Posted on August 21, 2008

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I just got back from seeing I.O.U.S.A. - Featuring Dr. Ron Paul 23:22:00
Last Chance for Posters 21:39:38
NEVER Talk To the Police -- NEVER NEVER NEVER 18:04:36
Jim Kramer just loses it on video about the economy 18:04:35
update--archive link--NEWS FLASH---MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT----TUNE IN TONIGHT AUGUST 21st 14:08:06
MA Supporter's Huge Campaign for Liberty Billboard! 18:04:36
Quiltingsando's (and our) Get Well Quilt for Carol - Pictures! 18:04:39
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Hollywood performs the Declaration of Independence 23:51:15
FREE Ron Paul Bumper Sticker to the first 50 visitors!!!! 23:43:26
We must win or forever remember this as our last chance!!! 23:25:40
I.O.U.S.A 23:18:37
Just an hour a day, and we'll take off the wait 23:09:47
Wireless Electricity !! 23:06:54
People chipping themselves and their kids - and paying for it. 22:59:50
LRC podcast: Walter Block discusses road socialists 22:55:08
Becoming illegal 22:36:02
34 STATES could have voting errors this election! 22:28:48
What government is all about. 21:26:42
What government is all about. 21:23:26
Ohio Voting Machines Contained Programming Error That Dropped Votes 21:18:12
HEY! GOOD NEWS! The Feds "solved" the WTC7 Building's failure! 21:17:15
Obama's eligibility challenged 20:45:46
I want to understand something help me out okay ? This is important to me. 20:40:08
Hey Michael Nystrom 20:01:40
the big sting 2! economic takedown. 19:52:05
August 28th -- Collins Bailey event at the Rockfish Restaurant (Maryland) 19:37:29
Sound Familiar????? 19:29:35
Mccain gets death threat and letter with white powder. CBS News 19:13:55
Michael Moore:What's So Heroic About Being Shot Down Bombing Innocent Civilians? 19:13:04
The terrorists are winning 19:06:54
*The Time For Liberty* 18:32:55
My Dogs! - Just a break in the insanity! 18:28:18
I need help getting to the Rally 18:23:55
Following the money backwards~Are we ready for the truth or not yet ? 18:21:36
McCain’s Denver office evacuated after threat 18:20:45
East Coast Avengers CENSORED 17:57:13
Battle in Seattle - WTO story 17:40:13
What Time Does Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul Speak Sept. 2 ? 17:18:56
Good Pub - OC Register: Local Ron Paul supporters traveling to Minneapolis 17:06:23
Ron Paul's surplus of $588,000!! 16:51:50
Nickel and Dime for Liberty! 16:51:47
Full Spectrum Dominance 16:51:14
545 People....EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS! 16:27:49
Economics 101, Why the idea of Walmart is, in fact, GOOD... 16:14:39
May Divine Intervention Make Dr Ron Paul POTUS 16:02:57
Baby Torture or Good, Clean Fun? 15:40:22
Giuliani and Romney to crash Democrats' Denver party. Can't you just feel the perverse absurdity of this game called Politics? 15:37:03
Fires, Not Explosives----The Final Word on 7 WTC 15:01:58
PETITION for Paul/ Ventura ticket - if you want to sign 14:56:29
DNC Denver Convention: A Clinton/Obama Food Fight? 14:34:11
U.S. Mint suspends red-hot Eagle gold coins: dealers 14:17:53
Aetna called with a vaccination reminder for my 11 year old son 14:14:20
Susan Eisenhower changes from Republican to Independent 14:06:11
I need a ticket in section 136 at the Rally 13:41:00
McCain's Latest "FUZZY MOMENT" LOL 13:35:10
-DIGG is Down- 13:29:13
*Nader Talks About Coming Martial Law* 13:20:43
General Strike 13:20:09
Limbaugh tacitly admits McCain is worthless. 13:06:01
Ron Paul is looking better and better everyday 13:00:41
Internet 2.0-the Battle is on October 13-16, 2008 12:49:20
How To and Truthful News 12:46:57
Bush buried Musharraf's al-Qaeda links 12:27:24
Why I am Going to Go Ahead and Roll Over Submissively and Vote for McCain. 12:19:23
Just what we need - New Guidelines Would Give F.B.I. Broader Powers 12:02:13
Please Stop feeding the Trolls... 10:44:40
American Tax Payers Will Be Forced Billions Into Debt to Communist China to Rebuild Bush War Damage in Bush's Georgia 10:40:15
This is how we get ron paul nominated 10:38:24
Bye Bye Barry (satire) 10:33:03
Israeli warmongers are in deep s#%& 10:12:07
THE BIG STING - Part 2 10:03:06
Drinking Age back to 18? 10:01:52
McCain unsure how many houses he owns 09:57:20
Jimmie Vaughan! 09:49:19
Pilot sues Homeland Security 09:33:24
Proof That The Election Will Be Stolen 09:29:25
FYI: US/Iraq set timeline for troop withdrawal 09:26:23
Why REALID needs to die, along with other Big Brother legislation 09:25:18
Let's kill Wal-Mart 08:34:46
Ron Paul: physical opposition to government may become necessary 08:05:03
Ron Paul on Georgia, One-Party System, DNC Camps & NATO 07:54:17
Sen. Lieberman to speak at the GOP Convention - not RP 07:11:44
WTC 7: NIST Media Briefing at 11:00 AM EDT 07:05:14
Ron Paul comedians 05:45:08
Ron Paul Mentioned on CNN 04:26:36
WTF? B. Hussein Obama reference in a 2004 Will & Grace episode??? 02:27:54
A Black Parade ... 02:11:32
If typing could further the Revolution 01:02:26
DIGG 4 Liberty and Justice! 00:41:07
Non Ron Paul website touting Open Gop Convention & Poll Please write in Barr or Baldwin 00:35:13
Glenn Beck said he wants to go to the Ron Paul convention 00:20:04
Glen Beck Said He'll Vote Ron Paul 00:12:24
John McCain wasn't tortured 00:05:27