Posted on August 20, 2008

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A BIG SIGN... things are changing.... and we are making a difference! 23:16:39
AP: Will young Paul supporters stay with the GOP? 23:16:29
Former Guest with Offerings of Thanks 22:55:42
Amish Population Nearly Doubles In 16 Years 22:30:39
Ron Paul on Alex Jones 17:43:24
Why SHOULDN'T I join the John Birch Society? 17:15:14
Great News from Washington State: Michael Delavar Wins Primary! 11:00:00
Discussion: How to take back America for REAL 01:49:37
To a True American Hero - Happy Birthday Ron Paul! 22:30:40
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FBI rules could target innocent Americans to be spied on 23:16:45
Ballot Access News 22:49:06
Campaign for Liberty design contest is now closed... 22:32:55
I.O.U.S.A. by Billionaire BANKER and former CHAIRMAN of the elite COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS! 22:13:01
My Present to the good Doc... 21:43:01
Over 85,000 at C4L and 9320 Tix Sold 21:42:36
US, Poland Sign Missile Defense Deal 21:36:22
A MUST WATCH VIDEO - Reagan, Ron Paul, Martin L King, Goldwater, Barr - et al 21:22:45
Ron Paul Blimp 21:12:00
Stop the Bill of Rights Blackout - Sign the Petition Today - With Video 21:09:20
RP needs to deliver a "State of The Revolution" speech at the R4R! 20:56:38
Ron Paul: Physical opposition to gov may become necessary 20:32:08
straight from the coin dealer's mouth 20:32:01
false flag movies? 20:28:41
I gotta say somethin and blow off this steam. 20:19:19
Extolling the virtues of Mike Huckabee. 20:12:22
What is - The State of the Revolution? 20:05:21
A Brief History of the US Central Banking 19:59:14
*We The People!* 19:54:00
Public Ignorance At All-Time High. Stupidity A Close Second. 19:53:46
Ron Pauls speech- I am excitted 19:52:11
I heard some McCain news at work, today 19:44:36
Mark Twain Quote 19:24:36
Anyone hear from Thomas? 19:21:18
This song must be heard 19:07:18
~Tea Party In Saint Paul~ 19:04:08
Remember Russo at the Rally for the Republic 18:42:26
Divide and Conquer: The Anglo-American Imperial Project 18:36:09
The shortage of silver is at least 5 months old (and I didn't know it !) 18:01:31
Watch this Rally Promo video! 17:55:05
**Pushing Russia's Buttons?!?!** When is it Time to Move? 17:55:00
Will young Paul, Huckabee backers stay with GOP? 17:46:37
The silver (and gold) shortage 17:42:12
Houston cop used police car to rip off drug dealers 17:41:43
Please help spread the message. Bump and Digg. 17:38:41
Nearly 2 in 3 voters want someone else 17:18:00
U.S. Hands Off Georgia and Russia - END NATO NOW! 16:53:50
The War Narrative by MSM 16:52:48
Ron Paul on Alex Jones Radio .. Mp3 ... 082008 16:45:41
The NSA & FBI admit they listen to your cell phones - on or off 16:22:40
New York City agrees to pay protesters $2 million 16:12:45
Redefining terrorism 16:10:07
I'm from northern NJ and all I see are Obama signs 16:05:31
Calling All Celebrities ! - Digg 16:00:56
OMG! You're not Going to Believe Who is Going to Be Speaking at The 2008 Republican National Convention! 15:41:10
Wheres this money coming from ??? 15:38:26
Idea To Use I.O.U.S.A. Movie To Spread The Message 14:59:59
RNC Speakers chosen - Huck's there, no Paul 14:53:58
McCain leads Obama in new Zogby/Reuters poll 14:53:41
Both VP choices will be selected by the NWO! 14:53:08
great comeback 14:47:00
* Cindy Sheehan On Alex Jones TV * 14:43:48
Lieberman to Speak at GOP Convention 14:43:19
Money Market Guru 14:31:13
Obama & McCain: Criminal NWO Puppets- 'Saddleback' Protest Video 14:16:53
TO DON the Coodinator and Everyone Attending the Rally!! FEEDBACK NOW! 13:42:49
Do you know the Preamble for your state? 13:41:00
Georgia Plans New Offensive 13:37:09
Patriot Radio stations squabbling??? 13:36:44
Aaron Russo and the Rally 13:27:17
Movie exposes how many Zionists actually run America 13:27:15
Silver shortage locally 13:26:01
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Ron Paul ! ! DIGG BOMB! 13:16:43
We need some help, we are running out of time 13:07:09
Electing a third-party candidate "would be the best thing for the country," -Ron Paul 12:59:51
Upcoming Democrat and Republican Convention Demonstrations 12:58:06
Kucinich/Conyers health care plan gets attention 12:39:27
Sen. Joe Lieberman to speak at the RNC 12:21:15
AP: Will young Paul, Huckabee backers stay with GOP? 12:02:04
They still worry about us! 11:59:44
Investor's Bus. Daily: State of Denial - Gov. Keeps Hiring Amid Slowdown 11:46:27
Ron Paul On The Alex Jones Show Today 8-20 11:34:32
Sara Evans is smoking HOT! 11:12:25
*America From Fascism To Freedom* 11:04:16
Speechless 10:45:49
A song for Ron Paul 10:31:10
IOUSA Premieres Tomorrow! 10:24:48
LA Times: Presidential debate outrage! Libertarian Bob Barr wants in -- and a poll majority agrees 09:58:12
Weird Phone Survey 09:46:01
Ron Paul and earmarks 09:29:04
For those talking about voting for a ballot-qualified candidate that is not Ron Paul? You need to know these things listed 09:18:42
"The prosecution of George W. Bush for murder! 09:16:25
Lehman couldn't secure Korean Funds: report 08:11:55 08:06:20
Karl Rove speaking on Fox very shortly! 8:04am 07:58:07
Global Revolution 06:30:25
In Honor of Ron Paul's 73rd Lets be ditch diggers Happy Birthday!!! (Could not ask 4 more by Sara Evans) 05:59:57
Diggit! Walk4freedom 05:15:32
Warning: Lew Moore is being paid by McCain folks now 03:26:56
Bob Barr: Obama is taking ‘Robin Hood’ approach to taxes. 02:21:55
Havent we learned anything YET? 01:07:14
9/11 Truth: Was Extra Equipment Attached To Flight 175? 00:38:29
Jim Rogers Exclusive: Bigger Financial Shocks Loom Consequences to Impact for Years 00:13:35
Digg question here 00:07:24