Posted on August 14, 2008

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Excellent Video on Free Speech Cages at DNC in Denver 23:17:15
Detention Camp Ready for "Democratic" National Convention Protestors 22:37:46
FYI: As our movement grows, this will be used against us in a similar way. 22:22:52
The Video YouTube or Somebody didn't wan't you to see. 20:34:05
*Please Sign Kucinich’s Petition to Impeach Bush/Cheney* 15:48:25
Update on Carol Paul #2 15:48:27
Core & Headline Inflation Up...Gold & Silver Down... 12:08:28
VIDEO: FOXNews-12 yr old SanFrancisco Girl to Russian Troops: Thank You 08:30:51
Funds Embrace Dollar as Crisis Mutates Into Global Slump 07:44:13
Campaign for Liberty Announces New Merchandise Design Contest 22:22:53
A GIFT for Carol From Daily Paulers 15:48:29
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102 countries are at risk of chaos 23:34:18
3 recent stories of obtrusive government: 23:24:18
A Must See Movie! 23:10:41
The MSM... 22:57:33
This is REAL folks: NWO,Georgian President just declared that Russia was on the offensive 22:43:24
words of wisdom! 22:24:30
Anyone? 22:23:17
More On the Federal Reserve Gold Certificate Ratio 22:22:28
U.S. court rules Saudi Arabia immune in 9/11 case 22:21:11
patriots guide to the secrets of the legal system. 22:02:53
Doug Wead: The Ron Paul Fantasy, Part I 21:36:03
News Alert: US Mint Suspends Sales Of Gold American Eagles 21:29:57
The Federal Breach Of Trust 21:15:28
The Same Game For The Last 50 Years...Or More! 21:12:41
The Official Administration of Liberty 21:10:11
The Slow Creeping Vine of Economic Depression 21:05:36
Georgia started it! Digg in! 20:58:05
BleuCream013 called it spot on! 20:48:20
Is the White House pushing bank failures onto the next administration's plate? 20:32:36
BJ Lawson having a huge free movie premier in Raleigh of I.O.U.S.A. 20:17:23
**Silver**- @ $12.50 at 1:19am central time 8/15/08 19:39:11
~Truth About Iran~ 19:37:06
Bill Would End Ban on Photos of Returning Military Dead 19:30:04
Science VS God 18:51:56
*Georgian Military Firing on Civilian American* 18:49:18
I've never seen a Digg rise this fast... 18:24:41 this right? 18:00:35
Guidelines for Forum Users: How to Spot a Troll & What to Do if You Encounter One. 17:49:58
If You Run a Red Light, Will Everyone Know? 17:27:05
Monsanto to dump rBGH Woot! Woot! 16:52:08
Breaking News - U.S.and Poland sign missile shield deal 16:39:58
Libertarian Discussion #2 16:32:45
Forewarding my Rally for the Republic Invitation 15:58:01
How's the weather in your neck of the woods? 15:52:01
1968 Democratic Convention 15:43:24
Steve Jobs Confirms iPhone Has a Kill Switch 15:38:00
New diggs at the DNC 15:17:07
Rally for the Republic: Come get your Wead. 15:12:08
Doctors debate when to declare organ donors dead 15:11:57
Thought Crimes Agenda Already Being Implemented 15:10:28
The Great Gold Robbery of 1933 15:09:48
Ron Paul says “U.S. and Iran: It’s Time to Talk!” 14:52:57
Confrontation! 14:44:27
Walk 4 Freedom ~ Donation bomb! 14:27:18
List of States Where Dr. Paul is on the ballot 14:09:20
YouTube of RP predicting Georgia conflict way back in 2002 14:06:05
Put 1 and 2 together? 13:59:09
**VIDEO:*Mike Gravel* owns O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor!** 13:54:20
*Obama Named Warmonger By Cindy Sheehan And She Supports Ron Paul *Digg It* 13:54:00
Is this the DailyPaul meet-up location in Minneapolis? 13:49:09
Greenspan suggests inviting more immigrants to solve housing market. 13:14:17
Georgian Troops Fire On Reporters 13:06:40
DIGG 4 Libery and Freedom!!! 12:54:59
Disgusted with the Russia / Georgia situation? 12:47:00
Think mind control is a "crazy theory?" Read this. 12:32:42
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. -Samuel Johnson 12:27:17
Honestly, how many here are Selling Gold & Silver? 12:04:00
~Aimee Allen on the Alex Jones Show~ 11:48:45
Oruval was right, but the oil company trolls attacked him to hide the truth! 11:47:09
Campaign Finance - Every State Same? 11:16:39
We are the Borg. Resistance is Futile. 11:13:49
Please Ron!!! 11:12:11
Our Senate, and Congress are slow.... 10:39:42
McCain Wants Tom Ridge to be VP? 09:47:28
WOW,,,, if this can be VERIFIED 09:32:29
Creature From Jekyl Island 09:09:26
Gold and Silver Tonight 05:14:41
Meet the Federal Reserve - the Truth From a Fed Spokesman 04:36:37
Housing Debacle Speeding Up 03:52:38
Was the War in Georgia a Neocon Election Ploy? 03:11:06
Greater Convention will allow everyday citizens to enjoy the spectacle of democracy 02:42:19
Please Sign-Impeachment Petition authored by Dennis Kucinich 02:32:43
Wow... communication is an ART... if we master it... we WIN 02:27:06
Lone Gunman kills our Democratic State Chairman 01:46:50
Bush 'Feeling No Pain' 01:35:27
"I'm voting for McCain" - Ron Paul Supporter 01:07:48
John Hagee - Glenn Beck - Bible Prophecies Part 6 of 7 01:00:02
Welcome to the Olympics 00:51:06
Goodnight all, it's been a great night. : ) 00:42:42
Nevada RP Candidate on General Election Ballot in November! 00:41:57
Treason O.K. in U.S.A. 00:38:11
McCain suggests we could be in for another Cold War 00:25:55