Posted on August 27, 2008

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Walk4Freedom makes ABC-WQOW TV in Eau Claire, WI 23:17:14
Ron Paul's "Campaign for Liberty" is all over Minneapolis ~ DIGG! 21:27:22
Welcome to Minneapolis St. (Ron) Paul! 00:46:56
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Okay I'm no Bob Barr fanatic but this is just CLASSIC!!! 23:44:49
FDIC may need $500,000,000,000 to cover failed banks! 23:41:28
Tickets for R4R available! 23:39:23
Are the Electors Bound to Anyone in Particular? 23:26:27
Disarm: The lesson of the Georgia fiasco 23:19:16
The U.S. is expected to foot the bill for the reconstruction of Georgia 22:56:20
The United States of America is the Next Agrentina. 22:50:42
Boycott big food, media, and pharma 22:43:03
How many of you out there would like and want Dr. Paul to endorse... 22:25:10
Ron Paul "predicts" Georgia conflict in 2002 22:25:09
Ron Paul Video Ad being shown in over 100 locations at Mall of America in Minn. Watch it 22:18:33
Barr Only Presidential Candidate on Texas Ballot 22:15:03
2 Rally Tickets 22:09:26
Hey HEy HEY - how about the WAY Obomba was nominated???? 22:09:06
U.S. Navy backs off deployment in tense Georgian port 21:55:06
Gold and Silver T-Shirts Minneapolis, MN 21:33:20
Police State Thug Clocks Code Pink at DNC Convention 21:13:19
Are you conflicted? 21:04:14
Ron Paul on CNN American Morning TOMORROW. 21:03:13
The police state prepares for St. Paul 20:53:06
Minnesota Rally T-SHIRTS COOL DESIGNS - check it 20:47:20
Americans can't afford 4 more of the last 100 years - Throw the Bums Out!!! 20:42:24
Why I am going to the Rally for the Republic 20:17:23
Roundtrip flights for $160.00 still available from Las Vegas to Rally for the Republic 20:17:18
FREE War/Peace Cards for MN 20:17:00
what will you do on "Peace day" September 21 20:13:00
-----Kucinich on O'Reilly Factor at 8:15 EST tonight---- 20:07:21
just booked my flight 505.00/person hotel ,airfare,rental car from palm beach fla. 20:01:46
just booked my flight 505.00/person hotel ,airfare,rental car from palm beach fla. 20:01:13
ABC news producer harassed by Cops (aka NWO thugs ) 19:39:07
Wow. Less than 10,000 going to R4R??? Sad. 19:36:42
Alex Jones on Russian Tv ,,,Gutsy Move 19:35:01
Mystery Speaker at Rally is 19:34:43
BREAKING NEWS!! Ron Paul delegates will be seated at RNC !!! 19:13:12
Know Before You Vote 19:04:29
Pat Buchanan & McLaughlin Group Discuss Georgia-Russia 19:01:41
BREAKING NEWS!! Obama and McCain miss ballot deadline in Texas, Barr only one on the ballot UPDATE!! 18:46:47
UPDATE: Hillary Can NOT Has Nom 18:33:31
GOP platform backs off pet issues to help McCain 18:22:17
An Idea For Those Who Cannot Attend The Rally 17:59:02
Looking for a ride desperately 17:41:54
OUTRAGE - McCain born in Panama = McCrash's Military Record Revisited 17:31:22
Can anyone confirm this? or is this a conspiracy author? 17:28:14
US and Russian warships line up in dispute over Georgia 17:15:23
Rally For The Republic and Revolution broadcasting to provide LIVE all week coverage 16:51:45
FireFighters for 9-11 truth 16:24:45
Democrats in Denver Should Read the American Monetary Act 15:50:39
Have fun with AOL, vote for Lieberman for VP! 15:46:17
The Meaning and Value of Gold 15:43:07
Open Letter 15:36:23
Kucinch advocates SOCIALIST government takeover of oil companies. 15:20:26
Go Comment: Young Dems Cynical re: BO's "Change"? 15:07:38
Here's an e-mail I sent to Neil Cavuto 14:50:48
Russia.... WE WILL Respond Militarily to Missle Defence Shield. 14:45:36
Sound familiar? 14:37:38
Mortgage mess puts more banks at risk: deposit insurance fund, depleted by failures, looks to rebuilt capital 14:22:07
Once-upon-a-time, in 'never-never' land, there were two competing silver prices 13:20:12
Huckabee just mentioned Paul on Limbaugh 13:14:12
Strategy Memo - McCain Camp 13:03:13
~~On right noW~~~~ THE GOP IS TALKING ON CSPAN 2 12:35:07
Concealed more than $250k in gifts from an oil services company but still got reelected as Senator in Alaska! 12:31:48
Paul Craig Roberts writes consecutive articles on upcoming nuclear war!! 12:30:29
We cannot rely on the benevolence of the plutocrats or the "wisdom" of Washington. 12:12:46
*** Volunteers still needed at the Target Center, Sept 2 *** 12:06:41
Anyone Been to this Website: Axis of Logic 11:54:07
Should we be worried about subhumans? 11:17:57
Candidates Refusal To Talk About Economic Crisis 11:07:46
Alex Jones + Michelle Malkin + Provocateurs = DNC Chaos 10:57:26
Obama and McCain: Running for an office not in the Constitution 10:27:51
FDIC may borrow money from Treasury 10:26:53
Russell Means on the Republic of Lakotah and its goals 10:02:40
The police are above the law at the DNC 09:01:09
DNC Day 3 Report From the Streets 03:40:41
WND smear piece 03:21:35
Smoke and Mirrors in Denver 03:08:54
Thank you, Lew Moore 03:01:38
Obama Censors Ad Linking Him To Terrorist 02:39:37
Kucinich Speech @ Democratic Convention: WAKE UP AMERICA! 02:31:19
Great anti-McCane article from Devvy Kidd's site 01:47:02
The Kucinich Speech Bugged Me 01:30:57
Listen to the Police in Denver LIVE!!! 00:09:54
Wake Up America 00:05:16
Video: 7 WTC and texperiment in the psychology of conformity 00:00:07