Posted on August 22, 2008

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Great American Walk 4 Freedom Video Update - Wausau, WI 8/18/08 23:55:33
Chip In for Delegates 23:55:39
100,000 MEMBERS STRONG Sign Up Bomb!!! Tuesday 8/26 11:29:16
And None Dare Call It Treason—McCain Advisor's Georgia Connection by Pat Buchanan 07:28:44
Look What Came in the Mail Today! A DVD. 23:55:35
Let us take Minneapolis! 23:55:41
Weekend Pondering - Civil Disobedience 23:55:37
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Ron Paul in the news in AZ 23:50:16
I.R.I.P.O.F.F.U.S.A ....ehemm... I mean.... I.O.U.S.A. 23:33:17
Food Prices to Post Biggest Rise Since 1990 23:15:19
Another Bank Folds 23:03:25
Are you ready to hit dailypaul and educate/cajole/and beat back the fools with a big stick? 22:50:11
Ron Paul Answers Grievance Petitions/Bob Schulz Asks For A Speaking Role In Minneapolis 22:47:09
Are we going to take this this from these guys?! 22:41:31
What the Liberty Love forums are really upto!!!!! 22:40:45
DP Attackers found!!!! 22:39:46
All Delegated Power Is Trust, All Assumed Power Is Usurpation. 22:36:55
Oh Mannnnnnnn you gotta see this !!!!!!!!!!!!! 22:26:48
Dixie Chicks in Minneapolis ? 22:26:18
This is getting serious 22:20:25
So how many total delegates and alternates do we have? 21:57:09
The Republican Convention Will Be Interesting After All 21:36:39
Would Manipulation of the Gold/Silver Market Affect a Monetary System 21:35:56
Obama Sued in Philadelphia Federal Court on Grounds he is Constitutionally Ineligible 21:21:08
B.O.'s V.P. - Bayh? 21:00:32
Wonderful news on Carol Paul 20:46:10
Exercise your rights---- DEAL with POLICE! 20:43:17
FREE Ron Paul car magnets 20:41:28
*Gold Silver Price Manipulation* 20:30:33
Obama Sued in Philadelphia Federal Court on Grounds he is Constitutionally Ineligible for the Presidency 20:28:21
Is Obama going down? 20:21:41
How do you keep an idiot in suspense? 20:12:28
Ron Paul Intervention 19:58:28
Gun Owners Rights Being Trampled on in Oklahoma 19:38:41
Jimmie Vaughan to play Rally for the Republic After Party 19:26:48
When do we blowback? 19:17:36
DVDs For Delegates - DVD1 - Google Video 19:14:16
Has run out of bullion products? They are one of the biggest traders! 18:34:31
Monsanto Defeated on rBGH Animal Drug After 14 Year Battle 18:25:53
Anyone know GIMP program? Help DVDs4Delegates project by helping me. I need to capture text into a .jpg file. 18:24:05
This is too good to not post... 18:16:09
For all of you in the Campaign for Liberty -- 17:58:40
Good review on I.O.U.S.A. 17:31:53
Modern Day Patriots Walk for Freedom in Wausau, WI...Enjoy! 17:18:07
This is what happens when you buy snake oil 16:59:07
Ron Paul helped bush? 16:48:14
The Revolution during economic collapse 16:33:39
“Fiat Money” has two definitions – let’s not talk past each other! 16:22:10
Harris County Court Declares RPT to Receive Attorney's Fees from Frivolous Lawsuit... 15:58:45
Want info on who's had an abortion? 15:50:19
Must Read Article by Pat Buchanan at 15:41:48
3 Little Known Facts about the Consitutition 15:35:43
For the rumor-mongering, pro-Wall Street, anti-gold and silver shills 15:18:17
Kathleen Sebelius to be Obama's VP 15:04:47
Bi-metal versus tri-metal system 15:02:13
Too Many Chip-Ins!! 14:53:18
Name on government watch list threatens pilot's career 14:52:50
Thoughts on Obama's VP 14:50:33
Chuck Baldwin for Congress 14:37:45
20 Year old Wis Woman arrested for overdue library books! 14:23:33
Progressive Party 14:23:29
PSA: Financial Insights That May Literally Save Your Life 14:00:10
GOP & Dems?!? 13:52:30
Guilty until proven innocent 13:50:05
OMG Now Cindy McCain thinks she is my Mother! 13:35:41
It doesn't matter who you vote for. 13:29:03
For the rumor-mongering silver cockroaches 13:15:46
Homegrown Terrorist! 13:13:10
NATO will not Isolate Russia 13:08:20
U.S.-led coalition kills 76 Afghan civilians 13:07:09
Automakers Seek Bailouts ! 12:57:30
OH JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH. This is getting silly. 12:55:13
"it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government" 12:39:12
*Woman Cuffed Arrested For Not Paying Library Fines!* 12:31:38
The Big Election Scam That NOBODY Is Talking About 12:02:28
President Bush lobbyist Stephen Payne in ‘bribes’ row quits 11:50:13
What to do now? 11:48:04
SW Washington's newspaper slanders our movement 11:47:52
URGENT request from Ron Paul delegate - please help! 11:41:42
We don't have a gold or silver standard, but I'd even settle for a copper standard. 11:30:37
Voting machines rigged? Well, at least they FINALLY admit it... 11:08:31
Who will be McCain's VP 10:58:11
Pretty decent article by PJB 10:56:42
We're supposedly leaving Iraq in 2012 and yet we're saying the Russian withdrawl is too slow. 10:46:32
C4L Sign Up Bomb Tues. August 26 10:24:16
Look What Came In The Mail Today-- An Invitation To The CFR! 09:38:22
Review of IOUSA by BJ Lawson 09:16:45
Twilight Of The Psychopaths 09:05:09
Obama and ACORN: a template for us? 08:35:36
FAUX does it again.. 08:18:13
Beat the dead horse, or Putin’s revenge 07:35:58
Guess Who's getting married today 07:03:19
FDA permits use of irradiation on iceberg lettuce and spinach w/out labels; few to no tests done on safety of irradiated veggies 04:58:58
FEMA phone system hacked 04:44:14
911 Inside Job: Front Page 04:23:03
Ron Paul: A Most Unusual Politician 04:21:21
Drupal Expert needed 03:35:27
The Rise of The Fourth Reich - with Jim Marrs 03:26:23
Ron Paul Rap Song - Go Get 'em! 03:10:36
Ronvoy to the Rally for the Republic! Travel/Lodging/Meals Packages Available! 02:59:11
Update from Walk4freedom! 02:55:36
What happens if your passport gets lost? 02:52:46
Interesting third party news 02:45:13
Ron Paul - A Life of Ideas; Paperback Swap 02:38:25
UPDATE 2-U.S. military frees Reuters cameraman in Iraq 02:08:09
McCain To Institute Military Draft.. 01:55:14
When is the Chuck Baldwin grassroots activity going to start up? 01:41:16
New Guidelines Would Give F.B.I. Broader Powers 01:37:39
Georgian War Photography ~ Graphic! 01:12:26
Company acknowledges voting machine error 01:10:20
Department of Revenue - Unclaimed Property 01:03:21
Cramer admits to Manipulation! 00:51:35
Gold and Silver Tonight 00:33:49
New Campaign Video and Radio Show 00:26:49
U.S., Iraq close to deal on pullout by end of 2011 00:20:45