Posted on August 11, 2008

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What's in a Bill Name? 20:51:11
The bloody loin from meat video 15:09:30
Tasers, also known as "Chattel Prodders." Should Police Have Them? Are You For or Against? 14:41:46
The Tragedy of the Commons. 13:56:19
Georgian President Runs For His Life | Raw Footage 13:10:47
What's going on? 8/8/8 15:09:31
This Surprisingly Refreshing Polynesian Lady Wants to Return the GOP, "Party of the Big Tent" to its Conservative Roots. 06:35:08
C4L Events Coordinator Answers Your Questions about the Rally for the Republic 20:53:11
What happens to the delegates for a candidate when the candidate drops out of the race? 20:51:10
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how to calculate your own gold price projection! 23:57:56
View RNC surveillance cameras from home 23:52:59
Need some advice. Which Hotel did you guys reserve for the Rally? 23:06:56
Russian media blocked from Georgian ISP 22:57:55
Rep. Paul's wife in critical care unit at Houston hospital 22:51:28
Ron Paul's wife in serious condition at hospital 22:41:06
Iraq Wants U.S. Out! 22:18:06
W.H.O Murdered Africa 21:48:52
Cato is a joke: Ben Bernanke is their guest essayist 20:50:10
FAA bans R/C airplanes during DNC 20:05:26
~Martial Law~ 19:59:58
Want to understand Russia vs Georgia? read this! 19:40:25
Reuters Dated 7-15-08: U.S.-Georgia training begins amid Russia strain. 19:24:58
mortgage crisis now reaching credit unions 19:14:00
McCain Lifts His Russia-Georgia Speech from Wikipedia! 19:06:07
*Russia-US Military Confrontation?* 17:54:31
Utah GOP Works to give all Romney Delegates to McCain 17:51:55
Rally Match-making opportunity 17:32:21
War Alert! 17:21:02
Hearts and Minds? 17:00:17
DIGG - Texas RP National Delegates Money bomb 16:26:09
Thank you congress... 16:18:57
Borders, Socialism, and the Free Market 16:18:17
Letter From Sadam 16:02:36
Strang but true - Video game predicts Gerogain War to the exact moment in time 15:08:00
Israel ready to attack Iran without USA’s permission 14:58:53
Southeast Texas delegates to the RNC 14:51:39
HEROES 14:50:27
Kucinich submits 100,000 signatures, LETS MAKE IT 200,000! 14:17:18
My Russian War Theory... What's Yours? 13:47:02
"WWIII", What if it's What They Want? 13:35:42
Time / CNN article! Libertarians: A ( Not So ) Lunatic Fringe- Ron Paul, Barr discussed 13:19:45
There seems to be a lot of confusion over the situation in Georgia. 13:19:23
Here are current prices so no one gets the runaround from your gold broker... 13:06:28
Kucinich submits 100,000 signatures, Let's Make it 200,000. 12:59:09
Oklahoma Delegate still needs help. 12:45:09
Breaking News ! Gold down to $840 ! 11:50:51
Zeitgeist: The Movie and Spreading the Message 10:59:59
Please stop ancient posts. 10:35:21
U.S. Arms Cache Found in Kyrgyzstan 07:28:54
The Goal Is Freedom: Was the Constitution Really Meant to Constrain Government 06:20:01
Learn how to fight. 06:13:57
Employment verification plan triggers fears of Big Brother WASHINGTON — For critics, the idea is an Orwellian nightmare: The fe 06:05:16
Arkansas town on lock down "Martial Law" 04:42:19
What's with these ads? 03:46:25
My main problems with the two 'other' candidates. 02:32:06
bunch of diggs 01:55:29
Yahoo finance message board is blocking anti McCain links. 01:48:20
Terrorism - Who Stands to Benefit the Most? 01:31:24
*Updated*-Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran 01:24:34
This Is Genocide’: American Witness Says U.S. and Georgia need to Answer for Violence 01:22:41
Russian jets targeted major oil pipeline-Georgia 00:53:09