Posted on September 11, 2008

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Is the Palin bubble bursting? 22:40:20
While we're totally distracted... Russia lands BOMBERS in Venezuela 14:51:17
Russia Today on Ron Paul´s press conference - video 04:41:45
Ron Paul at the National Press Club 9/10/08--VIDEO 05:48:27
Ron Paul and Ralph Nader on CNN 9/10/08 05:48:23
Vasquez for Congress: Thank you for a great campaign! 00:56:45
We Agree - Paul, Baldwin, McKinney, Nader Statement 05:48:19
Ron Paul Statement to the National Press Club 05:48:17
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neuro linguistic programming - Interpreting Media 9/11 23:56:13
Countries Across the World Question 9/11/01 23:50:42
Baldwin can Digg It :) 23:28:54
Ron Paul's Message is affecting the Younger Generation. 23:04:07
Ron Paul at Financial Services Hearing on Sovereign Wealth Funds 23:02:01
I know it is hard but we MUST ignore the trolls 22:57:41
What if there were no hypothetical questions? 22:51:37
American Ex-pat Freedom Revolutionaries 22:51:16
Who are you to tell anyone to leave mr electronicmaji, do not reply to his post- we need everyone we can get 22:51:09
Ron Paul requests Montana remove him from ballot 22:48:37
Do any of you remember the name Kyle "dusty "foggo ? 22:40:31
Hugo Chavez Throws The U.S. Out of Venezuela - "Yankee Dogs Get Out!" 22:29:31
Ike to hit Ron's do we help? 22:24:44
Threadbare 22:17:26
HURRICANE IKE - C4L 22:13:16
Obama needs to take a page from Ron Paul? 22:11:32
NWO.... Reality Check! 22:08:38
Open Letter to Barr Campaign From New Mexico Coordinator 22:06:19
Press TV, Iran - Paul: US in Georgia for pipeline 22:01:33
The Second Militarist/Warmonger On The Repbulcian Ticket, is Sarah Palin really pro-life? 21:57:03
Britt Combs: Ron Paul got it right 21:50:09
Laser Targeting UAV, Evidence of Military Technology on 9/11 21:41:52
Olberman commentary on 911 and McCain 21:38:07
Ron Paul has handed us the torch. Let's take it and run. 21:34:29
Gas Prices to Spike? 21:28:22
Disunity being targeted upon us. 21:24:04
Freedom brings people together 21:21:31
Do you want to help elect the first Libertarian party congressman? 21:10:13
Watch the full Ron Paul C-Span Press conference from start to finish 21:09:57
Chuck Baldwin on Aaron Russo's restore the republic conference call NOW 21:00:46
Looks as though most of us will be able to vote for Chuck Baldwin... 20:51:50
FOR "PETES" SAKE 20:37:02
Biden at his best! 20:34:16
Palin Interview w/ Charlie Gibson - Part I 20:20:11
Washington Post: Third-Party Candidates Choose Clown Makeup Over Pig Lipstick 20:07:35
Bob Barr's campaign manager praises George W. Bush for 9-11 and bashes Ron Paul - ARE YOU FIN KIDDING ME? 20:06:56
LP Co-Founder: "The Barr Campaign Is Over" 19:56:53 now up! Oct 1st money bomb 19:51:27
Ron Paul does not want his name on Montana ballot 19:49:21
Ron Paul and Ralph Nader on CNN 19:46:09
Does anyone have evidence that Bob Barr is not a good faith "born again" libertarian? 19:45:29
Virginia Governor Kaine signs treaty with Israeli Ambassador 19:45:27
anyone know? 19:27:35
Obama’s Ties to 1970’s Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers: 19:27:16
Digg it!!! Aimee's new vid "Silence is Violence" 19:26:09
Logically: We cannot make changes without open debates. We now have 4 candidates 19:16:04
Bob Barr was Lou Dobbs. CNN. 18:56:46
Remember Remember the 5th of November. 18:55:52
Ron Paul doesnt need tool Barr, he never did 18:53:18
bob barr is a joke. write in ron paul 18:51:18
Adam Kokesh's video "Pissing in McCain's Koolaid" 18:46:22
Palin leaves open option of war with Russia 18:39:54
Bob Barr Backs Out of Ron Paul’s Press Conference 18:39:34
CIA withheld 911 info! 18:10:18
Ron Paul / Barry Goldwater Jr. makes ballot in Louisiana 18:05:41
Olbermann: Bush Administration “Allowed 9/11 Attacks To Occur” 18:02:37
Video of concentration camps in America? 18:02:16
McBama truce 18:02:00
Adam Kokesh's Response: Bob Barr – Right Time, Right Party, Wrong Man 18:00:45
Debates and Debate access is what Ron Paul has commanded us to do. 17:59:07
No victory in Iraq, says Petraeus 17:54:14
US$ Based Bonds Being Called HOME 17:34:08
What actually happened at the RNC? GOP National Delegate Catherine Bleish tells ALL! Tonight on the North Virginia Patriots show 17:27:34
Adam Kokesh' Recounting of Paul's Press Conference 17:26:40
Today is What? "Patriots Day". WTH 17:17:13
Masters of Defeat: Retreating Empire 17:15:39
The Eternal Return of Ron Paul 17:10:56
Civil Disobediance discussion time! NO ONE wants to talk about this? 17:08:38
Postscript under AOL straw poll McObomba picts says 16:42:21
Bob Barr Must Apologize to Ron Paul 16:39:37
Gas Rationing and Price Hikes in SC Today 16:39:35
Charles Jay, "Boston Tea" Party 16:25:51
Video Premier: "Silence is Violence" Aimee Allen 16:24:58
Just Write-in Ron Paul 16:24:35
Barr's staff hearts Boosh... 16:10:41
bob barr is a tool with a mustache 16:02:37
I joined 16:00:52
It's Funny That 16:00:30
"Telling Truth to Power" 15:57:45
Mounting Pressure: Lehman, WaMu, Merrill Face Heavy Selling, Limited Options 15:54:47
Barack Obama Scandals List 15:52:16
They took him to the hospital, questioned him, and he gave highly classified information 15:48:17
*Bob Barr Moved Me To Tears* 15:39:08
US to invade Iran any day now? 15:37:52
USA Tomorrow Newspaper..? 15:32:04
barr was a distraction! get over it. 15:20:04
Have YOU signed up to work this November's voting polls? 15:17:17
The Troll Tsunami rolls in again 15:07:31
Voice your Opinion on the Barr fiasco 15:04:13
Senate Votes US Radar To Secret Foreign Country 14:55:18
Indy tells the delegates' tales 14:51:58
A poem that sums up our feelings 14:48:51
Michael: Special request for a New Forum Topic 14:45:13
*Barr's campaign manager and not Barr at fault?* 14:41:15
This post is a followup to yesterday's press conference and is 14:38:22
CNN hosts shocked when Republican guest picks Ron Paul! 14:37:40
The truth about georgia is heard on the house floor? check this out 14:36:09
Petition to oust Bob Barr 14:34:01
Should I try to set up an interview with Chuck Baldwin for tomorrow LIVE to take your calls? 14:23:18
Chuck Baldwin interview being played on Revolutionbroadcasting NOW 14:20:44
C-SPAN to air Press Conference today 9/11 14:18:10
Chuck Baldwin - Libertarian? 14:01:09
Uniting Votes for Most Effect 14:00:03
A tale of 9/11 TRUTH 13:59:14
*Barr and Nader on CNN Lou Dobbs tonight* 13:52:27
Where can I watch the FULL press conference? 13:46:16
Ron Paul Nation to Bob Barr : "You Just Don't Get It" and "A Lesson in Blowback". 13:45:19
Another feeble attempt at damage control 13:41:07
Want to watch a Chuck Norris movie 13:11:48
What is better LINO or Neolib? 13:10:18
BALDWIN/McKINNEY!!!! 13:09:02
Federal Drug War rethought - Bob Barr 13:07:30
In light of recent events, I believe that Bob Barr deserves a Money Bomb! 13:02:58
VOTEPACT.ORG: Cure For the Compulsion to Vote for the Evil of Two Lessers? 13:01:31
Ron Paul: Election Gadfly 12:58:19
Re: 9/11, what is truth? 12:56:37
Obama.. 12:53:47
Letter to Libertarian Party Members on why Barr didn't attend Paul conference 12:53:30
Great North American Phone-in 12:49:50
Electing either presidential candidate will only determine the degree of our burns 12:49:29
Again, Ron Paul knows exactly what he is doing 12:46:11
POLL : Who are you going to vote for in November? Show the 3rd parties some support. 12:39:54
How have all the Liberty gardens done this year? 12:38:59
*Bob Barr/Rand Paul 08!* 12:37:25
Batman or Bush 12:37:14
Rhino: Barr admits to committing to the press conference and then backing out. Many updates to this post, you need to rehash. 12:33:25
Today is September 11th 12:25:40
The_Producer Yesterday you said you were on Bob Barr's staff. 12:18:05
What's lost in this Paul/Barr cat fight 12:04:37
September 11 and Blowback 11:57:42
How to properly invest in Gold/Silver? 11:56:39
VERY Scary article about McCain 11:54:44
YOU MUST VOTE! 11:46:01
Which bank (or credit union) should we put our money in? 11:33:50
Kansas Baldwin Voters - Lawyers - HELP! 11:31:19
Actual Reuters Headline 11:30:04
9/11 Faithful taking MAJOR "hits" today 11:28:58
Chuck Baldwin On Lou Dobbs 9-10-08 - video 11:26:30
Regarding Barr / Paul dustup of Sept. 10th 11:25:01
Chuck Baldwin will be on Lou Dobbs tonight, Sept 10. 11:17:29
My letter to Libertarian Party headquarter re: Bob Barr's callous attitude towards Dr. Paul & Campaign for Liberty 11:13:30
Ralph Naderite trashing the Rally for the Republic - Calls Ron Paul supporters everything from 11:04:52
Anyone got a YouTube ? 10:55:03
Psychologists: Those who believe the Governmnet Story of 9/11 are in Psychological Denial. 10:54:07
Karzai backs U.S. strategy on militants in Pakistan 10:51:26
"Berg v. Obama update tuesday september 9" What do you think? 10:51:26
Are we divided and conquered? 10:50:14
George Bush just called Donald Rumsfeld a First Responder... 10:33:47
The new Diebold 2-minute deadline: Welcome to SPEED VOTING 10:29:56
Barr asks Ron Paul to be running mate 10:28:49
Chuck Baldwin Christian...SO WHAT!?!?! 10:10:01
New Outrageous Statement from Bob Barr's campaign 10:08:39
My "Ron Paul"-like support of another candidate for President 10:03:50
Chuck Baldwin quote 10:02:55
Ron Paul needs Gold Standard Legislation 09:59:34
Bolivia orders U.S. ambassador expelled 09:54:09
Lehman plunges as investors doubt survival 09:50:49
Ron Paul Interview by Gary Franchi 09:48:52
My Rally Videos 09:46:17
Olbermann: Republicans Hijacked 9/11: "9/11" is now like a Trademark: VIDEO 09:37:03
The "Ron Paul Standard" 09:33:13
Why has the Dollar rallied? 09:29:21
Is it just me or is Mr. Barr's campaign site down? 09:20:47
Bush secretly ordered the attack on Pakistan 09:16:43
Local MN paper covers Rally for the Republic 09:14:31
09.11.08 09:10:19
Conflicted 09:08:43
Update: 30 Million To See 9/11 Truth Documentary "ZERO" On Russian State Television 09:03:01
Sarkozy's comic friend says sorry for 9/11 comments 09:00:13
Has Dr. Paul said anything about the alleged VP offer? 08:59:39
Ron Paul on C-SPAN 2 Now, 9/11 9 AM 08:55:44
If you have XBOX live 08:45:18
Bill O'Reilly gets his ass kicked by Phil Donahue!! 08:40:33
First Texas, Now Obama Misses New Jersey Filing Deadline! 08:39:13
Ron Paul Supporter assaulted trying to clean up his town!! 08:37:30
John McCain's "Worldwide League of Democracies" 08:33:54
Jerry Falwell - Chuck Baldwin 08:24:57
Medical marijuana question, need your help. 08:14:15
Tribute to the Ron Paul Revolutionn ----please watch!!!! --AND NOW DIGG IT!!! SPREAD THE MESSAGE!! 07:58:35
Our goal this election should go towards 07:42:18
Please Do Not Write-In Ron Paul 07:40:15
Cynthia McKinney (D-Conspiracy) 07:35:19
The Baldwin Support Swells After Barr's Missed Opportunity Yesterday. 07:10:52
Louisiana Paul-Goldwater website 06:32:22
"High-Level Assassination–The Staged Event To Bring About War With Iran?" 06:26:28
Population Reduction NANP Conference watch! 05:57:29
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 05:48:16
Too good 05:42:03
Take back our STATES, we take back the COUNTRY 05:26:20
Paul: US in Georgia for OIL! Digg It 05:19:08
Paul refuses to endorse McCain 04:38:55
We should Ban Barr or request that he be removed from running for president. 04:07:33
the people fight back in france 04:01:46
Corporate America: Freedom's Greatest Threat By Chuck Baldwin 03:50:07
Meeting Bill Kristol at the Rally 03:37:33
the meaning of the name sarah palin. freaky!!!!! 03:30:01
My state doesn't allow third parties or write ins 03:28:37
What if Baldwin and Nader unite in a united ticket 03:13:42
Calhoun was the best VP EVER! 03:06:10
Ron Paul = Genius :-) 03:01:02
House Joint Resolution 681 and how we lost the popular vote the fillibuster. 02:55:16
US Presidential Write-in Candidate Requirements for each State 02:48:56
Would a Nader pres have RP as Sec'ty of Treasury? 02:33:21
I think McCain really just blew himself out.... 02:26:20
Liberty Straw Poll is next week! Q&A here. 02:16:18
Bob Barr campaign disassociates itself from Mike Ferguson 02:11:32
Questions on the Ron Paul/Bob Barr relationship. 02:07:21
Bobcat. 02:02:59
On a Lighter Note...What is up with the 50-1 Male-Female Ratio At Events??? 01:39:10
RP Press Release-what you can all do +++ 01:29:04
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 01:27:04
Ron Paul challenges State Dept on Russian conflict - video 01:22:06
SIERRA: You have a friend out there. 00:57:06
Obama and McCain both missed filing deadline for Texas 00:54:08
What's more important? Barr wasn't at press conference or his message? 00:44:37
A message from Ayn Rand 00:38:27
Growing Premiums on Silver Coins and Bullion 00:33:50
this guy has to be the ULTIMATE IDIOT! 00:30:25
Bob Barr Campaign R.I.P. 00:23:11
How to get Ron Paul into the White House 00:15:45