Posted on September 21, 2008

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Showdown: Democrats To Set Own Terms on Bailout 23:47:46
Ron Paul on CNN Wolf Blizter 9/21 13:33:48
Backlash Over Bailouts Grows; Foreign Banks Bailed Out, Too! 13:33:27
Army website: Army, other branches to "patrol homeland" of USA 03:51:22
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Mike, behaga återvända! Er du brunn? 23:52:31
Now Federal and state agencies raided a Christian Compound in AR 23:34:06
Ron Paul on CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer FP! Digg In NOW! 23:24:11
jzneff on the bailout 23:13:12
So does this mean Paulson will be running Goldman Sachs again? 22:57:52
SO MUCH FOR THE PICKENS PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22:53:52
So who has the power to censor this site and delete posts? 22:50:01
Bush says we need the $700B NOW! HURRY!! 22:43:15
Hmm, funny what google searches will turn up 22:39:27
Is Paulson proposal already passed? It would seem so by some reports... 22:34:25
Rep. John Duncan(R-TN) blasts housing bailout, calls for removal of "golden parachutes" from banking execs 22:34:16
World events do not occur by accident 22:14:06
Paulson is a liar / Open letter to congress 22:06:12
Nationalizing Media 21:56:17
My snickers bar melted! Who is bailing me out? Where's my $1.79? 21:50:54
Article: Grasping At Straws...By Mike Whitney 21:45:09
BLOOMBERG *Dollar May Get `Crushed' as Traders Weigh Up Bailout* 21:41:43
McCain - Lesser of Two Evils is Still Evil 21:28:15
DIGG !!! Ron Paul discusses the bailout...UNLIMITED!! 21:28:11
Make a wish will make you smile 21:27:08
Erik Vendt - Gold Medalists winner and Ron Paul supporter 21:25:12
Ron Paul supporter Sheriff hopeful goes online to make case 21:22:54
I drank too much floride and cant understand ?(NYT,greenspan,derivities)Is he saying to buy?wtf?? 20:58:25
Provocateurs Call For Violence to Demonize DNC Protesters 20:51:51
Where Can I Get the List of Ron Paul Candidates for Congress, State 20:37:03
Article on Silver from 20:26:00
Major Stock Market Crash Ahead?... Comparing 1929 to 2008 20:23:43
Us Tax payers to bail out Foreign banks / Reuters Article. 20:00:45
Happy "Peace Day" everybody :) 19:54:44
If you still have any friends who support McCain (especially vets), send them this.. 19:31:51
Bush Seeks Dictatorship Powers 19:27:13
Professor Krugman on Bill Maher , economy truth, great interview 19:20:46
Im not paying my taxes 19:20:33
Word on the street is 700 billion bailout is just the beginning. 18:43:05
Anyone on staff at Lehman's New York? 18:34:46
The Economy will collapse this Sept. ~ New currency (Lucky guess?) 18:31:14
More Regulation? IDIOTS, ReInstate the GLASS STEAGALL ACT 18:11:14
For new mother's: PLEASE DON'T BUY FORMULA 18:03:01
★ Sugar Daddy Government: Another Bailout Picks America’s Pockets ★ 17:58:14
A moment of Pause Just found out about Patrick Citroni 17:27:21
Baldwin condemns bailouts at Conservative Leadership Conference 17:21:08
"Constitution Money Bomb" 17:20:58
Wonkette finally gets it 17:11:49
Montana Governor Enjoys Publicizing Ron Paul’s Spot on Ballot 17:11:36
Europeans hard on Greenspan! LOL 17:09:56
Lifestyles of the principled 17:07:54
Ron Paul has nothing good to say about the Wall Street bailout plan 17:02:13
COUP in America in the next few days 16:52:09
Our Own Shadow Government 16:44:29
The intimidation of Pakistan, don't stand in our way,,,, or else 16:44:07
Creative minds needed over at 16:30:07
John McCain~Liar (w/special appearance by Adam Kokesh) 15:51:24
Russia-China Prepare Massive Gold Shock 15:44:30
More dead south of Houston than reported 15:43:03
We need a mass statement Nov. 4th! 15:14:58
First Amendment, gone! 15:04:59
POLL WORKERS!! 14:56:42
jzneff 14:43:23
Welcome to the final stages of the coup... 14:41:29
YouTube bans gun & knife videos in UK - Digg 14:40:34
*All Hope For America Lost?* 14:35:56
OBSESSION THE MOVIE - Anyone get this in the mail? 14:27:20
The Markets Tomorrow? Dollar/DOW/Silver/Gold/Rates? 14:26:27
Audio tapes of Larry Craig's (R- Not Gay) alleged encounters 14:23:11
"$700B rescue plan may not save some troubled banks" 14:15:23
Many have already voted ! 14:12:12
Early Voting ? 14:03:19
So what third party candidate do you like best? 13:56:15
The bank "failures" are BS 13:43:44
Pension Time Bomb 13:26:28
Interesting threat to the North American Union..... Russia! 13:25:14
The Town of Allopath & America Newest Third World Country! Dr. Mercola nails it! 13:20:20
How do we stop the NAU? 13:05:06
POLL: Who do you hate the most in the media? 12:58:35
Granny Warriors Featured in Documentary!! 12:58:01
The Constituion for Americas Union, NAU right around the corner 12:55:19
Bush Administration Seeks Dictatorial Powers 12:52:59
Third Parties Crash and Burn in polls 12:49:21
Paulson Bailout WON'T Stop Crisis Fails To Deal With Root Cause 12:47:19
Our friend Obaidkirk on Hank Paulson and the economic crisis 12:38:08
Foreign banks may get help 12:32:43
Just up; Brand New Ron Paul Social Networking Site 12:20:28
Banks Crumble, Wait for Physical Bullion Gets Longer 12:14:20
Nader Supports Barr's Ballot suit Vs TX 12:11:51
When is Dr. Paul going to 12:03:42
Israeli Prime Minister Olmert to resign. 11:56:49
Is this an opportunity to short the dollar? 11:55:18
Op ed in todays New York Times mentions Ron Paul favorably! 11:22:13
Yup, you guys were right 11:04:39
Idea for Civil Disobedience 11:04:03
Does Ron Paul support more regulation from Congress over markets? 11:00:18
The American Dream 10:52:06
FDIC Seizes West Virginia Bank, More Likely to Follow --- Another one bites the dust 10:48:49
We Have DAYS To Stop the $700 Billion Stick-Up (and Fascist Power Grab) 10:35:25
shaka sniper quiz 10:19:13
Why aren't we hitting the streets with torches?!?!?! 10:09:48
This bailout is about bailing out foreign governments' and foreign investors' monies If they lose their monies we will no longer 09:50:55
Ron Paul on Russia Today 09:42:51
Call your Reps. on Monday 09:42:37
Boston Globe on the PPT- Calls it "conspiracy theory" 09:27:59
Which Presidential candidates are on YOUR state's General Election Ballot? 09:22:36
MT & LA! Anyone want Ron Paul Yard Signs? 09:10:33
1 Quadrillion?!? The world economies are doomed ... 09:02:54
Does "U.S. Taxpayer's Party" = "Constitution Party"? 08:49:24
Paul to be on Wolf Blitzer CNN, Sunday, 11:45AM EST 08:28:42
Shut Down the NWO! Stop Complying! Sign up for the Million Man March 06:43:44
Fascist Coup Nearly Complete... 06:36:34
U.K. Telegraph $$$ Financial crisis: Default by the US government is no longer unthinkable $$$ 06:10:45
This is who FDR sent to write the UN charter. 05:59:47
Which phase are we in, 3? or perhaps 4? 04:41:39
Is it true? 04:15:51
Revolution Tattoo 03:55:37
US government should seize ALL assets of the FED 03:43:13
FDIC Site For List of Failed Banks 03:32:22
Martial law to be declared in October?? 03:04:31
Ralph Nader vs.Triumph Video! 03:02:31
Can The Government "Buy Back" the Fed? 02:59:43
*100 million people will watch tonight's debate" We can hack the upcoming McBama debate on Live TV!!!!! 02:46:36
WOW! Boston Globe Openly Names and Reports on PPT!! 02:29:01
So I'm Listening to C-Span radio today 02:27:04
Bob Barr interview on KING-5 Seattle 9/21 9:30am PST 02:22:17
Digg: New Hampshire: The taste of freedom 02:15:54
I just donated money to Barr, Baldwin, and even Nader... 01:50:31
Ron Paul House Painting Party 01:34:11
"The Formula" For Contolling Slaves 00:48:39
Depression questions 00:42:37
Use Your Checks to Tell The Story 00:31:31
The Gods of the Copybook Headings 00:18:45
McCain, Obama, Bush -- they all moved us to becoming a socialist country 00:10:37
SILVER and GOLD thread!!! 00:05:29