Posted on August 2, 2008

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RP's huge announcement 8/4/08?? 22:38:32
Goldwater '64 - "Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice." 22:38:35
Tipping the Balance, Part II 22:38:33
How is the DailyPaul regarded by RP and the other side? 11:08:40
IN ORDER TO RESTORE the integrity of the USA, this administration MUST be held accountable! 08:50:35
During the Daily Paul blackout.... 08:50:36
GOP warns dissident wing - Republicans try to stop 'Liberty Caucus' 00:52:17
RNC telling congressional candidates to avoid the convention and encouraging them to criticize fellow Republicans/Congress. 08:50:36
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Cheney Worst Person in the World 23:49:31
What's the best way to stop street Light Cameras ... 23:47:43
Another cover up story: The Scott loper Story 22:02:11
Bill Cooper 21:47:36
McCain wants "Iraqi-style surge" in U.S. neighborhoods 21:32:32
Williams - Ahmadinejad interview 21:30:49
Has anyone heard of the Weaponizing of the Avian Flu? 21:27:37
Paul/Ventura 2008 Truth Telling Ticket Write-in Campaign 21:27:13
Rip-Off Artist O-bomb-a 21:04:09
Does Louis Farrakhan sound like Ron Paul? [Videos] 20:18:06
Iran president vows no retreat on nukes 20:14:54
Did Israel & U.S. Conspire to Steal Iraq Oil? "Operation Shekhinah a.k.a. Operation Iraqi Freedom" 19:38:37
communication shut down 19:32:58
Inviting Kucinich to join Dr. Paul & Jesse at the rally 19:19:25
We're the Government --and you're not 18:55:40
Michael Donihe, Ron Paul DEMOCRAT running in 1st Congressional District TN! 18:35:00
Why do we support Ron Paul? 18:25:00
Well it's good to see old friends in great places. 18:04:57
JFK Executive Order 11110 still in force!? 17:46:18
I just finished watching a new documentary "Who Really Runs The World?" you should watch. 17:44:32
anyone has a guess 17:40:14
American Bar Association goes to the dark side. 17:28:58
America now fits the definition of a third world Fascist country. 16:59:41
Kohls "Love Revolution" Commercial 16:36:19
Any news on the big announcement from RP today! 16:30:31
Cannot buy tickets to Rally for the Republic because Ticketmaster website is stuck in Spanish 16:30:03
Can't believe I didn't get any comments. 16:14:01
Rob Fitzgerald- Ron Paul Democrat running for U.S. Senate in Minnesota? 14:15:05
4th Amendment's Truly GONE! 13:41:00
Another Bank CLoses!! You Guys were right! 13:28:52
Granny News - 8/2/08 - Getting Ready 13:27:29
RNC - Convention – We are Here to take it back! 12:24:54
** Tortured American Citizen Tells his Story ** 12:04:29
~Ron Jesse Run~Ron Jesse Run~ 11:45:54
I don't know what the Ron Paul Campaign is thinking, but 11:32:48
Florida woman vs. Florida Dpt of Education 10:58:38
"Billy Jack" is back 10:51:54
Ron Paul advocates private market money 09:49:10
Indian River County Florida Candidates & Gun Control 09:35:38
Media blackout of the March 08:49:08
Bob Barr's New Youtube Video's 08:37:14
Interesting--A Case for Freedom and Liberty! 08:13:14
Another bank bites the dust 08:02:31
Second Arrest Attempt On Karl Rove In Iowa Leads To 4 Arrests 06:27:54
Why We Need the 2nd Amendment. 05:57:11
U.S. Military Covers up Murder: Says Soldier Beat Herself to Death 05:35:47
Toby Keith was on Glenn Beck 05:35:21
Democrats Turn Out The Lights On Capitol Hill 05:28:52
* For what it's worth: Is it clear how many delegates Dr. Paul has? 05:26:03
Scientist dies amid anthrax cloud 04:31:10
Will the "Ron Paul Limo" make it to the rally? 04:20:57
mccain/Obama almost tied all the time ? 04:07:30
Our children are seeing the results of America's empire 04:01:06
To Life - All cultures - leChaim 03:41:26
Frank Luntz for fun 03:39:42
email from McCain 02:23:27
Vincent Bugliosi on the Alex Jones Show "Off To Jail Bush" 01:49:21