Posted on August 8, 2008

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Ron Paul Air Corps Ride Again! 20:47:02
Updated: Walter Williams on CNBC video. Priceless. By Rhino. 11:41:11
Ron Paul Calling! 20:47:04
Last Minute Funding Push for Operation St. Paul 13:55:03
TIME: McCain Ad Calls Obama the Anti-Christ? 12:58:01
WAR - Georgia Attacks South Ossetia, Russia Invades Georgia 13:55:04
New England R4R, Ronvoy Beautiful 56 seat charter bus! 01:12:34
Daily Paul Meetup in MN with Steve Dore - Sep 1 01:12:35
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Digg it!! Money as Debt -- Let's Push It!! 22:47:44
Russia invades Georgia. Mexico invades Texas 22:42:36
Events are in motion. 22:41:50
Peace Mom Puts Peace On Ballot, Officially!! !!!! 22:39:33
It's Friday, any guesses on which financial institution will be failing? 22:01:27
They have a picture of the fronts of all of our houses online now, go to 21:34:39
*Update* Help me persuade my liberal friend about the importance of monetary policy 21:12:09
White House has secret interrogation room???? 20:17:49
Share this assessment with McCain supporters - MarketWatch Commentary 20:08:50
God's children? 20:07:39
Ron Paul mentioned on Ellen 19:53:24
I don't dial 911 18:43:23
weekend watching -beyond treason 18:17:50
Tyson turnaround 17:28:45
The folly of the case for illegal immigration 17:20:17
Freedom made America a beacon on the hill. Nothing else works! 17:12:22
A $2.3 Billion Loss for Fannie Mae 17:08:42
McCain Returns $50,000 in Contributions 17:05:39
Getting pulled over by police causes Heart attacks... 16:13:54
Upper-Class Homeless 16:10:43
dp name tags for rally? 16:07:25
Bob Barr: he wants to rekindle people's faith in gov't--huh?? 15:58:49
Breaking! Huge Internet Security Flaws Revealed 15:58:44
The Anthrax Follies and the Bizarro Effect 15:53:24
The next level of the Revolution 15:25:35
Mccain caught shipping 8000 Ohio jobs overseas! VIDEO 15:24:58
Survey: What video or Documentary woke you up?? See format below 15:03:27
Instability Mounts in Pakistan Amid Decision to Impeach Musharraf 14:54:15
Cheney Will Speak at GOP Convention 14:31:14
DIGG: Must You Show ID? 14:16:10
This could be the bid for MARTIAL LAW 14:15:53
There it is, They've invaded the Internet. 14:11:36
Its friday, Bank failures anyone? 14:09:42
This Storey Pulled from the internet.. What is going on? 13:47:58
SILVER Very FUNNY 13:46:01
McCain calls on Russia to withdraw from Georgia 13:35:50
Jeremiah TV series 12:33:05
Bird Flu Pandemic brought to you by 2008 Olympics? 12:15:29
One Nation under siege, every recent governmental atrocity in one film. 12:05:48
Classified H.R. 8791 Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill 12:04:51
Down in the dumps, depressed about events? Well read this! 11:46:51
Read What This Maggot Has To Say - You Know What To Do! 11:43:33
Mossad agent who forwarned the cia of 911 now calls for new attack 11:27:44
Watch the real pros at work. GOP will win again. 11:22:41
Sy Hersh has spoken with A Jones--the other 11 "events" are going to be revealed 11:13:51
8/30-9/1 - Operation Spread Liberty 11:10:50
Russia/Georgia on the brink of war. By Rhino. 10:38:08
@@BREAKING NEWS--RALLY for the Republic threatens Establishment!!--BJ Lawson mentioned...DIGG NOW!!! DIGG HARD!! 10:25:35
Secession--As a Concept 10:22:29
crazy deam I had... 10:13:55
How many banks announced tonight? Friday 8-29-08 10:04:39
What are the best documentaries to wake people up?? 09:58:30
Congressman Cohen from Tennessee assaults cameraman 09:58:07
Did Ron Paul throw in the towel to soon? 09:38:21
$434,000,000 Embassy in China 08:53:02
What will the RNC Convention be like? 08:51:11
Accountability Now MONEY BOMB TODAY 08:37:42
JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (AP) -- Being linked to "big oil" turned into a big problem for Tennessee freshman Rep. David Davis 08:31:11
NYT Blog: Stung By FISA, Group to Drop Money Bomb 07:44:05
Has anyone watched the "Meet Your Meat" Video 07:24:35
101 Constitutional Questions 07:10:01
Testify or Impeach! 07:03:50
Who knew there was a COUNTRY called Georgia??? (Would this be what the Bush admin. calls "desensitizing?") 06:43:23
Cop scared of Turkey? 05:15:13
Lawyer to police: No, I don't have to show you my ID 04:54:10
Any one else troll the internet for Ron Paul stories ? 04:50:17
McCain a war hero?? 04:31:22
Anyone see this site called Dipity ? 02:38:04
RON PAUL 4409 -- They're going to rape you unless... 02:35:59
Cops Who Raided Mayor Didn’t Have a No-Knock Warrant 02:17:46
Bush White House has its own interrogation room 02:00:20
"Missing" Votes in Ohio! 01:56:39
Anthrax suspect passed 2 polygraphs 01:55:52
Fishy 01:41:17
8/7/08: PIMPIN TURTLE Confronts Sen. Joe Lieberman at a McCain Rally on WTC-7 & 9/11 01:40:04
AJ show: Jimmy Justice, NYer who takes on law-breaking cops with video-camera 01:33:47
DIGG this hilarious photo of John McCain. 01:31:50
Belated Sunday Open Thread to webmaster and all you not ready for prime-time DP'ers 01:31:47
who here on the daily paul is like this crazy guy! 00:36:17
Ron Paul was on America's Best Dance Crew on MTV!!! 00:25:40
Election: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. 00:19:45
Online "Crash" Course on Economics - Free! 00:15:13
Ron Paul signs allowed again in Hawthorne ! 00:10:18
Any Bad Credit?? You must see this!!! 00:10:14