Posted on August 6, 2008

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Massachusetts Un-Tax Party 23:51:43 says its unpatriotic to retire early. 22:23:05
What 3rd party candidate do you agree with most on their positions. 19:24:28
Wolf Blitzer and Ron Suskind talk Bush Impeachment on CNN! 18:50:25
Proud Of My Wife... 16:08:08
What is your favorite Ron Paul Quote? 15:04:03
RE: Bank Bailouts & Commodity Devaluations 00:24:08
Has anyone had a non Ron Paul supporter read The Revolution--A Manifesto?? 09:21:10
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Iraq's oil profits huge $32.9 billion in oil earninings for 6 months. Are they going to start paying for reconstruction efforts 23:46:42
Just for laughs 23:35:10
Ron Paul Fears Staged Iran Pretext Could Bring National Draft 23:24:53
Bank of Korea Raises Rate to 5.25% to Curb Inflation - Just hit the tape. A surprise rate increase for Korea. 23:04:13
Rally Hotels 22:12:36
Any of you ever check out Jordan Maxwell? 21:58:56
Worst Housing Slump since the Depression. 20:36:24
FBI's Anthrax Media Strategy Explained 20:22:00
Forced Vaccinations are coming 20:13:40
BUSH IS BOXED IN! With criminal evidence mounting he can't decide: Martial Law or trying to slip out under the radar! 20:11:14
~McCain 9/11 Truther?~ 19:46:03
Earthquake weapons 19:06:21
Metals Resume their Decline as Dollar Index eyes 77 19:04:33
Rage Against the Machine at Target center 9/3/08 18:59:53
Classic Comic - YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! It's too funny and too true 18:15:22
Revolution March July 12, 2008 The Revolution Continues! 17:13:30
Does Anyone Have a Good Explanation For Why American Cops Seem to Be Getting More Violent & Aggressive in Recent Times? 17:13:21
Just released; Article 6-1 from John Q. Caucus 16:48:13
Liberty Straw Poll on CFL blog - thanks for the diggs! 16:46:29
Will Karl Rove come back to the U.S.? 16:46:26
Ivins said to have "acted alone" in anthrax case 16:35:27
2 British And 2 Americans Detained In China. 15:19:09
~How To Make McCain Delegates Not Show Up At GOP Convention~ 15:09:15
We need to imitate the CFR 14:45:25
CFR's Vision 2015: Consolidation of U.S. Intelligence Into Global Intel Network 14:34:00
Can't make it to Campaign for Liberty rally? 14:25:56
Planet-X revisited... 14:24:50
Bush: China must end detentions, ensure rights 14:18:37
Kucinich inspires peace rally in Cleveland 13:55:30
~Breaking "News"~ 13:34:55
Could this be the big suprise?!? 12:58:11
Find out your state's write-in rules 12:55:02
Ron Paul has a question for us 12:46:50
“A Message to Every Politician” 12:09:08
Off Topic BEWARE if you eat a lot of soy products, asparatame.. 12:02:57
Phone call from Robert Owens - running for Attorney General in Ohio 11:53:21
MD RP Republican YouTube commercial 10:58:37
The Cheney Doctrine 10:52:00
Humor 10:41:33
Andrew Yarrow is a complete moron! 10:00:36
Nevada Press Release - Aug 6, James Smack Campaign 09:58:53
Costa Rica ... refuge, retirement, investment, adventure, romance... 09:56:50
Charles Lynch found guilty!!! 09:38:35
Ron Paul and Congressional term limits 08:42:21
Obama Insists Inflating Tires Better Than Oil Drilling 08:23:35
DIGG to Remember Nueces County Texas! 08:21:01
Mullen warns against USS Liberty redux 07:37:59
Milwaukee man faces foreclosure because he didn’t pay parking fine 06:56:22
An argument for 'WHY' Obama being president 'COULD' (possibly) have 'some' positives... (TAKE A MOMENT TO CONSIDER) 06:16:24
Video:9-11 Pentagon explosion 5 min before "Plane" hit-had not heard this one 05:43:52
Is Ron paul a freemason? 04:59:33
Ohio officer acquitted of killing mom holding baby 04:51:39
Rwanda accuses France directly over '94 genocide 04:34:07
I think we all deserve a pat on the back!!! 03:11:27
‘Fakeproof’ e-passport is cloned in minutes 03:02:22
Judge Rules Wesley Snipes Must Reimburse Government 02:54:36
How the U.S. 'sells' the need for 02:29:35
I'm liking the DrugDealerCindy ad, Michael! 01:45:17
China apologizes for police beating of foreign journalists 01:43:19
Inside the mind of an actual Mccain delegate 01:42:00
Your Help is Urgently Needed Now. (Please read this thread) 01:01:39
PsyOp: Is Washington Intent on Sabotaging the Beijing Olympics? 01:01:38
Why all police officers criminals, yes even the "good" cops 00:44:24