Posted on August 26, 2008

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We might be able to get Ventura and Ron on Larry King! 23:43:38
Ron Paul Candidate wins in Pensacola!!!! 23:41:48
I think I know how we can win, and win big 21:59:12
Dennis Kucinich's DNC Speech. "Wake Up America!" 20:26:25
Massive Civil Disobedience similiar to the 1960's may again be needed to reign in the government! 18:03:27
*After Watching This You Might Think Of Leaving The Country* 17:38:22
Minnesota Grassroots Central - Club Jäger 15:07:49
Congratulations on being awake! Step two is to become free. 14:18:58
Final candidates for the Liberty Straw Poll 11:18:51
Ron Paul: Freedom is Golden 09:49:15
WHY Did I have to wake up? How did you awake? UPDATE #2 01:00:52
The Economist on the Swing States New Mexico & Nevada 00:50:10
Chip your kid and get FREE ICE CREAM! 16:04:39
The Amazing Disappearing Talking Points - Where are they Now? 23:43:39
~New Crop Circle Giant Celtic Cross~ 16:04:37
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GOP platform may have global warming plank 23:51:11
Alex Jones lets MSNBC have it with bull horn! 23:46:59
See our ad at the top of 23:30:45
Can Somebody explain this? 23:26:39
Should RoMoney Become One w/ McBama - Remember This! 22:58:38
The Spastic Behaviour Of Markets 22:57:09
Another 911? 22:41:06
Anti -Joe: Please join this freshly created group 22:31:35
Michelle Malkin stooge caught on tape in an attempted frame up of Alex Jones 22:13:06
Two Clowns 22:12:59
A Salute to my son (15 yrs old) 21:49:25
Raise Your Hand if You're Excited for the Rally! 21:38:52
DIGG! VIDEO! Dr. Paul & B. Barr: It's Time to Unite 21:21:30
Shall be subjugated - nevermore! A Poetic moment in History. 21:18:28
Plot to Kill Obama: Shoot From High Vantage Point 21:00:07
HaHaHa----- Fat Fees 20:59:57
Sandra Livingstone for CD1 Arizona 20:48:43
Great Image - Funny, yet.....true 20:31:50
RON PAUL 4409 -- All they want to do is take yo money! 20:31:12
The O-man Exposed 20:23:50
Arrests already happening in Minneapolis 20:18:41
Kucinich kicks butt at the DNC 19:55:06
Saving bonds over gold/silver? 19:32:54
Is the worst yet to come ? 19:19:45
RNC Nomination Day 19:19:42
Adam Kokesh on the Mike and Jake Show... tonight Midnight EST 19:00:55
Youtube of Jon Stewart Calling out the Media in 2004 on CNN 18:49:56
I used to like Obama but... 18:19:59
Raw : Woman arrested after lashing out at officials in flood ravaged Florida 18:18:58
HEY!! * Need Answer QUICK, Please!! * 18:04:42
3 Arested in Plot to Assassinate Obama! 17:55:25
Joe Biden: Bragging he is the "Father of the Patriot Act!" 17:49:39
Ron Paul may endorse Barr after The Rally. 17:44:33
Peter Schiff holding free seminar in Minneapolis on Sept. 3rd 17:43:53
Iraq war resister sentenced to 15 months 17:34:51
Where did we all come from??? 17:33:27
Alex Jones Bullhorning on MSNBC (5:20 PM 8/26/08) 17:14:45
it took her 44 years to be proud of her country. . . and she wants to be First Lady? 17:01:54
Would Dr. Paul choose a woman for VP and if so who? 16:44:35
-*Dennis Kucinich WILL be speakng at the Convention around 6pm EST*- 16:35:51
Government Terrorist Database Failing 16:33:28
"The Pentagon looks back to four Great Empires for tips on how to rule the world" 16:03:47
Question for the Jesse Ventura fans 15:40:17
BREAKING NEWS!! Air system shutting down across the country - FAA landing planes 15:37:20
Congressional medals are funded through the sales of replicas 15:15:07
Chuck Hagel 14:42:42
Dennis Kucinich reports from the convention 14:42:27
Arson in WTC 6 14:34:06
Russia warns NATO over build-up of warships in Black Sea 14:31:10
Offering ride from Toronto, CANADA 14:22:32
Cynthia McKinney 14:22:05
Google "Fidel Odinga"! 14:18:25
**URGENT 17 DAYS left for SIGNATURE DRIVE for the OFFICIAL Kucinich IMPEACHMENT Petition** 13:22:48
Moderate Supporters? 13:04:42
Inflation Rate is 5.6%... and Other Nonsense 12:52:54
We have become a nation of slaves, period! Pathetic, spineless and apathetic 12:49:51
>>*******--DIGG 4 Liberty & Paul-- Only 15 minutes Left!*********>> 12:38:18
Ron Paul Plans His Own Party 12:33:08
Michael 12:21:42
*Joe Biden Admits To Being Zionist* 11:40:37
Listen in on Denver Police/DNC via Online Scanner site :D 11:29:37
Biden Means Bid-ness As Usual: McCain wanted Biden as Sec. of State in '99 11:08:20
BARR on COLBERT REPORT Tonight 11:06:43
Yo! NewHope! **UPDATE** Own Your Own Bank? YES! 10:58:56
Gas: 12 cents per gal. 10:51:29
Motormouth Joe Biden-Warmonger, Wordmonger, And Political Hitman 10:48:36
Just read Orwell's 1984 10:45:32
New tool to help with Media reform!! 10:40:56
Police state on display in Denver 10:16:18
Nancy Polosi gets munsoned,,LOL 10:08:36
Joe Biden: I am a Zionist 10:00:44
No Gold for Soviet Russia by Dr. Ron Paul 09:36:22
Win Gold! 09:32:39
Wanna Bet that the Media Coverage of the Rally for the Republic is Mysteriously Non-Existent. Hmmmm.... 07:25:37
Pelosi's Double Standard on the Minimum Wage 06:09:06
Free audios on Mises site 05:31:16
ALASKA Primaries today! 05:26:05
O'Bama assassination attempt foiled? 04:44:28
Possible Assassination Plot on Obama 04:37:32
Barack Obama's Manipulation Of Roll Call Procedure 04:14:59
Voters have misgivings about Obama, McCain: polls 03:57:41
DNC Day 2 Report From the Streets 03:46:28
Nancy Pelosi's hypocrisy on the minimum wage 03:33:48
just wondering 03:29:47
Kucinich addresses Dems in prime time 02:05:17
Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones about Oil 02:03:11
Biden - "I Am A Zionist" - Sucking up to the Jewish Voting Block) - 2007 01:47:35
Why I Don't Support Bob Barr 01:20:18
I have one Rally for the Republic Ticket for sale at cost. 00:38:04
Technical FIREFOX question Help 00:10:22