Posted on August 7, 2008

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ROLLING STONE ~ What do Obama and McCain have in common? ~ DIGGIT! 23:58:04
Need a ride to the rally? Can you give a ride? Post Here. 22:57:20
I will buy tickets to the rally if you will go. 22:05:37
Please tell me about your Pre-Awakened Stories 20:52:49
We did it! Kucinich video 13:10:03
Looks Like McCain Has To Give "Prizes" To Supporters To Spread His Message 12:28:19
Stagflation and the Economy 12:09:24
St. Paul Will Provide Soap Box for RNC protesters 11:15:52
China to Bush: Mind your own business! 10:27:39
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So what was the "big announcement" that would sell 23:36:49
Hal Lindsey (Christian) perspective on why we have lost 23:26:54
Do YOU want to Blog for Dennis Kucinich? 22:53:16
Can You Digg it?: Dennis Kucinich 22:40:42
McCain calls for more government intervention (for company he once aided) 22:40:37
Kucinich F.P. NOW! DIGG! 22:26:11
What is Socialism? 22:10:17
U.S. Military Officers are now on board the 911 truth train 21:48:12
Who was president before George Washington? 21:45:03
Please Explain This: Tacmars 20:52:04
More Thomas Paine 20:49:38
Think Gold and Silver will Fall?? I am buying! 20:01:15
David Walker I.O.U.S.A Movie/Town Meeting - Exclusive 18:59:22
Just Dial 911? The myth of police protection 18:42:03
Look what some neo con fool said about Dr. Paul 18:28:33
~The Grand Scheme To Destroy The Internet~ 18:23:59
The Joy is in the Struggle and Sacrifice 18:19:39
Man charged over Obama, Bush threats 18:14:41
What A Summer With Revolution Broadcasting 17:36:21
Oh man, must digg this 17:02:32
Drums of War 16:56:10
~Plea To Dennis Kucinich Please Attend Rally For The Republic~ 16:46:41
5 1/2 years? 16:31:07
Q: If the Constitution gets restored, would you want to go back to the Articles of Confederation? 16:25:50
How bout A Throw The Bum Out PAC and help some RP Rep's running 16:24:09
MSM starting to get it: Why McCain would be a mediocre president 16:16:07
Alternatives to Ebay, Hotmail & Google 16:11:31
Ron Paul Freedom March in Paris 16:03:36
And so, it begins.... 16:01:16
Conventions: Ron Paul vs. John McCain 15:42:02
Disgruntled with your partys' choice for President? 15:38:14
So how many of you are still wary of Muslims? 15:24:24
~C-Span To Broadcast R4R!~ 13:34:04
Its now later in the week wheres the announcement!! 13:26:26
Man who was forced to remove Ron Paul signs is successful in having ban lifted 13:25:42
Cool Places to live off grid & get a way too...Post them here! 13:06:49
Liberia: CIA Agents Executed 1980 Coup 13:05:26
Typical Ron Paul supporter on their day-off 13:04:30
Tyson Foods to make Muslim Holiday a paid-day off. 12:49:23
~Kucinich Delivered Impeachment Petition!~ 12:47:00
The Second American Revolution by Thomas Paine [New Video] 12:43:47
1968 DNC Chicago 12:36:36
McCain Spam Contest 12:36:26
Illinois Governor proposes putting cameras on interstates to form "elite tactical team" 12:32:28
Can We Get A Petition Going To Eliminate The Income Tax and Get It On Ballot? 12:15:44
Getting Ready for the Holidays 12:15:08
Talk of financial system breakdown moves from the fringe to the mainstream. 11:47:19
2 US Aircraft Carriers headed towards Gulf 11:38:32
Officers fear Mexican military 10:37:48
Just in case you have no idea as to the scope of what we face... 10:29:30
Trend Setters? 10:29:24
If we're addicted to oil....... 08:51:30
Anti-War Website Operator Threatened By Armed Thugs 08:44:48
"Movie Bomb" Thurs, Aug. 21- Let's have fun & go see IOUSA premiere! 07:53:56
Libertarians: A Pox on Both Your Houses 05:50:40
US Federal Judge decides Denver can restrict Convention Protests 03:59:58
Record number of US voters may cast paper ballots 03:27:49
Ubiquitous Computing: Big Brother's All-Seeing Eye 03:00:16
US Federal Government Dissolved/Bankrupt in 1933? 02:55:46
Does America Need a Good Coup de Etat? DIGG IT!!! 02:21:13
Argh - need 4 main floor :-) 02:09:47
Anyone see this? what do you think? 02:08:05
New England R4R, Ronvoy Beautiful 56 seat charter bus! 01:39:53
McCain is Obama; Obama is McCain 01:35:50
Emotional blocks to free-market capitalism 01:17:24
Greyhound scraps ads after Canada bus beheading 00:56:11
Court Affidavits Unsealed in FBI Probe 00:42:27