Posted on August 3, 2008

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The lost generation 23:23:12
The NWO is here... L.Dobbs 21:43:59
Check out what came in the mail on Saturday! 21:44:59
Our man's going to turn 73 on August 20... any celebration plans for him? 14:49:10
You Tube has a new toy. One more way to promote Liberty. 12:55:36
Sunday Open Thread. True or False? 02:02:56
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Follow up questions: 1) Media bias and 2) Education 23:41:32
LOL ... thought you guys may enjoy this cartoon! 23:27:36
Dow headed sub 10,000 soon ! 21:56:35
Bob Barr blasts McCain and Obama for supporting Real ID 21:35:54
Dennis Kucinich at Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 21:15:07
Dennis Kucinich at Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 21:14:24
Dennis Kucinich at Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 21:12:45
Dennis Kucinich 8-02-2008 21:11:21
Please don't feed the trolls 20:23:02
october 14,2008 20:18:03
So you think KuCiNiCh supports the CONSTITUTION? Think again. 19:51:10
Will Ron Paul Supporters Vote for McCain?... We don't think so either... 19:09:10
Ron Paul Guns and Roses Civil War 18:19:22
Are you sad Ron Paul didn't do better in the primaries? Now you can play as Ron Paul and WIN! (free) 17:40:00
Conservatism: an un-intellectual philosophy 17:32:20
DIGG-FOR-FUN: What McCain thinks of DIGG [PIC] 17:26:02 15:45:11
Will MURDER CHARGES be waiting George Bush when he leaves office??? 15:36:26
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars 15:09:13
President Bush and Attorney General Mukasey 14:55:22
A question to those of the Daily Paul 14:46:09
AuH20 Will always be one of my heros 13:03:54
Smears, Threats and Lies - GOP and the Lobbyist vs. Ron Paul and America 12:57:10
F.P.! we did it! We broke freeople:( What is happening to America? 12:40:49
Ron Paul: Fighting For Liberty and China, all in one vote 12:27:41
Ron Paul Candidate for US Senate (Alaska) 12:16:04
Ron Paul Supporters Build News Agency to Compete with Digg and Ads by Google 11:02:32
Ha Ha Ha !! 10:42:37
Speakers at the R4R convetion should include: Kucinich, Wolf, Nader, Griffin, Napolitano, Hersh & Ruppert. 09:49:14
Sub Prime Mess Explained 09:30:56
Why Does RonPaulForums Run Ads for McCain? 05:53:42
The Ludlow Massacre and the Colorado Coalfield War 05:36:38
This video made me smile and I think it holds some truths. 02:50:32
DIGG-FOR-FUN - What McCain thinks of DIGG [PIC] 02:46:09
Let's Get Billy Jack on em... 01:31:27
"They are destroying the Constitution" ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.!!! another potential VP?? 01:14:36
Who can have a thread removed? 01:00:45
Hannity gets whats coming to him by Charles Grodin (the actor) 00:11:27