Posted on August 16, 2008

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GREAT American Walk for Freedom UPDATED 21:38:04
Blowback from Bear Baiting by Pat Buchanan 08:14:29
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Saddleback Church, Pastored by Rick Warren, is contributing illegally to the Republican and Democrat Nominees 23:57:49
Could Ron Paul be Barr's VP??? 23:56:52
Nancey Polsmokey is for off shore drilling? 23:31:22
For the silver bugs. 23:22:33
Quote of the day... 22:49:19
My letter to Rick Warren 21:50:21
Dan Rather announces Giuliani has “flight data recorder” from WTC 20:35:31
Fabian Socialist Dream Come True! 20:04:23
What does it mean to be a Neo-Con 19:53:38
This Rick Warren Thing Tonight Is Disgusting 19:49:35
Forget the wars on poverty, drugs and terrorism. 19:40:17
Global Union Conspiracy 19:38:39
Ron Paul~Relations with Russia (01-31-2000) 19:27:55
The Federal Reserve System..explained through music 18:51:16
Thank goodness we aren't shackeld by the Geneva Conventions 18:35:04
No Military Entanglements in Georgia, Says Bob Barr 17:46:06
US must share power in New World Order, says Turkey's controversial president 17:28:01
Chandler officer found not guilty in K9 case 17:26:03
Robert Kennedy Admits that Vaccines causes Autism on Joe Scarborough 17:11:22
"Granny's Home Cookin" 16:40:46
Trade Deficit - Some Thoughts 16:21:47
CNN's Jack Cafferty Seeking Input on Voting Third Party 16:20:30
Answer this. Could Paul (and Ventura) be on the ballot in every state 15:55:02
Will Ron Paul Be On The Ballot? 15:32:40
CFR WEBSITE 15:29:46
Breaking: Conyers Calls Committee Back from Summer Recess to Investigate Suskind Allegations 15:28:56
A: (You know the answer) 14:58:34
Google Rally for the Republic! 14:54:14
Video for your Children 14:47:39
delegate begging for help here! 13:43:58
*North American Union* 13:32:40
The Fun Continues.... 13:12:10
GET IT HERE GET IT NOW!!! FREE RON PAUL REVOLUTION COLA by Jones soda---WHILE HELPING National Delegates go to St.Paul!!!! 12:39:53
08/15/08 NEW ZOGBY Poll 55% of Americans want Bob Barr in Debates - Barr still at 6% Nationally 12:33:33
Rally For The Republic Selling Out - Buy Now! 12:24:50
Information Reqested 12:17:29
WATCH THIS!!!! William Engdahl videos on Russia-Georgia Conflict! 12:14:28
RNC Panel Rejects Both NV Delegations 12:12:41
Where's the Constitutional Authority to Ban Drugs? DIGG 12:08:34
*Ron Paul On Patriot Act Recorded in 2001* 11:47:33
IS THE STAGE BEING SET FOR WW3 before "Broush" leaves office? 11:34:40
Juror thrown out for bringing up the Constitution 11:18:33
Want to write in Ron Paul and be sure your vote is counted? 11:02:08
An Update on Carol Paul from Barry Goldwater, Jr. 09:54:23
NV GOP Finally Reveals its delegate list 09:49:54
Weekend Watching Century of the Self 09:39:46
Speak out before WW3 gets going, PLEASE! 09:39:09
Saakashvili eating his tie on TV 08:56:22
ACLU Press Release 05:57:38
NWO essay continued 03:44:38
Cute baby is a Ron Paul supporter 03:02:55
Economy not affecting average "JOE" 02:22:20
If the PRESIDENT BREAKS THE LAW and gets away with it, it will set a new and dangerous standard for lawlessness! 02:09:31
RNC panel rejects both Nev. delegations 01:49:36
NEVADA: Source: RNC panel rejects both Nev. delegations 01:43:38
Video: We Are Change Colorado visits DNC mass detention camp 01:37:05
National Run-on-the-Bank Day 00:18:46
U.S. mint suspends gold coin sales; futures price is a fiction 00:12:43
please, please... 00:09:53
please, please... 00:09:49
Open letters to Jesse Ventura and Rand Paul: 00:01:33