Posted on September 23, 2008

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FBI Investigating Companies at Heart of Meltdown 23:08:50
Sarah Palin - Save the Wolves 20:38:18
Ahmadinejad: "American Empire is nearing its end...." 20:31:21
Video: Larry King Ahmadinejad Exclusive 18:17:50
Tom Woods Interviews Bob Conley, Ron Paul Democrat 18:08:05
Wall St Protests 17:41:12
*Ralph Nader On Alex Jones Show 9/23/08* 16:20:48
Video: Hank Paulson Seeks Dictatorial Financial Powers 16:20:49
★ Ron Paul takes over TV news ~ multiple videos ~ CNN, MSNBC & FOX Biz 15:17:09
The First Protest! Happening Now! 13:31:11
The Shock Doctrine 11:52:02
Ron Paul On The Financial Crisis - NPR 2008-09-23 11:52:03
Update: Ron Paul on CNBC Today - Cancelled! 11:52:04
*Welcome To The Final Stages Of The Coup* 10:05:46
Ron Paul's Article on CNN! Front Page! 09:26:59
The Brilliance of Ron Paul. Another great article from 06:33:23
Ron Paul Throws His Support Behind Chuck Baldwin 15:17:10
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*NEW*Presidential Election Poll with ALL 12 candidates...VOTE 23:34:58
Homeschooling Banned in California as State Turns Parents Into Criminals 23:31:11
something smells fishy re so called;"bailout" 23:26:21
This has to stop. We were decent people. I was proud! I'm mortified, now! 23:22:57
U.S. funds sent from Iraq to al-Qaeda 23:08:32
Mortgage giants paid McCain aide 23:05:53
The Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin money bomb. 9/26/08 22:47:53
Obamapedia - OK this is a long one forgive me but..... 22:47:21
McCainpedia. check this out 63 Fact checks 22:45:00
Was it an attack on US Marines? 22:44:17
Martial Law Launch, 1 October 2008 22:38:21
Chuck Baldwin: Thank you, Dr. Ron Paul 22:23:38
Our marines blew up the marriot ? 22:13:28
Bail-out Package --- the economic version of the Patriot Act? 21:59:50 21:58:28
Chuck B. with Lou Dobbs 21:55:38
Somebody up there may actually get some of this ,,,,,,,about the bailout (UPDATE) 21:49:36
Disneylands Haunted House 21:42:42
The mother of all rip-offs 21:42:07
Baldwin's Letter 21:35:24
RE: Rep says..... 21:22:20
Home schooling in danger 21:20:19
When will they peel their faces off? 21:14:07
Chuck Balwin live on Revolution Broadcasting RIGHT NOW 21:12:46
FISA Bill Sets Off AT&T Customer Backlash 21:10:32
Ron Paul takes over the MSM news ! 21:09:11
Can the Rescue plan save the economy? 21:08:22
Provo Utah, okay this is really scary 21:03:37
"STOP THIS BAILOUT!!!!" an email to send to friends 21:02:34
cspan junkie has the Senate Hearing U.S. Credit Markets and Federal Rescue Plan 20:54:22
Think 20:53:39
Any Biblical Scholars help me with this ignorant email... 20:46:43
Poll: Who is most responsible for the economic meltdown? 20:44:38
Fifth Grader Suspended For Wearing Anti-Obama Shirt 20:39:48
Polling Point Poll 20:38:25
Ron Paul Endorses Chuck Baldwin! - rebekahj 20:36:36
Darn, I Tainted My DVR by Recording Glenn Beck Last Night 20:31:59
The top 25 censored news stories in U.S. Media 20:31:05
Former Sec/Treasury O'Neill's FDIC-type plan 20:28:38
US Treasury Bailout Auction Scam and How To Stop It 19:54:20
Ron Paul Weighs In On Government Bailout 19:45:03
My Email to the Texas Libertarian Party 19:43:52
THANK YOU, DR. RON PAUL - Chuck Baldwin 19:43:35
Let's Play Wall St 'Bail Out' -- NOT! 19:30:10
Do you guys ever wonder? 19:16:07
Freedom fighter Lauren Canario arrested again 19:14:49
FBI Investigating--Developing 19:09:39
Quick Conspiracy Theory 19:07:04
Our last chance for a decent life in the USA ( 19:06:24
MALINTENT - Another reason to avoid airports! 19:06:19
Brigade Homeland Tours Start Oct 1. (Martial Law Must Not Be Too Far Off) 19:00:23
Treachery Secretary Paulson... 18:59:06
Chuck Baldwin is not a Theocrat. 18:49:20
Thank you RON PAUL for being the most honest american in history 18:48:12
Important Article!! The End Of An Era...By Gary North 18:47:45
Bernanke + Paulson funny pic 18:44:41
Will RP face Bernanke and Polson tomorrow 18:42:09
Great explanation of financial meltdown in stick figures 18:40:31
Ballot access question 18:39:22
Run for SENATE! 18:38:19
Support Veterans for Peace! 18:37:29
Serious Spin Begins 18:35:06
Ron Paul Revolution is still alive and kicking ! 18:24:56
Ben Bernanke speaking at Freidmans Birthday 18:17:58
Ron Paul link on CNN headlines 18:06:56
Michael, you've got another bot/spammer 18:03:59
Warren Buffett just bought 5 billion in Goldman Sachs 17:47:17
"Punish.." -the Fed- by APF "...those resposible for financial crisis" Sarkozy 17:39:37
The only way I would consider a bailout: Balanced Budget Amendment. 17:37:25
CSPAN 9/22, "Lets Play Wall Street Bailout" video 17:29:25
Henry Paulson Will Morph Toxic Banks into Toxic Dollars - This Doesn't Have to Happen 17:25:21
My "Ron Paul" sign has been changed again 17:24:31
Anyone see this article on 9-20 in the New York Times? 17:23:26
Should our next task be a major push to recruit our veterans to defend the constitution here at home (i.e. civil disobedience)? 17:16:11
Be proud everyone!!! 17:14:55
Great Radio Interview with Ron Paul 9/23 17:10:08
Attention ALL VETERANS!! Join Veterans for Peace TODAY!!! 17:05:00
American Militia, Media Spin 17:02:45
Who is Cede & Company? 17:00:10
Anyone a Coldplay / Ron Paul Fan? 16:58:02
US drone crashes in Pakistan 16:56:41
Washington Post: Immigration to USA down 50% in 2007 16:55:35
Just got an email from Sara Palin 16:51:48
Ron listed on "Top Searches" on MSN main page today! 16:46:47
This is the Root Cause of All Our Problems-the Bailout Only Perpetuates it 16:41:25
Why did Ron Paul endorse Chuck Baldwin? 16:40:48
IRAN is 100% opposed to the NWO 16:39:20
On CNN, the President of Iran is addressing the UN 16:35:42
Can Anyone Tell if Fractional Reserve Lending and Derivatives Trading 16:29:21
Oh noes! We're "at risk of recession!" 16:23:18
Tax Question – Can We Play Their Game Too? 16:22:59
Marine Speaks Out On Depleted Uranium 16:20:36
Its working Ron Paul's message and people's freedom are threatened 16:19:21
Just felt like ranting a bit. 16:15:00
The Constitution Party's Religious Tolerance 16:13:05
Who is running Baldwin's campaign? 16:09:45
Hey Morons!I just ordered Chuck Baldwin Signs! 16:05:04
The Constitution Party's Religious Tolerance 16:00:16
We need to bombard Limbaugh! 15:59:37
Senate Committee on Banking 15:55:57
Stock Market just Tanked 15:48:53
Conscientious Objector Wins 15:42:42
Is anyone canning the food from their garden yet? 15:42:31
Homeland Security Detects Terrorist Threats by Reading Your Mind 15:40:56
Things are so bad even NEWSMAX has a Ron Paul article! 15:40:36
Gate's thinly veiled threat to Pakistan 15:33:04
Free Enterprise 15:24:44
No Bailouts or No Dollar Vote ---- This is it our Most Powerful Weapon 15:24:29
O Superman 15:14:05
Dirty Secret Of The Bailout: Thirty-Two Words That None Dare Utter 15:08:21
Maybe we should just let the Chinese print our money and save shipping costs? 15:01:57
NO to the bailout and NO to any congressman or senator who votes 14:59:03
"Next President's Cake has already Been Baked" 14:56:49
Paulson/Bernake FAIL, DIGG to #1 14:56:07
1934 Gold Reserve act Re-ENACTED 14:45:18
*The Bailout Will Kill the Dollar* 14:38:45
Pitchforks and Lighted Torches Protest on Wall St.! 14:36:04
Ron Paul, Carrol Quigley, Bill Clinton, and the 2 party system 14:30:37
*Lets Get Chuck Ralph Cynthia Into The Debates!* 14:26:04
Fail 14:24:20
Digg: 6 brainwashing techniques being used on you this election 14:12:21
(Keep Bumped) - Digg and Shout, Email, know the drill. 14:09:51
Everyone, check out this site and inform your friends and family 14:02:25
“Save Capitalism from the Capitalists” 13:57:34 is going to endorse a candidate for president -- and they want our input! 13:54:07
Welcome to the Renaissance 13:51:44
Okay Morons....If it's Baldwin,Then let's support him! 13:40:47
Kucinich: Protecting the Public Interest in any economic bailout 13:39:04
Cheney on the way to the House... 13:34:04
CEO murdered by mob of sacked workers 13:25:06
Relax CA homeschoolers: you're safe 13:05:57
Max Kaiser rants about the destruction of the dollar AND...911! 13:05:25
Someone please "make love" to Paulson before... 13:02:32
Please donate to 13:01:35
OK, Baldwin supporters, tell why you support your man! 12:59:36
A BAD CASE OF THE DIAREIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12:55:58
The scariest part of the Bailout 12:55:36
EEG technology now mind control, on our SOLDIERS 12:45:24
Bernanke's threat 12:40:25
Pakistan wants a REAL investigation, I guess 12:31:06
why oil will go up.... 12:28:58
> ARE you one of the CRAZY ONE'S < 12:26:33
So, They snuck in student loans, credit cards and auto loans 12:24:39
Taxpayers Forced To Bailout Zionist Gangsters The Financial Crisis On Wall Stree 12:23:37
NPR Today - Paul Endorses Baldwin 12:22:53
*Breaking*: Run on Wal-Mart Ammo 12:18:13
Warren Buffet's Daddy was much like Ron Paul 12:15:21
Does Anyone think this will stabilize the markets? 12:13:18
Iranian Youth Ready to Carry Weapons 12:11:53
Who's fault is it the borrower or the lender? 12:08:42
Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise 12:01:30
Government Still Harassing FLDS People: Tyrant Judge Barbara Walther Still in Charge 11:57:08
Please rate and favorite this video for us! 11:56:48
Get Out the Pitchforks and Lighted Torches: Protest at Wall St. This Thursday at 4 p.m. 11:39:04
McCain, Obama may skip bailout vote 11:18:36
Fifth Grader Suspended For Wearing Anti-Obama Shirt 11:15:39
Ron Pauls big announcement? 11:09:03
Whose Iraq Predictions Have Come True? by Ron Paul 11:00:22
Top Three "Self-sufficient" Ideas 10:49:02
DealBook: Bailout is financial equivalent of the Patriot Act 10:48:24
You can see the fear mongering at work 10:44:21
Rep. Kapture Ohio for calling it as you see this scam MUST SEE! 10:35:27
Make THREATS (or promises!) 10:27:49
Bernake & Paulson insist congress act against public’s will 10:26:40
American Dollar = Toilet Paper, Financial Armageddon Crisis 10:11:09
Get Active - Lets bring this Bailout Bill DOWN!!! 10:00:48
10:04 am est Live Bailout Hearing 09:59:53
Here's my rescue plan for the US economy 09:43:56
Spies Warn That Al-CIA-duh Aims for October Surprise 09:37:37
Want to leave a voice mail about the bail out with MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REED 09:35:06
Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries 09:31:51
Who Will Buy America's Bonds? 09:29:28
Is Bob Barr a Republican Provocateur? 09:18:14
FED Speak: Today, Tuesday September 23. Market Wires 09:15:46
RUSSIA engages nuclear warship in the Caribbean 09:14:24
Calif. rules that it is not legal to home school your children !!!!!! 09:11:08
Call EVERYONE you know in the military 09:01:21
FED up yet? Pay no bills in November mad yet? 08:50:16
Vote To Sue The Federal Government and the States! 08:45:02
Challenge for all you Christian bashers. 08:33:27
Great Media Application *Livestation* 08:08:50
Are you on medication? 07:51:13
If you want to stop the bailout, PLEASE READ! 07:40:32
Here's to YOU! The Crazy One's ;) 06:31:20
RON PAUL 4409 -- THE CRAZY ONE'S 06:21:42
Adam Kokesh, Tina Richards Arrested for Defying Poster Ban 04:47:03
POLL: What's your take on religion and politics? 04:39:40
Help Get Chuck Baldwin on Focus On the Family, with James Dobson... 04:22:06
Oh No, Read What Baldwin Wrote.... 04:15:58
Local, State and Federal Governmental Institutions Own Over 70% of the Stock Market! 04:15:51
I can haz bailout? lolfed 03:21:55
Time to "Wake up"...Chritian "Right"... 02:49:51
Lets Go Chat Together at 02:32:49
The Return of the Mutant Flying Pigs 02:30:44
You've been Ron Pauled! HILARIOUS!!! 02:15:05
Lehman CEO Earned $17,000 an Hour!!!!!!!!!!!! 02:00:16
Rep. Marcy Kaptur to sponser bill to investigate wrongdoers 01:57:15
I'm Not Voting AT ALL!! 01:53:58
Beck/Dobbs 2hr. Special!!!! 01:52:40
Oppose the $700 Billion Mortgage Bailout 01:19:58
We are in a time of crisis 01:16:47
I'm Still Voting McKinney 01:03:03
Republicans for Chuck Baldwin 00:57:24
Phone And Fax Numbers For All US Senators 00:46:56
We are the last great hope for this we are awake!!!! 00:36:10
Peter SCHIFF is on Glenn Beck now 00:30:41
★★★★★★ Auction Closed; Final Bids for 50k oz. silver 00:16:52