Posted on September 14, 2008

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CNBC: AIG, Merrill, Lehman, all DONE!!! 20:59:19
Plans set in motion for the removal of Bob Barr as the Libertarian Party's U.S. presidential nominee 11:41:11
Pray for Dr. Paul & Family in Texas - Hurricane Ike 11:41:15
Poster Clearance - Support the Daily Paul! 11:41:12
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Fed expands lending facility: TREASURIES NO LONGER SAFE 23:48:48
YouTube: McCain Dying-Must Release Health Records-Palin Will Be President 23:40:58
Gold-Any ideas about what gold may do tomorrow? 23:01:15
GOP candidate has advocated spending offsets, but Democrats pounce 22:45:47
Emergency Interest rate cut to come Tuesday? 22:43:35
"better Programming " becoming mandatory 22:29:22
Third Party Website ( 22:23:16
I've had this thought about Greenspan kicking around... 22:06:51
Canada is Awake! Your turn USA! 22:00:45
Democracy for Dummies 21:46:16
Howard Zinn: The American Empire is Crumbling 21:27:19
The Ugly of War: Dying children in a helicopter 21:16:54
Cynacism: The greatest threat to democracy 20:55:41
CNBC: Lehman Brothers Plans to File for Bankruptcy as soon as Sunday Night 20:39:23
America 's Financial Apocalypse Heralds Decade Long Depression 20:37:23
Is it Kitco, or manipulation?.... 20:11:37
OMG 60 minutes doing show that tries to be against the Constitution 20:08:44
I Don't Need Your CIVIL WAR! 19:59:26
IMPORTANT READ: Interview with Economist Michael Hudson 19:54:48
"Ron Paul Following Following Libertarian Party Founding Father Murray Rothbard's Vision" 19:45:23
2008 Third Party Movement Facebook Group and Blog 19:26:41
A 1,000,000 money bomb to fund debates -, need help 19:25:03
Lou Dobbs-Independent Convention-on CNN now! 19:19:17
HEY DP'ers: Let's take over this forum 19:18:19
14th October is all we can hope - Just for fun. 18:56:09
Greenspan: This Is The Worst Economy I've Ever Seen 18:43:17
NWO comes crashing DOWN! Chuck Baldwin DIGG! 18:40:49
The logic of the very few Barr supporters in here and my logic as to why they are not for Liberty or America. 18:34:33
Write In.....but check this first (please make any amendments) 18:24:54
where were you on 09.11.01? 18:21:38
Olbermann: Bush Administration "Allowed 9/11 Attacks to Occur" 18:13:34
~~~~~the weekly sunday stimulating thread!~~~~~~~~ 18:03:36
Endgame in Iraq 17:46:12
September 17: Lawson's Constitution Day Money Bomb 17:43:15
Judge says Feds violated 10th Amendment by subverting state marijuana laws 17:39:41
!!Breaking!! Lehman Bros Insolvent by Monday, Financial Collapse to Follow. 17:05:09
Barclays and Bank of America walk away from Lehman 17:02:02
The Anti-Masonic Party 16:59:11
Know your enemy. 16:56:49
I plead the FIF! 16:46:44
Remind the McCainites.. 16:40:46
Support the C4L in 3 Seconds of Your Time 16:22:46
U.S./ Foreign Troops Gearing Up for Martial Law In America 16:12:31
Perhaps we simply need to be more active. 16:12:06
Nigeria rebels declare "Oil War" 15:57:43
Greenspan Says Crisis May Be `Once in Century' Event 15:56:48
CFR has job openings 15:49:36
*Paul's Message Missed* 15:43:57
Philanthropy Expert: Conservatives Are More Generous 15:28:50
-DIGG ARTICLE-★ Karl Rove to Discuss Politics at Claremont McKenna College Today at 6:45 pm★ 15:26:35
Good news! NH Ron Paul sympathizers win 153 primary races 15:20:50
Military officials: Iraq could explode in violence again 15:11:15
BREAKING: Barclays backs out of Lehman deal -- BK imminent 14:43:00
DP support needed for dealing with brain-washed family members. 14:16:31
Where are you folks buying your gold/silver? 14:15:40
Alaska Women Rally Against Palin And Are Threatened 14:14:37
Democracy for Dummies 14:10:39
Hmmm, Kitco's buy price higher than COMEX bid? 14:08:38
Jesse Ventura= great 9/11 interview 13:44:24
Remove SANDRA from Blogroll 13:32:32
INS Caravan 13:12:41
V For Vendetta movie on Fox tonight at 8PM EST! 12:56:07
C-Span to replay RP press conferance 12:39:08
★ Paul's message missed.... 12:20:33
Barr Wins Texas; Democrats, Republicans Miss Ballot Deadline. 12:08:41
Chuck Norris states "he's done 2 tours in Iraq" 12:08:01
Sarah & Hillary - Saturday Night Live 12:03:51
Required Sunday viewing 11:58:54
Yay! Some GOOD 4th Amd news! 11:37:33
An Idea Whose Time Has Come - G. Edward Griffin - VERY IMPORTANT!! 11:37:21
Nader Constitution Day Money Bomb 11:20:52
Film shows McCain's release from Vietnamese prison 11:18:18
The Midwest is having flooding problems...rain + Ike... 10:15:21
We need RP people to comment on WSJ and LA TIMES 10:05:59
BREAKING NEWS--READ NOW!!! Plans set in motion for the removal of Bob Barr as the Libertarian Party's U.S. presidential nominee 10:04:50
China dumping dollars? 10:00:18
A bit of truth from the MSM... 09:55:34
Ron Paul's Convention Speech Digg Bomb - Help Spread the Word 09:30:19
Personal Financial Advice Needed Immediately! 09:01:55
Change? Pentagon plans for more of the same 08:50:02
Foreclosures hit another record high in August: 304,000 homes were in default and 91,000 families lost their houses. 08:21:42
Rhino: Very odd banking news in local paper 08:05:38
Rhino: I have a “Debate” idea, but it would require a conspiracy 07:14:26
*HEADS UP*-Russia, Iran, Syria, US,and 07:00:56
★ I Don't Believe 9/11 Was An Inside Job - Ron Paul Said, "It's Preposterous!" ★ 06:48:11
If I would have known posting guidelines, 05:52:15
Should C4L HOST OWN Presidential Debate? 05:36:59
Felt like "Martial Law" in Los Angeles! 05:21:38
Hello Khan. 04:57:12
An Idea for the Future 03:51:28
"Voting Fourth Party" -- Good Article 03:22:07
I met an Iraq war veteran tonight 03:09:53
Ron Paul wants off the ballot in Montana 03:03:37
Giulietto Chiesa Producer of Zero; the latest 9/11 Video claims Claims Cheney acting like he will not be leaving office 02:21:37
Banking Is Tanking 01:59:44
Focus on being productive and taking care of yourself and Family 01:40:31
If libertarian Party could dump Barr and Appoint Ventura/Johnson, I would join the cause. 01:29:22
Does anybody know about foreign lenders calling back loans to the US Gov't? 01:18:28
$9T in debt - - help for 3rd Party facts 01:03:22
Hey Kids GATHER is 00:56:37
"Faithless Electors"----CAN WE CREATE HISTORY THE WAY WE WANT IT...STILL??? PLEASE READ..... 00:53:49
Breaking Down The Conventions By Word Usage 00:51:35
Government, Wall Street Race To Try To Save Lehman 00:20:54
Secret Geo-Engineering Projects Threaten Unknown Environmental Dangers 00:18:43
They called Ron Paul a racist ? 00:17:14