Posted on August 25, 2008

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No need to say goodbye... you'll come back when they call you 14:29:36
Rally For The Republic Schedule For Tuesday, Sept 2 13:51:01
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Dead Men Walking....We are in Deep SH*T! 23:52:06
McCain pledges to oppose swift-boating in April, endorses swift-boating in August 23:45:51
Call C-SPAN now! 23:16:39
THE RALLY......Here we go SOME ADVICE!!!!!! 23:01:20
Bill Moyers, Your Opinion 22:56:50
The DNC is making me..... 22:56:29
Computer Expert: They Don't Want to Win Elections - They Want to Steal Them 22:17:57
Off topic: Good American history book? 22:15:03
Police forcing back protesters @ DNC Live! 21:52:05
And the local sagas continue in Florida... Keep fighting the good fight patriots!! 21:47:12
Live From DNC! 21:46:40
--Dennis Kucinich on a Joe Biden Vice Presidency YouTube Video-- 21:40:51
PRESIDENT SELECT: Chuck Baldwin on Real ID 21:08:30
Fox & Friends DNC Coverage of Hooters Girls & Cheerleaders 21:01:57
Has anyone here heard of CONSERVAPEDIA.COM? 21:00:07
Ron Paul is for the abolition of antitrust laws. 20:52:19
C4L announces "Bring your signs" to the Rally 20:23:58
Digg Dialogg- Nancy Pelosi 20:21:26
Alex jones just called michelle malkin a prostitute for the NWO: Updated !! 19:22:23
*Ron Paul's Message To Obama* 19:20:25
Why did Ron endorse a pro-war Republican? 18:44:58
Gina Goddess say's... Digg! 17:24:02
My Liberty Presentation at College Philosophy Class 17:13:23
Cannabis Regrows Neurons: Studies... 17:11:42
Boston Ma RP signs for St. Paul I can't go....please take them 17:06:44
American Cancer Society is EVIL! 17:04:58
★ PLEASE Digg this article for impeachment (check link)★ 16:40:59
The Second American Revolution by Thomas Paine - tell them what needs to be done. 16:39:07
Big Media Appearances for Bob Barr this Week! 16:17:32
4 seats available in large RV, coming from northern california 16:12:19
My Liberty Presentation at College Philosophy Class 16:12:04
Denver has a'Prepared' Secret Service, police have new equipment if needed 15:58:32
JOHN MCCAIN: $140 MILLION HYPOCRITE (McCain's Mansions) 15:58:21
Gerogia/Russia and the NWO: The Saakashvili experiment 15:18:31
Isn't The Stock Market Extremely Volatile Lately? 14:27:26
Cheney Goes To Georgia, Ukraine 14:08:16
Strong Words from former advisor to China's Central Bank 14:03:58
Cindy Sheehan Bugged in Denver 14:01:08
here's an idea - call the RNC! 14:00:19 RP sparkles on economy 13:58:55
*Something Uplifting* 13:51:56
(Updated)Break The Matrix is ready To Rally for the Republic!!! (Live Video Broadcast of The Rally)) 13:50:22
Are you ready for this historical event? 13:39:16
Official Schedule: Rally for the Republic 12:59:51
Curious parallels between big govt. and the declining record industry 12:54:12
9-11 cross in Shanksville, PA 12:48:15
I'm going to go out on a limb here. 12:46:53
Russia and the world VS the USA ? And we had no choice. 12:45:50
I Feel like I'm At eBay With This Change To The Active Forum Topics, It Worked Fine For Well Over A Year Why Change It Now???? 12:34:34
Finally! The downsize DC interview from 8/24 12:29:07
Explaining the collapse in silver... Here's the proof of manipulation.... 12:26:19
Ebert Reviews IOUSA 12:22:15
Interview with Norman Dodd by Edward Griffin 12:08:33
Anybody here from Pennsylvania GOP? 11:30:37
Troll posters 11:22:47
Future of Home(land) Security? 11:19:53
545 11:16:52
Gold $2000 Thanks to Fannie and Freddie 11:12:15
Failure to Deliver and Naked Short Selling - Interview with Overstock CEO and Patriot Patrick Byrne 11:11:43
Zionist Connection to the Georgia Conflict 10:59:20
Rally for the Republic (New Video) 10:43:12
Skip the Hobson Choice, Vote Ron Paul 10:26:58
*Rally 4 The Republic Must Be Sold Out!* 09:37:17
NIST discovers "FIRE" 09:34:34
+++ CFL Delegate wants your input. +++ 09:12:55
deleted 09:00:12
Now, this election is WIDE OPEN! 08:56:25
Lone Accountant Takes On IRS, Wins 06:28:23
Calling Lew Moore! 03:32:27
Do these two clips EXPLAIN what you are experiencing??? They do for me! 03:26:32
This is a pretty good interview on who the DNC protestors are...and what.. 02:18:49
Looking for extra cash in these hard times? The FBI is hiring- moles wanted 01:47:55
Just to add some humor 01:30:16
FOCUS: Get your delegates to St. Paul ! 00:51:50
should we contact this guy? 00:42:21
Operatives Needed 00:33:03
Is there a problem with the site? 00:30:35
For All the people who HATE Walmart 00:10:46
$9,625,212,380,554. 00:10:17
Shelly's IT Update number three for Break The Matrix! 00:04:29