Posted on September 22, 2008

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Now is the Time to Unite and Say with ONE Voice 23:48:27
"Major Message" from Ron Paul to Come Tomorrow. Or actually today- he endorsed Baldwin. 12:01:45
Boston Legal - Stick it 08:41:23
Mad as hell! Taxpayers lash out 18:32:22
From Politico: Nader, Barr & Paul "Told You So" 00:02:56
US $1 trillion bailout is under threat from political skirmishes, the PHONE calls are working 00:34:17
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Just did a Google search to see who's on the receiving end of Fannie and Freddie...verrrrrrry interesting!!!!! 23:59:25
Who is H. Ross Perot 23:58:30
We were just on the news 23:42:27
What are the odds of the Fed increasing rates? 23:40:49
"Al-Qaida Treaten October Surprise Attack, geared to sway the Elections" 23:32:10
Steve Parent...any update on the "Bucks for Chuck" totals??? 23:28:58
I accidentally just missed a payment on my piece of sh## Chase credit card and they handed my a## to me, I can see now what is h 23:25:57
Judicial Watch - McCain Corruptions and other thieves ! 23:25:15
NOW WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE! before we just throw up our hands and join 3rd parties, consider this: 23:08:20
Bailout Details Emerge: Nationalize Losses, Privatize Profits 23:06:50
The Daily Baldwin 22:49:59
Crisis 22:37:21
Ron Paul endorses Chuck Baldwin 22:29:50
~~~Batton down the hatches!!! George Ure, and Cliff -The Web Bots on C to C last night, ~~~ 22:29:49
Campaign for Liberty - New York City - Meeting Tuesday, 9/23/08: 7 PM - Guest Speaker ADAM KOKESH 22:19:31
$700 billion bailout 22:17:12
Paulson's Treasury to Bail Out the World 22:13:05
911 truthers converge on Ottawa Canada, parliament building 22:08:10
SirFelix - Dr. Paul endorses Chuck Baldwin - So do I ! 22:00:06
Financial Crisis Part Of Fascist Coup 21:53:15
Video attached-We should all be so lucky to have a Congressman like this 21:37:27
Don't Be Fooled! By the political facade of resisting the Bailout! 21:29:23
How Sweden Solved its Bank Crisis 21:24:42
I'm lookin for some campaignforliberty "slimjims" ??? 21:10:35
Our Republic Raped and Still No Revolution! 21:07:55
A New Alliance - By Dr. Ron Paul 20:55:25
Peter Schiff right on Housing in 2006 20:48:27
The coalition of the willing: Now they are all running away! 20:41:19
Should We Vote Baldwin? 20:34:32
Citizen's Firearm 'Bomb'..? 20:23:47
ABC Panel Tears Into McCain 20:23:06
Libertarian Party vs Constitution Party 20:21:40
BBC :: Al-Qaeda is not a terrorist organization 20:13:03
Check out Devvy Kidd's article today 19:45:06
*Ralph Nader Says I Would Vote For Ron Paul* 19:43:22
The Fat Lady isn't Yet Singing... 19:37:50
So Ron Paul is a TRUTHER???huh?LOL we told you so trolls! 19:26:01
We now have a party to call our own. It's the Constitution Party... duh 19:24:39
LP membership petition to apologize to Dr. Paul is posted. 19:17:27
Sticking to Principles when times get tough 19:16:32
Bob Conlee is Polling within 9 points of Lynsdey Graham 18:56:56
Official Endorsement of Chuck Baldwin 18:56:47
Is This Old - Ron Paul on Nancy Pelosi and Iran 18:53:11
Call your Rep and tell them... 18:52:49
Silver or lead? 18:52:41
How do you get started buying gold ? Is it too late ? 18:52:31
I don't know the rules for each state; but 18:50:25
I just received an Invitation from the CFR 18:44:08
Money Bomb for Chuck Baldwin This Friday the 26th 18:41:38
Baldwin Money Bomb Day Sept 26th!! - Ron Paul Endorses Baldwin! 18:37:47
are silver plate utensils worth anything? 18:37:46
I saw this and thought of you crazy guys... :o) 18:36:27
New Website - Looking for Feedback 18:31:20
AP Test Returns ? 18:19:31
*We Are All Ron Chuck Ralph Dennis Naomi Cynthia Dave* 18:12:37
Say no to Theocracy 18:11:48
Just a little funny in a bad time :) this will make you smile. 18:06:00
Now CNBC Jim Cramer preparing for meltdown, he's saying buy Gold 18:05:37
McCain looks to Romney for advice on what to do about the bailout 18:05:28
A New Alliance - Digg! 17:57:56
Question: Radio shows and Podcasts?? 17:55:15
American Revolution 2 poster. 17:44:43
Write to all Congress with one Email! ACTION NOW!! 17:42:16
Do You Know What Happened to the Crude Oil Market Today? 17:39:15
Who is Chuck Baldwin? 17:30:06
Even Gingrich gets it 17:17:26
Thousands attend anti Iran rally 17:13:42
Short selling rules-to end October 2 (11:59 p.m. ET) 17:07:01
Congress, Bush team AGREE on some bailout terms!! 17:06:27
Give Obama's Campaign a Call 16:58:37
A NEW ALLIANCE: Ron Paul Just Endorsed Chuck Baldwin! 16:58:22
The Declaration Revisited 16:55:53
McCain would appoint Democrat likes Cuomo as SEC head Obama keeps Paulson in transition 16:47:46
Ron paul on the economic collapse 16:32:16
Mushroom Cloud Over Wall Street...By Mike Whitney......An Absolute Must Read!!!!!!!! 16:31:40
gold's going up - highest in awhile 16:29:41
From Jim Sinclair comes the following: 16:27:32
Dollar going down 16:23:49
PBS Palin Poll - Is she qualified? 16:23:36
USA Dropped to 3rd World Status - Did you miss it? 16:20:31
"The End of Wall Street As We Know It" 16:15:48
A solution to this mess, send to congress and DIGG. 16:13:37
DIGG The Constituion Pledge! 16:12:05
Kucinich on the bail out " No cash for trash " 16:04:58
$104 Per man, women, and child on the entire planet. 16:04:39
FYI within the family, at DP - Weapons of Mass Distraction. 16:03:01
a resounding victory against US war crimes, ACLU 16:01:56
China says no to US greenbacks. 15:55:06
Glenn Beck attacks Taboo Subject careful Glenn, The Fed, Digg it!! 15:39:21
CNN What should Congress do? VOTE The $700 billion bailout 15:28:23
The dollar is down 2% 15:22:33
the C4L's "Crisis on Wallstreet" Explanation! PASS OUT THIS FLIER! DIGG 15:21:02
Heck, We Don't Have to Be Worried About Being Attacked by Muslins 15:18:49
Have you ever wondered what these elites have to lose ? 15:01:24
*Here comes $500 oil* 15:00:25
Having Paulson as Our Treasury Sec. is Like Putting the Wolf in Charge of the Hen House 14:59:36
Do you agree with decision to spend $700 billion to bail out the financial system? 14:49:48
$7.00+ a gallon coming 14:37:47
Oil up $24 a Barrel....Digg and Wake them up! 14:37:32
Ron Paul - Break the Cycle! 14:36:33
*Breaking News~Oil spikes $25 a barrel on anxiety over US bailout* 14:35:16
Greatest-ever buying opportunity 14:17:46
Here comes a fleet of russians 14:16:03
New Community Website 14:12:50
Demand that the Bailout Legislation Be Rejected (They will send a letter for you) 14:10:24
*Ask Steve to Change the "You Choose '08" page* 14:07:22
Anyone Else getting letters saying.... 13:57:41
Glenn Beck finally asks "Who owns the Fed?" 13:56:29
New Website Designed to Help With Recessionary Pressures (BETA) 13:43:59
I thought Barr did not want his message watered down by being associated with the left. 13:42:20
10 or More Fully Staffed Armored Personnel Vehicles Coming from Camp David today 13:36:03
★ HOT! ... The Case Against the Fed 13:32:31
It's Time to Strike While the Iron is Hot! (Update) 13:30:23
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bailout 13:28:02
Ain't it grand? 13:26:52
Police State Now Official: Army Unit to Deploy in October for Domestic Operations 13:25:17
It's time folks 13:24:42
Vote No Bailout!! 13:19:08
what are your thoughts on this???? 13:13:33
World events do not occur by accident 13:05:29
Be Ticked off - But get over it (mainstream media propaganda article) 13:02:08
The PPT 12:52:35
Breaking: This guy calls out Paulson!! THE MOTHER OF ALL FRAUDS!! URGENT DIGG !!! 12:34:23
What Industry Will The Bankers/Fed Go After Next? 12:29:06
(DOCUMENTARY)The World According to Monsanto 12:21:58
Mushroom Cloud Over Wall Street As US Constitution Burns 12:03:09
URGENT: Email Glenn Beck, MSM Admits the Federal Reserve is Private! 12:01:50
Mainstream Media Admits the Federal Reserve is Private! 11:55:23
TIME: How We Became the United States of France. 11:53:12
Global Warming Oct 22 11:53:06
The reason for this 'quickening'... 11:51:01
Ah...Sorry To Bother You, Mr. Obama, Sir... Columbo Still Scratching His Head... 11:35:45
Oil is up to almost $110/Barrel, Gold is up over $900.00 and Stocks 11:34:39
I see the MSM talking heads all have their marching orders... 11:30:13
Morning Joe/Pat Buchanan: The Republican Party can no longer call itself conservative! 11:29:53
CBS Column: Reps. Missed Opportunities By Dismissing Ron Paul 11:29:05
Hate HuffPo... 11:27:56
Gretchen Morgenson at NYT: Bailouts Screw Taxpayers 11:19:45
Time to Fight the REAL War on Terror! ~BJ Lawson 11:17:38
Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise 11:04:06
It could have been a bad Year, Now it will be a BAD DECADE says Ron 11:01:53
AIG Richard Andrew Grove whistle blower tells all 11:01:22
Who should I vote for? 10:57:30
The CIA, George Bush, and Bill Clinton: Restored Faith in Government 10:54:31
NEED SILVER? 10:45:59
Pakistan - new powder keg 10:32:44
Why is Bush in Such a Hurray to Get His Hands on Our $700B 10:26:15
Have you ever seen this online oddity? 10:25:04
Dow down 118.24 in first 40 minutes 10:23:36
CrossBow Laws 10:12:45
fresh DRUDGE Reuters needs comments! STEP UP CONGRESS CONTACT! 09:58:50
Oil up, Gold up > Dollar down 09:57:07
Get ready for $150.00 oil... 09:49:41
Our #1 solution-IMO 09:48:57
Did anyone hear anything about an epidemic today ? 09:40:25
The most reliabe Gold dealer 09:38:47
Who Decided to Use the Word "Homeland" to Represent the U.S. 09:29:15
*** The unknown 20 trillion dollar company *** 09:19:35
write your elected official NOW! 09:18:21
So, are they up or down? 09:18:01
Life is about to go through a dramatic change of 'order' 09:11:52
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Power Hour now - RE: Vaccines 09:08:40
DId the false flag attacks begin? 09:06:00
401K = FWMD 09:05:41
WAKE UP! GET MAD! Show this page to your Friends and Family who need a WAKE UP! 09:04:25
CALL! EMAIL! FAX! 08:57:51
Mish's Open Letter To Congress on the Bailout 08:18:06
What does this mean? 08:03:04
"...that the best things in life are free." 07:58:58
Is it Too Late? 07:45:26
$700000000000 / 305mil Americans = $2,287 per! Sorry! U Higher than Thou!! 07:17:34
New US Dollar 06:57:52
The Influence Of The Neocons 06:13:45
CNN - Global Financial Crisis: Rep. Paul On Economic Meltdown 06:03:41
Loan titans paid McCain aide -- Freddie and Fannie at it again!! 05:28:51
Sarah Palin Blatant Lies Exposed By NBC 05:18:26
Is there a cover-up about the number of victims of Ike? 04:02:05
Government's True Wealth Shown, by Walter Burien 03:45:05
Mass Phone Bomb! 03:22:15
Turkish film, Wolves in the Valley Iraq was censored in 2006 03:17:35
The Neocons Will Eventually Come 03:07:58
Our "enemies" can be inspirational, compassionate, and teach us valuable lessons. 02:21:55
No Court Review 02:19:13
And then there were...none 02:16:01
FREE Pssst! cards - Come and get 'em! 02:15:06
Congressional Leaders Stunned by Warnings 02:01:54
Stock Markets Setting Themselves Up for a October Crash 01:56:51
Digg this, to go Viral: The Federal Reserve is destroying the dollar and our economy 01:53:05
PLEASE HELP!! MikeLawson for a minute. 01:32:50
Here's our chance...let's go! 01:26:20
Damn those Bilderbergers 01:25:49
Decent Boston Globe Article 01:25:26
Lehman's Bankruptcy and the Hidden $138 Billion Bailout of JP Morgan 01:23:46
Obama's OCTOBER SURPRISE 01:23:32
Our news station must have a sense of humor. Had to share this. Tweedledum and Tweedledee 01:22:20
Foreign Banks May Get Bailout 00:38:49
How Modern "Money" is Control over People 00:26:47
BATFE loses guns and laptops! 00:09:55
Suze Orman on Larry King Live right now-Don't miss It!! 00:05:54
Religion vs Religionism 00:03:57