Posted on September 13, 2008

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Steve Dore: Pollyanna Creep 12:00:48
Celebrate Constitution Day Sept. 17th - NOW With More Links! 11:28:48
Tune in to "Free Software" guru Mark Shuttleworth on American Vigilance Coast to Coast 12:26:41
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Hundreds turn out for anti-Palin protest 23:39:29
Wall street is scratching it's head 23:28:57
Constitution day money bomb for Ron Paul jr. 23:19:27
Marijuana Ingredient May Fight Bacteria 23:17:49
Israel Asks US For Arms, Air Corridor To Hit Iran 22:56:06
Major Heads UP! 22:55:05
Is the U.S. to big to fail? 22:24:55
Okay PEOPLE This is how you do it!!! WATCH THIS!! 22:15:53
Libertarian party files motions to remove Bob Bar as their Presidential nominee 21:36:37
Rosie O'Donnell and William Rodriguez on 9-11-2008. Gotta love Rosie 21:34:52
How do you tell your family "the deal" 21:33:01
Daily Paul chat? 21:24:05
Digg it!!! Schiff on Australian TV 9/10/08 21:22:49
30 minutes of Jesse Ventura talking 911Truth. 9-11-08 21:21:47
Please Support Ron Paul Billboards in Montana 21:12:33
Looks like GERMANY is a little worried about its investment in the USA 20:56:13
Are any other towns running out of gas? 20:54:21
I wan´t a Ron Paul Cap 20:44:09
Help Increase the Campaign For Liberty's # of YouTube Channel Subscribers 20:29:35
Greenspan vs. McCain 20:28:35
Anybody watching the 9/11 Presidential forum on Fox? 20:22:38
★ OK. You Thought You Knew EVERYTHING Right? WRONG! ★ 20:19:38
Barack Obama is a deeply troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a coup by the intelligence agencies 20:05:37
Immigration problems in Pomona 19:58:43
Does anyone have any good links that show that Obama = McCain? 19:52:50
Gas shortage in Fla already 19:43:00
Brzezinski, not Bush, in control of foreign policy 19:01:05
Awesome Interview with Jesse Ventura 18:43:11
When I talk to Obama supporters about Ron Paul.... 18:26:16
If there is No NWO... Then Why Does everyone say it? 18:22:45
Does anyone know how much the Fed actually gets paid? 18:09:00
9/11 Truth Symposium Sat Sept 27th Pensacola, FL 18:05:14
Liberty Party 17:54:37
Saddamize the whole planet, right NOW 17:41:52
Lehman Gets Bids From Bain, Clayton for Asset-Management Unit --Look @ the name in paragraph 6 17:25:09
Ron Paul received the Szasz award 17:07:48
Pakistan military set to confront any further U.S. invasions 16:38:45
This behind the scenes video of Jessie Ventura is quiet revealing and refreashing. 16:11:58
Ignoring Ron Paul and vote for him 15:47:25
Two explosions were reported near an American military base in 15:39:56
Ventura / Karen Johnson 911 meeting video 15:32:59
Lehman sold to China 15:29:00
"Brutal" Ad Targets Palin's Aerial Wolf Hunting 15:27:34
Not buying silver and gold at these prices?? you are stupid! 15:20:20
Martin Hennecke : "We expect a depression in the United States. We expect a depression, very possibly, also in Europe," 14:53:37
The Campaign for Liberty should have an online store 14:35:06
* Just got a message from my older sister on voting in November... and I told her where I stand* 14:19:00
POLL: Have all Americans been turned into Gomers? 14:16:04
Constitutional Suggestions? 14:11:06
Is Ike A Monster Storm,Or Just A Media Hype 14:08:07
Google has a TV channel! By clicking on this link, you can get Ron Paul on TV for FREE 13:38:05
Massive Sign Day - An Idea 13:33:03
republicans going after kucinich 12:57:53
go go Sweden number 6 not bad 12:55:52
What the h*** is going on in Andover, MA 12:51:32
Undercover phone video of Leadership Summit 12:48:30
Great Chuck Baldwin Video - Religious Liberty Questions Answered Here 12:36:25
Pro-McCain Group Dumping 28 Million Terror Scare DVDs in Swing States 12:22:44
Do we need a 'Troll Complaints Board' ? 12:08:58
NH Dems oust gun-grabbing rep 12:06:28
It's Saturday; Webcam Sex - Real Sex, Soon To Be Banned By YouTube 12:02:25
Less violence in Iraq and an American Genocide 11:59:38
New rules would give FBI more freedom in U.S. operations 11:40:55
From Russia with Love 11:13:05
Last Chance -- For Life: Pat Buchanan 11:12:36
One Flew Over The Political Cuckoo's Nest 11:01:14
What???? Osama Bin Laden was NOT the mastermind behind 911? 10:58:45
HUMOR: Ron Paul @ Something Awful 10:46:01
"PUTIN" it straight 10:30:13
Paid newspaper insert stirs anger 10:27:49
McCain/Palin sign 10:24:15
★ The Bush Family Crime Syndicate Going To Prison ★ 10:09:26
REUTERS: Merrill Lynch and AIG could be next to fail. 09:59:00
Lehman employee on Thurs: "It's over..." 09:33:15
CA judge: Unconstitutional seizures "necessary" 09:23:40
Dr. Wydham has proven that WTC7 could have never collapsed 08:58:27
So, we've had storms since time began, but it only raises gas prices during the Bush administration? How come? 08:58:21
Full Transcript of Palin's ABC Interview 08:22:29
BJ Lawson Liberty Fund 08:06:45
Bob Barr is a cockroach 05:41:53
Bankers shocked by "The Mythical FDIC fund" 05:02:42
The Southern Avenger Strikes Again...NEW LINK 04:55:38
$300,000 for 3 Questions 04:21:57
I'm amazed by the movie Zero 03:57:52
Great article on voting "fourth party" and writing in Ron Paul 03:44:57
"Absolute immunity of UN is the norm and respected" 03:06:51
say it aint so bob say it aint so 02:44:17
HA ! It'll never happen for Obama ! Ron Paul supporters are #1 :-) 02:41:59
Good article about the Palin pick. 01:39:15
Montana never quits. You have to love these people! 01:35:21
If we had a different voting system we wouldn't have this problem 01:12:58
UK: Jury decides that threat of global warming justifies breaking the law 01:09:57
Please pass this message through your local meetup: 00:55:48
Has Anyone Joined ? 00:55:46
Perspective from both sides. 00:47:44
Rule Changes Would Give FBI Agents Extensive New Powers 00:13:56
RNC Tried to Cancel Ron Paul Rally, Rage Against the Machine Concert 00:00:45