offer advice! 11:29:20
Alaska 02:50:45
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question: what happens to government employees 23:58:31
Rally For The Republic Lodging - Non-Ronvoy Cabins - Meals Included 23:34:29
US weighs stepped-up military forays into Pakistan 23:13:57
UK economy worse then first thought! 23:09:19
Paulson rules out staying on at Treasury 23:01:14
Banks go broke on Fridays at 5:45 PM. Credit Unions - well they just don't get reported 22:56:01
Betrayed by the Village Idiot! 22:43:25
My opinion about gold 22:37:04
Story about Idaho's gold standard resolutions 21:07:30
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline 20:55:05
Ron Paul - More and More Independent 20:53:49
Lessons of the Paul Campaign - The Revolution was, is 20:40:02
Economist Don Harrold's Interview With Ron Paul Video 19:56:30
I was thinking 19:46:23
Cloaking Devices 19:36:52
Missouri Voter Refuses Illegal Demand to Show Photo ID at Poll, Gets Thrown in Jail 18:09:24
Hahaha, McCain will make surprise announcement 18:05:19
ID GOP picks a funny stone to throw 17:44:11
Congratulations Cindy Sheehan!!! 17:42:05
Florida Republicans have been duped – Loyalty Oath and all. 17:38:12
Question for Baldwin supporters 17:38:06
Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery 17:23:20
South Ossetian capital completely destroyed 17:20:44
McCain's Bury Brigade.... 17:12:07
More Evidence of U.S. Complicity in S. Ossetia Invasion 16:24:14
Martial Law in Arkansas? 16:12:31
Isaac Hayes has died 16:04:39
signing up for an account at daily paul 15:14:08
Coming to a city near you? 14:52:48
Massive US naval armada heads for the gulf 14:37:44
Bump Iran 14:37:23
911 music video with Dick Cheney on drums = funny :) 14:17:38
Iraq demands "very clear" U.S. troop timeline 13:18:12
Your Prescription Drug History is now being sold. 12:46:04
You better own SILVER & GOLD LOOK!!! 12:23:39
What days will you be in St. Paul and where are you staying? 12:03:22
Election to the "Hall of Shame"! 11:45:59
Ron Paul 4409's New Internet Censorship Video 11:43:06
Granny News - Another Ron Paul Supporter Runs! 11:27:31
"Network" 11:21:12
Obama - The Postmodern Coup by Webster Griffin Tarpley 11:19:02
Zeitgeist Addendum (Zeitgeist 2) Trailer-Coming Oct. 2008 11:18:06
8/10/08 U.S. government gold coin release, 5,000 coins 11:00:12
Doug Wead says Ron Paul is a Prophet 10:59:33
Wolfowitz says US will OK Taiwan arms deal --Here we go again. 10:59:04
Great Minneapolis Star Tribune article 10:52:21
Check out candidate Dr. Carl Mumpower 10:20:14
Anthony Russo, man who broke Gulf of Tonkin fabrication scandal dies 09:54:33
Federation Of Light - Craft Will Appear on Oct 14th 2008 08:04:59
Militarization of the Dollar - The global Empire Tax 05:37:47
Who is the new Charlie Manson? Bimbo and Froggy 05:25:00
How about a little music 04:37:25
U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy. All the actuaries, all the objective scorekeepers of the federal government, are predicting this. 04:02:46
150 Guests??? Sign up? Talk to us? Are you in Iraq? 03:36:54
Give me YOUR SITES???? 02:34:37
BEST VIDEO EVER on current Economic Crisis WTF? DIGG IT!!!!! 01:32:52
Awkward/ironic moment during the national anthem at the Olympics... 01:18:51
Missouri Voter Refuses Illegal Demand to Show Photo ID at Poll, Gets Thrown in Jail 00:27:48
One World One Dream 00:19:00
1964 Senator Wayne Morse 00:04:43