Posted on September 18, 2008

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VIDEO: Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 9/18/08 ... DIGG 20:48:25
Ron Paul on MSNBC 17:03:40
Incredible letter to the troops, found on Lew Rockwell 11:11:25
Ron Paul on the Financial Crisis 10:39:34
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Peter Schiff: Comrade Bernanke Does it Again 23:56:14
Stop the Bailouts Petition 23:56:06
What The Hell Is Going On ? 23:48:57
T. Boone Pickens plan 23:48:30
When the fed loans AIG, FANNIE and SALLIE MAE, etc who makes money off the interest??? 23:45:12
Paulson-lol 23:36:50
For gold (and silver) bugs and those curious about metal. 23:21:08
Is getting into the system a good idea or not ? (Land dispute) 23:20:54
"We The People" sues to stop AIG bailout 22:57:27
Can I please have a labotomy ? Please!! 22:55:35
McCain to American workers - YOU CAN"T DO IT 22:42:07
Is this a 180 billion dollar global bribe with counterfeit money ? 22:40:28
Why I am looking forward to some serious inflation 22:32:55
Soldier control helmets? What all the fashionable soldiers are wearing. 22:20:55
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Invest in Lawmakers 22:09:35 - Uniting the third party movement 21:51:53
News update needed, offline since monday week of 9-14. 21:47:16
Reuters reports: 'Fed takes heat on both sides of Congress' 21:44:13
McCain Blast Wall Street Greed Claims He Would Fire The SEC Chairman 21:40:05
Systemic Failure of the United States- Game Over 21:33:53
Glenn Beck Tonight 21:12:16
Glen Beck interviews Rep. Ron Paul on the coming Soviet style economic collapse 21:07:26
Show Ohio that Third Party Candidates Need Love too! 20:58:57
Sunny News: Innovation is going forward 20:41:27
c4l should get behind , not Barr ,but his legal efforts in texas 20:30:27
BERNAKE/PAULSON Seek Support For An Agency To Buy Bad Debt 20:29:26
Lawsuit against Ron Paul Supporters - Meeting Protest 20:26:54
Bob Schulz NEVER gives up. Files federal lawsuit over AIG bailout! 20:20:05
Fed gives 180 Billion to overseas banks 20:18:44
*Bush Will Declare Martial Law* 19:50:33
Will C4L host open debates? 19:36:09
USAF pilot goes ballistic on Joe Lieberman's office boy 19:28:48
Connection Between Insiders of World Religions and the New World Order video 19:28:04
Turn on Glen Beck NOW 5:00 PM MST 19:26:24
Glenn Beck now 19:25:43
"The Beast of Debt and her 300 million offspring." 19:23:23
why wall street wanted spitzer gone 19:23:05
Ron Paul Addresses Financial Crisis...DIGG NOW!!!! FP! 19:13:37
*We Will Decide!* 19:08:47
Don't miss it! Reminder for Glen Beck on right NOW 6pm central 18:56:58
"I had other priorities in the '60s than military service." 18:53:52
David F*@$ing Price - BJ Lawson's Opponent 18:46:59
US To Declare October ‘Economic Emergency’, Suspend Elections 18:27:02
The Financial Tsunami that is Coming, take a Good Look.... 18:09:55
At 7 ET in DC there's a meeting between Bernanke, Paulson, leadership of the Senate and 18:07:57
Bank of China buys into Rothschild 17:58:51
FBI investigates Sarah Palin's Yahoo account after hackers break in 17:48:08
Ron Paul FOX Business News 9/18/08 17:27:26
Writing in Ron a valid option 17:06:31
McCain checks out Palins butt (funny video) 17:05:17
Spoke With Bob Barr today 17:01:18
Money Bomb for Third Parties! 16:57:05
Is the FED about to declare itself - KING OF THE WORLD? 16:55:23
Interesting LNC rumor: Barr wants Root out 16:20:00
Gold Down $53 Silver Down $1 Stock Market up 428?? 15:51:27
Great article mentioning Dr. Paul - "Hail to the Chief of the Economy" 15:42:29
We just inherited trillions of private debt 15:38:26
ron paul msnbc interview 15:36:51
Latest MSM spin on Bank failure: Blame the Short Seller! 15:36:35
Why doesn't Ron Paul try to do anything about the economy? 15:28:21
AHHHHH, a place to put your debt 15:26:24
Dr. Paul on MSNBC Next 15:25:10
Move along... Nothing to see here....Disperse 15:21:38
Ultra-Orthodox party emerging as Israel kingmaker 15:13:06
MSM is starting to figure out the next chapter in this tragedy. 14:54:49
SUGGESTED CHANGES FOR THE DAILY PAUL! (Feedback Encouraged!!!) 14:54:21
Ron Paul’s Party :: article in sept 22nd american conservative 14:51:33
*A Case Of Mistaken Identity And Lessons From A Parrot* 14:40:57
Free Demand vs. Forced Demand 14:24:53
"Secret government & private individuals buying up assets." Says Ron Paul - VIDEO 14:21:15
Stand Up Economists: LMAO.... Hillarious! 14:16:44
CNBC Video: Wayne Angel former FED Governor "FED has an INFINITE balance sheet." 14:07:45
POLL: What have you done to prepare for the financial storm ahead? 14:05:21
Palin Spent $50000 In City Funds To Redecorate Mayors Office 13:49:04
Digg This: Recommendations from Bush War Crimes Conference 13:43:18
Amish sue sheriff for violating Constitution... 13:36:03
Dr Pauls day has come 13:35:31
*The Fundamentals Of Our Economy Are Strong!* 13:34:29
FoxNews clips on C4L site 13:32:44
What happens when US defaults on foreign loans? 13:28:19
Does anyone remember this movie? 13:27:00
Gold "blows" through $1030 ceiling today... 13:18:34
Remember at the end of Terminator 3.... 13:14:40
New YouTube vid: RP on economy 13:08:44
Jim Bunning to introduce legislation to strip Fed of powers 13:04:38
12 Yr. Old invents new Solar Panel that may revolutionize the industry 12:52:52
Looks like the PPT failed again over night. 12:44:54
Call to ACTION! Open Debates 12:43:55
I would think that C4L should be on this list as well 12:21:48
After The Collapse... 12:11:30
Get Your Free Pocket Copy Here: Declaration of Independence & US Constitution! 12:08:25
Doing the test drive 12:07:39
Helicopter Ben handing out money to everyone but those who need it!!! 11:52:37
Marine praised by Bush won't get Medal of Honor (Shot by Friendlies) 11:48:37
Study: Decriminalizing Marijuana Doesn't Increase Use 11:35:23
Ron Paul to the Rescue 11:31:14
Worldwide Strike? Video 11:31:08
a headline to make you ill 11:30:59
Need name of newspaper I got at the Rally 11:28:30
POLL: Whats the most important TARGET for the C4L? 11:26:58
Ron Paul stood up for Nader in 2004 11:19:36
RP Rally Speakers Reviewed 11:13:53
Market Meltdown? NO --- Fed Meltdown.....YES! 11:10:50
What good is gold? 11:02:41
Deadly week in Iraq for our soldiers 10:53:17
McCain and The Keating Five 10:51:01
It's just too bad Ron Paul didn't hang in 10:45:36
Who was it that pushed for bad loans? 10:36:42
*Ron Paul On Glenn Beck and MSNBC Today* 10:31:20
Palin email hacked 10:25:58
Bush's remarks today very "telling" 10:24:26
"Biden Calls Paying Higher Taxes A Patriotic Act" RUFKM? 10:22:05
Chuck Norris praises Ron Paul. Better late than never, I guess 10:20:06
Where will the DOW close today? 10:03:27
SEC Short Selling Requirements 09:50:22
Russia shuts down market 09:48:39
Please tell me this isn't that Military deployment planned on 10/1... 09:45:23
Peter Schiff - 9/17/08 09:44:33
Open Debates Action Alert 09:43:55
Can Someone Tell Me If "Injecting Liquidity" is a Polite Way To Say... 09:37:43
Ron Paul on the economy with sound this time. 09:37:30
New Ron Paul video on the FED 09:31:12
Did any of you RNC delegates meet this guy? 09:23:19
RP on front page Yahoo Finance right now... 09:12:21
Conquering the Spirit of Debt 09:07:54
All Governments Fail- an anarchist view 08:59:29
Galveston Update 08:23:07
More spending ? Are these people insane ? 08:01:26
Please Run For President Ron 07:52:41
The Coming Battle (Great reading) 07:39:41
MSNBC tells the truth about Pakistan , pentagon denies it . Video 07:37:33
New university study! 06:40:10
Silver and GOLD OVER NIGHT THREAD 06:14:31
Idea to battle the two-party system 05:11:30
Id like a list of our Congressmen/ women and how each are personally affected by the banking crisis 05:05:36
Silver Eagle Question 04:41:05
Can I have $300,000 Bailout??????????? 03:57:19
China paper urges new currency order after "financial tsunami" 03:43:26
Pre- and Post-Storm Photo Comparisons - Bolivar Peninsula, TX 03:00:06
Any Good News? 02:50:47
"Scrambling to Clean Up After a Category 4 Financial Storm". 02:38:39
Shut Down the NWO! Stop Complying! Sign up for the Million Man March 02:37:44
''WHY ONLY TWO?'' Open up the presidential debates! Digg! 02:23:36
CALIFORNIA -- Candidates and Propositions 02:18:11
Asian STOCKS CRASH LIVE 11:21pm Pacific 02:17:29
"Financial Crisis Fails to Get its Just Due with TV Talking Heads". 02:14:20
Latest video update from Karl Denninger 01:57:26
Stop Manipulated Markets Now??? 01:55:19
Medical Marijuana, a growing battle 01:55:13
Frozen Capital Markets and Stock Holder Capital Destruction 01:41:04
Royal Bank of Scotland Collapses as Crisis Expands to Europe 01:39:58
US/UK Pay $64 Billion to Save Russian 'Foe' 01:36:43
DAYUM!!!!! The asian markets are getting pounded 01:35:20
Worldwide Strike? Video 01:06:47
Craig Paul Roberts chimes in 00:57:37
**URGENT** Research needed ASAP - Re:FEMA Coffins 00:49:39
Graphical representation of the financial meltdown 00:30:49
Economic WORLD WAR Has Begun 00:25:36
Please Digg This 00:23:02
***There's only one last thing we can do!*** 00:22:17
BillyJack is back with a punch "BRING IT ON and PACK a LUNCH" HOT DIGG 00:21:31
Something going on @ Freeople 00:19:16
House votes to end access for Mexican trucks 00:10:52